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Christopher Smart: Configuring Postfix to forward emails via localhost to secure, authenticated GMail

It’s pretty easy to configure postfix on a local Linux box to forward emails via an external mail server. This way you can just send via localhost in your programs or any system daemons and the rest is automatically handled …

Ubuntu Release blog: Mobile World Congress 2016, Big Event, Big Data

Philip McAleese talks sensor data and IoT bike lights.

Philip McAleese talks sensor data and IoT bike lights.

Apparently, over 100,000 people attended Mobile World Congress 2016 this past week. I was one of them. One of 100,000 people that had to be registered, tracked, and admitted daily to …

Roland Wolters: Useful command line options for ansible-playbook

Ansible LogoAnsible provides quite some useful command line options. Most of them are especially interesting during debugging.


There are three major ways to work with Ansible:

  • launching single tasks with the ansible command
  • executing playbooks viaansible-playbook
  • using Tower

Jeroen van Meeuwen: You Board First When You Have Status

A status board describes the services the way they run — in full effect, with some connotations, perhaps with a defect or failure. Whichever may be the case of the situation at that moment, though — a status board reflects …

Mathieu Trudel: Nominations wanted for the Developer Membership Board


The Ubuntu Developer Membership Board is in need of new blood.

Of the seven members of the board, five (5) will be expiring on March 9th. Members of the Developer Membership Board are elected by all Ubuntu Developers for …

Updated guide for deploying Software Load Balancer using Microsoft VMM 2016 Tech Preview 4

NOTE This guide is an updated version of the guide previously published here.



This article helps you evaluate the Software Defined Networking (SDN) features in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview and Virtual Machine Manager 2016 Technology Preview …

Fedora Community Blog: PCWorld interviews FPL Matthew Miller for Fedora 2016 plans

On Friday, PCWorld.com interviewed Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller about Fedora’s plans in 2016.

PCWorld interviewed Matthew Miller about the Fedora Project's plans in 2016

Matthew Miller, the Fedora Project Leader


Miller focused on Fedora’s growth since the introduction of the Fedora.next initiative, dividing Fedora into three separate, focused …

Updated guide for deploying Gateway using Microsoft VMM Tech Preview 4

NOTE This guide is an updated version of the guide previously published here.



This article helps you evaluate the Software Defined Networking (SDN) features in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview and Virtual Machine Manager 2016 Technology Preview …

Jonathan Dieter: Notes on a mass upgrade to Fedora 23

Picture of Fedora 23 desktop

Fedora 23

One of the hardest parts of running Fedora in a school setting is keeping on top of the upgrades, and I ended up falling a few months behind. Fedora 23 was released back in November, and it took …

Guidance for running Elasticsearch on Azure

Elasticsearch is a scalable open source search engine and database that has been gaining popularity among developers building cloud-based systems. When suitably configured, it is capable of ingesting and efficiently querying large volumes of data very rapidly.

It’s reasonably straightforward …

Ubuntu Release blog: Deploying Juniper Contrail SDN on Ubuntu OpenStack


In this video, we’re going to show you just how quick and easy it is to deploy Ubuntu OpenStack and Juniper Networks Contrail Networking using Canonical’s cloud services modeling tool, Juju.

  • Juju enables users to quickly model, configure, deploy, scale

Proactive notifications on Cloud Service issues with Azure Diagnostics and Application Insights

Is your application running on Azure Cloud Services (web and worker roles)?

As of today, Application Insights will send you an email if those roles experience common issues that might affect your application like startup failures, crashes, hangs or frequent …

DSC for the PFE: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Solution with Configuration Data

Hi Folks,

Platforms PFE Dan Cuomo here to chat about Desired State Configuration, AKA “the hotness.” DSC has a few value propositions and is different than general PowerShell scripting in that it’s declarative, idempotent, and remediable in nature. If …

Building your own integration service for Hyper-V

Over time many people have asked me how they can extend Hyper-V integration services.  There are all sorts of reasons for wanting to do this – maybe you want to build your own automation system, or maybe you want to …

Azure Blockchain as a Service Update #5


Azure's Blockchain as a Service welcomes its first certified offering from Blockapps: STRATO. The STRATO offering is a single-node blockchain instance, which acts as a developer sandbox for testing Ethereum blockchain applications and offers the STRATO RESTful

Updated guide for deploying Network Controller using Microsoft VMM 2016 Technical Preview 4

NOTE This guide is an updated version of the guide previously published here.



