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Adam Williamson: LinuxFest NorthWest 2016

Time for another of my increasingly irregular blog posts 🙂

I was at LinuxFest NorthWest 2016 last weekend. I’ve been going to LFNW for several years now, and I look forward to it every year – it’s just a great conference, …

Jonathan Dieter: Finishing the LESSON


At our school, we’ve been using a web-based marking system called LESSON for the last twelve years or so. I originally wrote LESSON because I was annoyed with the complexity of using a spreadsheet to deal with both assignments of …

mythcat: New version of Virtual Box software.

The date of this release was: 2016-04-28.
This software has been released like a maintenance release.
This software come with this changes. …

Matthias Clasen: Yet another GTK+ update

GTK+ 3.20 was released a while ago; we’re up to 3.20.3 now.  As I tried to explain in earlier posts here and here, this was a pretty active development cycle for GTK+. We landed a lot of of new …

Installing Ansible 2.x in a Python Virtualenv on OS X

In this post, I’m going to walk you through the steps to install Ansible 2.x into a Python virtual environment (virtualenv) on OS X. There’s nothing terribly hard or unusual about this process, but I wanted to document it …

Quick Hits: Create and Start a Stopwatch in One Line

Ok, so this is a pretty trivial thing but I happened to stumble across this while doing some work on figuring out a bottleneck in one of my scripts.

Essentially, I set up a StopWatch to see how long it …

Speeding Up Failover Tips-n-Tricks

From time-to-time people ask me for suggestions on what tweaks they can do to make Windows server Failover Cluster failover faster. In this blog I’ll discuss a few tips-n-tricks.

  1. Disable NetBIOS – Unless you want to have 15 character names

Sam Hewitt: Extending the Ubuntu Icon Spec.

So you have a new Ubuntu application, you’ve built it in QML with the Ubuntu SDK and now you’re going to give your app a brand shiny new icon? But you go and visit the official documentation and you go …

Failover Cluster Node Fairness in Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 introduces the Node Fairness feature to optimize the utilization of nodes in a Failover Cluster. During the lifecycle of your private cloud, certain operations (such as rebooting a node for patching), results in the Virtual Machines (VMs) …

VMware at #EMCworld 2016


“Software-Define Your Future” with VMware at EMC World 2016
If you will be attending the conference in Las Vegas, join us for a value-packed agenda of VMware keynotes, sessions, demos and labs for SDDC, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud and Cloud-Native …

Introducing Azure IoT Hub device management

Azure IoT Hub device management was recently announced at //build and I’m very excited to follow up with the details as Azure IoT Hub device management is now available in preview. Our standards based device management features in Azure IoT …

Introducing the Azure IoT Gateway SDK Beta

We recently announced the Azure IoT Gateway SDK beta, which enables developers and ISVs to easily build and deploy gateway intelligence tailored to their specific scenario. Our SDK achieves this by providing code that reduces the necessary work required for …

Incremental update to Azure Stack PaaS services: SQL and My SQL resource providers

Today we released updates to the SQL Server resource provider and MySQL resource provider for Azure Stack. These can be used in the context of App Service (Web Apps) or independently. Download the bits here. These new resource providers …

Alexander Larsson: Using bubblewrap in xdg-app

At the core of xdg-app is a small helper binary that uses Linux features like namespaces to set up sandbox for the application. The main difference between this helper and a full-blown container system is that it runs entirely as …

Corey ‘ Linuxmodder’ Sheldon: F23-20160428 Updated Lives Available NOW!! (4.4.8-300)

Hello again fellow Fedorians,

Last night, 4.4.8-300 was deemed stable and we have new updated lives f23-{i386,x86_64}-{CINN,KDE,LXDE,MATE,SOAS,WORK,XFCE}-20160428.


20160428 Kernel Fixes / Package Updates

Kernel Update info (bodhi)

  • 4.4.8-300
  • CVE 2016-3961 — xsa174 xen: hugetblfs crashing guests (PV Guests) rhbz

Ubuntu Insights: LTS 16.04 Review roundup!

xerus_orange_300px_hex (1)

What a month! We had the release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS that allowed us to bring out newer software for desktop in the form of snap packaging formats and tools.

