September 2014

Simple HTTP api for Executing PowerShell Scripts

[Based on the feedback, I’ve renamed this to HTTP]

There may be scenarios where you don’t need the full interactive experience of PowerShell remoting over PSRP  (PowerShell Remoting Protocol), or have the need to execute some PowerShell scripts from …

Planning Considerations for BYOD and Consumerization of IT (Part 4)

In this Part 4, we’ll take up the discussion where we left off in the last article and offer some thoughts about the need for your BYOD strategy to support modern authentication mechanisms.…

Updating CX5100 and CX5500 Firmware

An earlier article entitled Polycom CX5100 for Lync 2013 introduced the newest RoundTable device for Lync, briefly discussing the firmware update process.  As this product was brand new at the time there had been no newer firmware updates yet released …

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast 296 – PowerCLI 5.8 R1 @alanrenouf @vTagion


Eric Nielsen, VMware @ericni25

Mike Gordon Laverick, VMware @Mike_Laverick


Brian Graf, VMware @vTagion

Alan Renouf, VMware @alanrenouf


VMware Announces General Availability of New Solutions for Building, Managing and Protecting Software-Defined Data Centers

Have you seen the VMware

Third-Party Software is a Security Threat (Part 1)

In these two articles we will explore the areas that enterprise need to focus on as a security conscious company to ensure that loose ends are pinned down to improve our overall security posture.…

Remove Lingering Objects that cause AD Replication error 8606 and friends

Introducing the Lingering Object Liquidator

Hi all, Justin Turner here —it's been a while since my last update. The goal of this post is to discuss what causes lingering objects and show you how to download, and then use …

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast 295 – #VMUG Leadership @ravi_venk


Eric Nielsen, VMware, @ericni25

Corey Romero, VMware, @vCommunityGuy


Ravi Venkatasubbaiah, @ravi_venk


AirWatch Introduces AirWatch Chat for Secure Enterprise Messaging

Sprint Selects AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management for Mobile Initiatives

Capgemini and VMware announce strategic partnership to deliver an

Planning Considerations for BYOD and Consumerization of IT (Part 3)

In this article we’ll finish our coverage of the BYOD solution requirements and the meaning and intent behind them.…

Managing the Store app pin to the Taskbar added in the Windows 8.1 Update

Update 9/9/2014

Warren here yet again to update this blog to tell you that the GP to control the Store icon pin has shipped in the August 2014 update: If you want to control the Store icon pinned …

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast 294 – #VMworld wrap-up & open mic


Eric Nielsen, VMware, @ericni25

Mike Gordon Laverick, VMware @Mike_Laverick


Open mic!


VMware Delivers Ultimate Windows on Mac Experience With VMware Fusion 7 and VMware Fusion 7 Pro

VMware Announces 2014 VMware Innovation Awards Winners

VMware to Host

Video: Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.3: A detailed look

This video demonstrates the process of using Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.3 …

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast 293 – EVO:RAIL with @Mike_Laverick


Eric Nielsen, VMware, @ericni25

Mike Gordon Laverick, VMware @Mike_Laverick


General Discussion at VMworld


Now Open: VMware vSphere Beta Program

VMware Teams With Docker, Google and Pivotal to Simplify Enterprise Adoption of Containers

VMware Unifies Mobile, Desktop and