This article helps you evaluate the Software Defined Networking (SDN) features in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 4. In particular, it focuses on using …

Monitoring Vulnerability Deltas

A customer of mine runs daily vulnerability scans using a myriad of tools across servers and applications in their data center. As you would expect, they can use the native reporting capabilities of the various tools to review a given …

Ubuntu Release blog: Juju Charmer Summit: Juju and Docker

Docker is a great tool for developers, and Ubuntu is the number one platform for deployments by a wide margin. With Juju, deploying Docker is as easy as a visit to the charm store. Join Canonical’s Charles Butler to learn …

Milo Casagrande: Links of the Day – 2016-02-29

Links to articles not necessarily written today, but still interesting.

Polycom Phones with Skype for Business Online

As of the end of January 2016 many currently available Polycom IP handsets and conference phones are now supported with Skype for Business Online with Office 365.  This functionality was first added to the VVX IP handset models back in …

Jiri Eischmann: ‘Getting Started with Fedora’ handbook – update

In October, I announced that we’d finally finished and printed a handbook for users who start with Fedora. It was a pilot created in the Czech community of Fedora, so we wrote the handbook in Czech first. The goal was …

Exploring PowerShell Automatic Variables

Here is an easy way to get a list of all currently defined variables, their values, and their purpose.

#requires -Version 2

Get-Variable | Select-Object -Property Name, Description, Value | Out-GridView

If you'd like to set a description …

Bastien Nocera: Relatório da Hackatona de Design

Durante semana, no mês de janeiro, eu estive no Brasil, no Rio de Janeiro para uma hackatona de design, com os designers de Endless e do projeto GNOME.

Que é o produto de Endless?

O maior produto de Endless é …

Kushal Das: dgplug summer training student Sanyam Khurana

This is the first of a series of blog posts where I asked few questions to the
past students of dgplug summer
in our mailing list. I am
pasting their responses without any modification. I will just mark my …

Fedora Community Blog: Heroes of Fedora (HoF) – F23 Beta

Heroes of Fedora 23 continues

Heroes of Fedora 23 continues, with a look at the heroes of Fedora 23 Beta testing.

Following on from the Alpha post, it’s time to celebrate all those who contributed to Fedora 23 Beta testing! As usual, we’ll be …

Fedora Magazine: AWS at the command line

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the biggest public cloud provider and has released a set of tools to help out sysadmins and developers for integrating with their infrastructure.

The three tools we are going to discuss in this article are …

VSAN 6.2 : Sparse Swap, what is it good for?

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I already briefly touched on Sparse Swap in my VSAN 6.2 launch article. When talking about space efficiency and VSAN 6.2 most people will immidiately bring up RAID-5/6 and/or deduplication and compression. Those of course are …

[Script Of Feb. 29] How to check if your computer is High CPU usage by LSASS


Script Download:  
The script is available for download from https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/How-to-check-if-your-e475b8de. You can also use  Microsoft Script Browser for Windows PowerShell ISE to download the sample with one button click from within your scripting environment. 

The VB script checks if …

[Script Of Feb. 29] How to track users logging activities: logon/logoff


Script Download:  
The script is available for download from https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/How-to-track-users-logging-ffec7bd0. You can also use  Microsoft Script Browser for Windows PowerShell ISE to download the sample with one button click from within your scripting environment. 

The scripts tracks date and

Josh Bressers: Let’s talk about soft skills at RSA, plus some other things

It’s been no secret that I think the lack of soft skills in the security space is one of our biggest problems. While usually I usually only write all about the world’s problems and how to fix them here, during …

Gentoo News: Gentoo accepted to GSoC 2016

Students are encouraged to start working now on their project proposals.
You can peruse the list of ideas or come up with your own.
In any case, it is highly recommended you talk to a mentor sooner rather than later.…

Caolán McNamara: native gtk3 menubar in libreoffice

Following quickly on native gtk3 popup context menus is implementation of native gtk3 menubar and menus.