By bringing snap packages to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS we are …

Fedora Magazine: Gabriele Trombini: How do you Fedora?

We recently interviewed Gabriele Trombini on how he uses Fedora. This is part of a series on the Fedora Magazine where we profile Fedora users and how they use Fedora to get things done. If you are interested in being …

Keeping Your Modules Up-To-Date

Once you start downloading modules from the PowerShell Gallery (or via PowerShellGet in general), you get version control automatically. You can always review the modules that were installed, and compare their versions with the versions available in the repository.

This …

ARM concepts in Azure Stack for the WAP Administrator – Multi-tier applications

Hello Readers! This blog is part 6 of the series “ARM concepts in Azure Stack for the WAP Administrator.” In this post we’ll discuss how the deployment of multi-tier applications concepts you are familiar with in Windows Azure Pack (WAP) …

Fedora Magazine: Fedora announces Google Summer of Code 2016 participants

This year, Fedora recently announced the ten students who will be working on Fedora through the summer as part of the Google Summer of Code (also known as GSoC). Fedora originally announced its participation as an organization early last month

Luca Ciavatta: How to install and autostart f.lux on Fedora

Adapts screen color temperature according to daytime

During the day, computer screens look good because they’re designed to look like the sun.
But, at evening or at night, they probably shouldn’t be looking like the sun. Because the ambient light …

Lessons learned from the “SWIFT” Attack


Unfortunately, somewhere in the world a big party must be going on. In February hackers successfully compromised a bank connected to the SWIFT Network in Bangladesh, stealing $81 million – as reported by Reuters earlier this week. While the …

Remi Collet: PHP version 5.5.35, 5.6.21 and 7.0.6

RPM of PHP version 7.0.6 are available in remi-php70 repository for Fedora and Enterprise Linux (RHEL, CentOS).

RPM of PHP version 5.6.21 are available in remi repository for Fedora ≥ 21 and  remi-php56 repository for Fedora and Enterprise Linux.…

Jeff Sandys: Linux Fest North West Day 2

LinuxFest NorthWest is quieter on Sunday, many guests come Saturday from Seattle or Vancouver for the world famous raffle and some of the participants extended the after party in the 24 hour Geek Room at the hotel. I used the …

Detecting SSL 3.0 Configuration Changes with Exchange Analyzer

Fellow MVP Andy David has written a post about his discovery that Exchange cumulative updates are re-enabling SSL 3.0 on servers where it has been disabled.

If you have been vigilant, you disabled SSL 3.0 a long time ago on

mythcat: News: About Fedora 24 Alpha.

I will told about Fedora 24 Alpha because is a great operating system.
First I will share some links with more infos about Fedora 24 Alpha.

If you want to read about the release schedule for Fedora 24, then take …

Intune Service Health is now available in the Office 365 portal

In response to your feedback asking for fewer portals, we are already migrating Intune subscription management into the Office 365 management portal.

We have also received feedback from you asking for our service health information to be in a central …

Smart AnSwerS #61

Hey there community and welcome to the 61st installment of Smart AnSwerS.

I just had the pleasure of joining over 60 Splunk users for the April SplunkTrust Virtual .conf session on Best Practices for Splunk SSL by dwaddle

Security requires visibility: Transform data into AWS security insights

As I speak with customers about their plans to leverage cloud, there is one question I hear more often than not – “How can I migrate to cloud without losing end-to-end visibility across my infrastructure?”

There’s good reason for this …

Costales: From uNav with ❤ to OpenStreetMap

We (Joerg Berroth, Nekhelesh Ramananthan, Marcos Costales) donated all the money of this quarter from the uNav donate version to OpenStreetMap project.
We love OSM!

