March 2014

Book: Networking for VMware Administrators

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Fellow blogger Chris Wahl just announced the availability of an awesome book titled Networking for VMware Administrators he authored with Steve Pantol. The book is published via VMware Press and is a must read if …

March update to Lync Windows Store App now available

Author: Phillip Garding, Senior Program Manager

Lync Meeting presenters: this Lync update is for you!  The most common feature request from our users is that they want the modern app to have more of the features available in the desktop

Lync 2013 Delivers Business Value

Author: Paul Cannon, Sr. Product Marketing Manager


I started in the computer industry on a helpdesk team managing projects. My first “fly solo” project was evaluating the roll-out of ISDN video conferencing between 3 sites in San Francisco, Chicago,

Startup News Flash part 14

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Part 13 of the Startup News Flash… Hopefully not an unlucky one for the startups featured. Just a short one considering I am in Vietnam and away ‘from work’ for the last 2 weeks.

A3Cube is