For comparison here’s the (not utterly awful) emulated look prior to this. You can compare the spacing of elements in the menubar, menu separator …

PowerTip: Use PowerShell to disconnect virtual disk

Summary: Learn how to use Windows PowerShell to disconnect from a virtual disk.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question How can I use Windows PowerShell to disconnect from a virtual disk?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Use the Disconnect-VirtualDisk cmdlet and specify the friendly name, for example:

Disconnect-VirtualDisk -FriendlyName VirtualDisk01…

Kushal Das: Fedora Cloud WG during last week of 2016-02

Fedora Cloud Working Group meets every Wednesday at 17:00UTC on
#fedora-meeting-1 IRC channel on Freenode server. This week we had 15 people
attending the meeting, which is in the regular range of the meeting attendees.
The points need to be …

Ankur Sinha “FranciscoD”: New Zaphod release – v0.5.7

I’d written about Zaphod recently. I’ve been making some tweaks to it – just some enhancements to the revision bit which will make it easier to use. The diff bit is still the same – I didn’t see the …

PowerTip: Disconnect sessions to ISCSI target with PowerShell

Summary: Learn how to disconnect sessions to a specified ISCSI target with Windows PowerShell.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question How can I use Windows PowerShell to disconnect sessions to a ISCSI target object?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Use the Get-ISCSITarget cmdlet to retrieve the target, and then supply …

David Tomaschik: BSides SF: Saturday

Much like my notes from BSides Seattle, this will just be a quick dump of notes
from the talks I attended today. (Almost) all talks are also being recorded by
Irongeek, so this only serves to highlight what I considered …

Andy Grover: I’m Part of SFConservancy’s GPL Compliance Project for Linux

I believe GPL enforcement in general, and specifically around the Linux kernel, is a good thing. Because of this, I am one of the Linux copyright holders who has signed an agreement for the Software Freedom Conservancy to enforce the …

Richard Freeman: Gentoo Ought to be About Choice

“Gentoo is about choice.”  We’ve said it so often that it seems like we just don’t bother to say it any more.  However, with some of the recent conflicts on the lists (which I’ve contributed to) and indeed across the …

Ionuț Arțăriși: The origins of the class Meta idiom in python

So I keep finding this class Meta idiom in python APIs lately. Found it in factory-boy and WTForms and I suspected they both got it from Django, but I googled and couldn’t find any explanations of the …

PowerTip: Enable and disable ODBC performance counter settings with PowerShell

Summary: Learn how to enable and disable a collection of ODBC performance counter settings for troubleshooting.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question How can I use Windows PowerShell to enable the ODBC performance counters, run commands in a script, and then disable the counters?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer You …

Costales: Pensamientos sobre Ubuntu Phone tras la MWC

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win”.

Siempre me gustó este vídeo de RedHat plasmando la extraordinaria frase de Ghandi. La frase lo simboliza todo. Cuando te propones algo idílico, …

PowerTip: Enable PerfMon counters for ODBC connection pooling with PowerShell

Summary: Learn how to use Windows PowerShell to enable Windows Performance Monitor counters for ODBC connection pooling.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question How can I use Windows PowerShell to enable Windows Performance Monitor (PerfMon) counters so I can troubleshoot Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connection …

David Tomaschik: BSides Workshop

I probably should’ve posted this days ago, but on Monday, I’ll be teaching a Web Security workshop
at BSides San Francisco along with
Niru. While capacity is limited, we may have a
few additional seats, so if you’re interested, …

Matthew Helmke: A Blind Willie Johnson cover

I don’t think I have mentioned my YouTube channel on this blog. It is time. I recorded a couple covers of Blind Willie Johnson songs this week as my most recent contributions. In this video, I mention a really cool …

ARM DSC Extension Settings


This is the schema for the settings portion of the Azure DSC extension in an ARM template.

Fast Reference

"settings": { "wmfVersion": "latest", "configuration": { "url

Azure AD Mailbag: Azure Subscriptions and Azure AD

Hello all,

My name is Kanna Ramasubramanian and I am a Program Manager in Azure Active Directory on the Customer Success Team like Ryen, Mark, Sean and Chad. This is another post in our mailbag series that we’ve been trying …

PowerTip: Use PowerShell to disable constrained delegation

Summary: Learn how to use Windows PowerShell to disable constrained delegation.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question How can I use Windows PowerShell to disable constrained delegation authorization so that a user who is remotely connected to a SMB server cannot configure resources?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Use the …

Fedora Magazine: Stickers, Metrics, Security, and More — it’s Five Things in Fedora This Week

Fedora is a big project, and it’s hard to keep up with everything. This series highlights interesting happenings in five different areas every week. It isn’t comprehensive news coverage — just quick summaries with links to each.

Get Fedora Stickers

Splunk at RSA 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 8.19.21 AM

It’s almost time for RSA 2016 and, as usual, Splunk will be there in full force! In fact, this year we will have two booths – one in the North Hall (#3321) and one in the South Hall (#2620). Yes, …

Ubuntu Release blog: Mobile World Congress 2016, Day 4 Recap

Software Defined LTE 5G Radio Demo
Software Defined LTE 5G Radio demo at the Ubuntu booth

At an event the size of Mobile World Congress, the last day is filled with the hurried rush to get everything in that you might have missed. The major topics …

Bernard Cafarelli: Setting USE_EXPAND flags in package.use

This has apparently been supported in Portage for some time, but I only learned it recently from a gentoo-dev mail: you do not have to write down the expanded USE-flags in package.use anymore (or set them in make.conf)!

For …

Kushal Das: Updates from CentOS Cloud SIG

Back in 2014 we started working on CentOS Cloud
. This SIG started
with focus on packaging, and maintaining different FOSS IaaS platforms. We are
not a vendor specific group, means anyone who wants to keep their cloud project…

Major Hayden: Recovering deleted Chrome bookmarks on Linux

After getting a bit overzealous with cleaning up bookmarks in Chrome, I discovered that I deleted a helpful Gerrit filter for OpenStack reviews. I worked hard to create the filter and I definitely needed it back.

Chrome keeps a file …

Cumulative Update 3 for ConfigMgr 2012 SP2 and ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 is now available

Hi everyone, Cumulative Update 3 (CU3) for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP2 and System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager SP1 is now available. There are a bunch of fixes in this release so I won’t list them all here, …

Alexander Larsson: Building an xdg-app – part 5

In the previous parts (1,2,3,4) we created various applications and tested them locally. Now we will look into how this application can be distributed to your users.

First we need to talk …

VMUGs next week in South Africa, sign up!

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Last year when I visited South Africa and presented at 3 events someone on twitter said: if I would have known I would have shown up. Already tweeted it a couple of times, but just in …

Invoking Code Repeatedly

Sometimes you might want to run some command multiple times until it runs successfully. Here is a function that shows a way to do this:

#requires -Version 2
function Invoke-CodeRepeatedly
 param ( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] 

Aditya Patawari “adimania”: Big Panda’s community panel on Cloud monitoring

On Wednesday, February 10th, I participated in an online panel on the subject of Cloud Monitoring, as part of MonitoringScape Live (#MonitoringScape), a series of community panels about everything that matters to DevOps, ITOps, and the modern NOC.


[Script Of Feb. 26] How to sync offline files with script in Windows(VBScript)


Script Download:  
The script is available for download from https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/How-to-sync-offline-files-45a7930c. You can also use  Microsoft Script Browser for Windows PowerShell ISE to download the sample with one button click from within your scripting environment. 

This VBScript sample shows how

Tool: ARM Template Checker for Microsoft Azure Stack


Hello Readers,

Currently in preview, one of benefits of Microsoft Azure Stack is how it brings consistency between templates you can deploy in the public cloud (Microsoft Azure) and on-premises (Microsoft Azure Stack, in your datacenter or a service …

PowerTip: Use PowerShell to disable all scheduled tasks in folder

Summary: Use Windows PowerShell to disable all scheduled tasks in a specific folder.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question How can I use Windows PowerShell to disable all scheduled tasks in a particular folder?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Use the Get-ScheduledTask cmdlet to enumerate the scheduled tasks in the …

Fedora Magazine: GPG key management, part 2

Welcome back to the GPG series, where we are exploring how to make use of GPG with other applications to secure and protect your data. In the first installment, we covered the functions of GPG. You learned about integrity, …

Scott Kitterman: Postfix 3.0 woes

Postfix 3.0 recently hit Debian Unstable (and Ubuntu Xenial for those that care about that).  It’s been a bit of a bumpy road, but it seems to mostly be there for new installs.  For package upgrades, there’s still issues.  …

Thomas Fitzsimmons: Excorporate 0.7.0 released in GNU ELPA

I finished getting Excorporate and all its dependencies into GNU ELPA. Excorporate lets Emacs retrieve calendar items from an Exchange server.

Excorporate in GNU ELPA

I had to rewrite the default UI to use Org Mode, because Calfw isn’t entirely copyright-assigned to the FSF …

Riccardo Padovani: A talk about the future of Ubuntu with Mark Shuttleworth

Hello all,

this week I joined the Mobile World Congress thanks to Canonical support
which invited me. The week itself it has been awesome, but the most awesome
thing happened today: thanks to Chimera Revo’s support (a big hug goes …

Top Solutions for Azure Billing and Subscriptions

Azure Billing and Subscriptions Here is a list of top Microsoft Support solutions for the most common issues experienced with Azure billing, subscriptions and account management. BILLING 1. Azure offers and pricing Azure Billing and Subscription FAQ Pricing calculator: Price …

Ubuntu GNOME: Xenial Xerus Beta 1 has been released


After 16 hours of extremely hard work; testing and re-spinning the images, testing and re-spinning the images .. due to last minutes bugs and other unexpected issues, here we go again .. what did you expect? give up and …

Kamil Páral: glxosd and voglperf now available for Fedora in COPR

For all our gaming enthusiasts, I packaged glxosd and voglperf for Fedora and you can find them in my COPR repositories: glxosd COPR and voglperf COPR.

These tools allow you to have FRAPS-like features on Linux, i.e. show an …

The Fridge: Xenial Xerus Beta 1

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the

Lubuntu Blog: Xenial Xerus Beta 1 released

The Lubuntu Release Team is happy to announce the first beta milestone of Xenial Xerus (to become 16.04 LTS in April) has now been released! A few bug fixes have come since the last alpha, but one piece of excitement …

Backup of Enterprise data made easier with System Center Data Protection Manager

System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2012 R2 UR9 went live on 26th Jan, 2016. In the previous release, we focused on stability – in this release, we have added a slew of features to optimize backups for …

The PowerShell Gallery Is Public

We are excited to announce that, as of today, the PowerShell Gallery has changed from Preview to Public.

In July 2015, we announced and opened the PowerShell Gallery for public contributions. Since then, we have seen rapid growth in the …

PowerTip: Use PowerShell to disable scheduled task

Summary: Learn how to use Windows PowerShell to disable a scheduled task.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question How can I use Windows PowerShell to disable a scheduled task?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Use the Disable-ScheduledTask cmdlet and specify the task name, for example:

Disable-ScheduledTask -TaskName “SystemScan”

Now Available: CU3 for System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager SP1 and System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP2

Author: Brian Huneycutt, Software Engineer, Enterprise Client and Mobility

Cumulative Update 3 (CU3) for System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager SP1 and System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP2 is now available as a hotfix download from KB 3135680. This …

Application Insights: Powershell script available for creating Release Annotations

Release Annotations from anywhere

Many of you are now familiar with Release Annotations and have begun adding them to your Application Insights resources. Up to this point the only way to see these Release Annotations is to add them to a …

OMS TECH Friday Skype sessions

Please join us every other Friday for an hour focused on technical information regarding Microsoft’s business continuity and disaster recovery solutions including Azure Site Recovery (ASR), Azure Backup (AB), Operational Insights (OI), Azure Automation (AA), and related technologies. Every call …

Ubuntu App Developer Blog: Last weekend for the Scopes Showdown!

Almost six weeks since the start of the Showdown and we have been overly impressed by the number of questions we have received and hope we have been able to provide the right support for you to complete your entry.…

Azure Security Center adds new partners, detections, and more

Since we launched the public preview of Azure Security Center, we have been hard at work building new capabilities and integrating additional partner solutions. Today, in Bret Arsenault’s progress report, we announced some of the results of that work. …

New security capabilities in Operations Management Suite

Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) Log Analytics offers you the ability to derive deep and actionable insights across your IT environment, from the on-premises datacenter to the cloud. As part of Log Analytics, the Security and Audit solution gives you …

Smart AnSwerS #55

Hey there community and welcome to the 55th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

Next Wednesday, March 2nd @ 6:30PM, Splunk HQ will be hosting our monthly SF Bay Area User Group meeting. Since it’s during RSA, topics covered …

Lunch Break / s2 e6 / Mark Templeton, former CEO, Citrix

This week’s episode is part 2 of my drive Mark Templeton, the recently retired CEO of Citrix.

In this second half of our discussion, we talk about his history with Tesla Motors, what mobile device management can learn …

Chris J Arges: grub-reboot with submenus

Occasionally it is useful to be able to reboot a machine into an earlier kernel
and watching and waiting for the grub menu isn’t always feasible or convenient.…

Costales: MWC – Day 4

I told you about tablets, phones, robots…
…end of the congress

This last day I want to tell you about everyone who worked so hard these days, inspiring passion every minute and being so nice!! A hug to all …

Roland Wolters: [Howto] Keeping temporary Ansible scripts

Ansible LogoAnsible tasks are executed locally on the target machine. via generated Python scripts. For debugging it might make sense to analyze the scripts – so Ansible must be told to not delete them.

When Ansible executes a command on a …

Fedora Community Blog: Friday Fedora Web Dev Clinic

This post was originally shared on Ralph Bean’s personal blog.

After talking with mleonova at devconf the other week, we got the idea in our heads to hold a weekly “web dev clinic” over video chat for the #fedora-apps

Lubuntu Blog: Happy St. Patrick!

Proud to be Irish! This will be the most used quote these forthcoming days. Prepare to celebrate one of the most famous festivities around the globe. Ane remember… if you’re enough lucky to be Irish, you’re lucky enough! Get this …

Saving Persistent Data

Sometimes a script needs to save information in a persistent way. Maybe you have a list of computers that you'd want to contact, but only some are online. Then your script should report which computers could be contacted, so when …

Ubuntu Release blog: Mobile World Congress 2016 Day 3 Recap

Orange Box SDN, VNF, vCPE
Ubuntu OpenStack running SDN, VNFs and virtualised customer premise equipment (vCPE)

The third day of Mobile World Congress was an demonstration in what’s going to be the ‘new normal’. Well, maybe not normal, but it gave us a glimpse into …

Canonical Design Team: Django HTTP headers: Controlling caching on cn.ubuntu.com

It’s becoming more and more important for websites to carefully consider how their resources are cached in users’ browsers. Get the caching wrong, and you either end up with a woefully slow experience for the user, or a very strange …

Ubuntu Release blog: MediaTek & Canonical partner to build app-enabled smart home gateways


Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company, MediaTek, and Canonical, are joining forces to build multi-purpose, future-proofed home gateways and premium routers based on the MediaTek smart home gateways chipset and ‘snappy’ Ubuntu Core. The home gateways will be capable of …

Fedora Community Blog: Outreachy 2016 remote internships and Fedora

Outreachy 2016 rounds and Fedora

GNOME Outreachy is a global program that offers historically underrepresented students of gender and race stipends to write code for several participating FOSS organizations. Applicants must be able to make the project their primary focus …

PowerTip: Disable plug and play device with PowerShell

Summary: Learn how to disable a plug and play device with Windows PowerShell.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question How can I use Windows PowerShell to disable a plug and play device?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Use the Disable-PNPDevice cmdlet and specify the instance ID, for example:

Disable-PnpDevice -InstanceID  …

Justin W. Flory: 2015 – My Year in Review

I originally began drafting this post 900 miles away from my current location. It was an hour until the New Year and I was trying to put together a rough outline of the things that made 2015 such an incredible …

Fedora Badges: New badge: BrickHack 2016 Open Source Winner !

BrickHack 2016 Open Source WinnerCongrats! You were were a category winner in the Open Source category of BrickHack 2016 …

[Script Of Feb. 25]How to change SQL Server startup account remotely in batch by PowerShell


Script Download:  
The script is available for download from https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/How-to-change-SQL-Server-6788e3e4. You can also use  Microsoft Script Browser for Windows PowerShell ISE to download the sample with one button click from within your scripting environment. 

This PowerShell script sample shows

Matthew Garrett: I bought some awful light bulbs so you don’t have to

I maintain an application for bridging various non-Hue lighting systems to something that looks enough like a Hue that an Amazon Echo will still control them. One thing I hadn’t really worked on was colour support, so I picked up …

Stephen Smoogen: EPEL Proposal #4: Build it all in CentOS promote to RHEL

So this one came up when we were going over problems with building alternative architectures in EPEL. One of the big problems is that currently everything is built against Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This has some bonuses for some people …

Stephen Smoogen: EPEL Proposal #3: EPEL Structured releases

This started off as a a rawhide post, but I realized it needs to be its own post

A staged/forked environment. This version is a lot more complicated and deals with extra release management. Currently, Red Hat does regular point …

Stephen Smoogen: EPEL Proposal #2: EPEL Rolling Rawhide

An EPEL rawhide may sound like an oxymoron for having an always building main tree for a release that is known for its plodding slowness. However there are methods to the madness as people brought it up at FOSDEM Brussels.…