We hope it will help a bit :))


We’re happy that the 20% of

Release Announcement – Vulnerability Assessment Configuration Pack

Author: Raghu Kethineni, Senior Program Manager, Enterprise Client and Mobility

Today we are announcing the release of a new Vulnerability Assessment Configuration Pack for System Center Configuration Manager. You can download it here. Configuration Manager Vulnerability Assessment allows you …

DevOps, Analytics and Mental Health: Notes from DevOpsDays Vancouver

IMG_45431Going back to Canada is always a pleasant experience for me. And when you visit Vancouver in April, it is easy to be mesmerized by this city’s majestic beauty. It includes the snow-covered mountain peaks, cherry trees in full bloom …

Introducing Azure Cool Blob Storage

Data in the cloud is growing at an exponential pace, and we have been working on ways to help you manage the cost of storing this data. An important aspect of managing storage costs is tiering your data based on …

Azure Stream Analytics is now available in Germany

This week we find ourselves in Hannover, Germany for this years’ edition of Hannover Messe, one of the industry's premier conferences for industrial technology since 1961. This conference highlights innovative solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. At Hannover

Automatic Configuration in Storage Spaces Direct TP5

Hello, Claus here again. This time we’ll take a look at the work done around simplifying the deployment of Storage Spaces Direct (S2D).

If you have been following along, you know that once you form a cluster you would 1) …

NVMe, SSD and HDD storage configurations in Storage Spaces Direct TP5

Hello, Claus here again. This time we’ll take a look at the work we’ve done to support systems with three tiers of storage (NVMe + SSD + HDD) in Storage Spaces Direct (S2D).

If you’re familiar with Storage Spaces …

DocumentDB now supports Time-To-Live (TTL)

Azure DocumentDB is making it easy to prune old data with the support for Time To Live (TTL). 

Previously, if you wanted to delete documents in DocumentDB older than a particular point in time, you would have to write your own …

The Fridge: Ubuntu Online Summit: 3-5 May

The next Ubuntu Online Summit (UOS) is going to be from 3-5 May 2016 with sessions happening from 14:00 – 20:00 UTC.

If you are planning to attend, please register here:


If you and your team need to discuss …

Prioritization is key to a successful hybrid cloud strategy

CIO attitudes have dramatically changed in the past three years – from “public cloud isn’t secure,” to “We’re moving everything to public cloud in the next three years.” While a bold ambition, it’s not realistic (nor good strategy) for most …

Troubleshooting Azure VM Backup failures: “Snapshot VM sub task timed out” error

Here’s a quick tip for you in case you’re using Microsoft Azure Backup for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and a scheduled VM backup fails with the following error message in the job error details in the Azure Portal:


Some changes to the blog…

Wanted to let you all know that it is not your imagination, our blog does look quite different now.

We have moved blogging platforms and are figuring out how it all fits and how we can customize the look. In …

Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo: S09E09 – Solitary Confinement – Ubuntu Podcast

It’s Episode Nine of Season Nine of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson, Laura Cowen and Martin Wimpress are connected and speaking to your brain.

We’re here again, although one of us is in Prague!

In …

Canonical Design Team: Wallpaper design for Xenial Xerus 16.04

April marks the release of Xerus 16.4 and with it we bring a new design of our iconic wallpaper. This post will take you through our design process and how we have integrated our Suru visual language.


The foundation …

Backing Up Office 365 Mailboxes

As any product or service grows in popularity an ecosystem of third party solutions tends to sprout around it. Such is the case with Office 365 and backup products, as software companies both new and old position themselves to fill …

PowerShell Script Runbook Support in System Center Service Management Automation 2016 (SMA) – Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we announced the support for PowerShell script runbooks in System Center Service Management Automation (SMA) 2016 and looked at creating and running PowerShell script runbooks. In this part, we will look at using SMA …

PowerShell Script Runbook Support in System Center Service Management Automation 2016 (SMA) – Part 1

Until now, System Center Service Management Automation (SMA) helped you automate your management tasks through runbooks based on PowerShell Workflows. While PowerShell Workflows add a lot of capabilities for PowerShell users (like ability to checkpoint, suspend and resume runbooks …

Designating a Runbook to a Runbook Worker in System Center Service Management Automation 2016 Technical Preview 5

Today in System Center Service Management automation (SMA) deployment, when a Runbook is triggered, user has no control on which Runbook Worker would this job run.  To address this issue SMA 2016 introduces the concept of designating a Runbook to …

Exchange Best Practices: Least Privilege Administrative Rights

The principle of least privilege means only granting a user, process or program the minimum level of access it requires to perform its task. Least privilege is considered a best practice, and when it comes to Exchange Server the …

Introducing Service Management Automation ISE add-on

A few months ago, Azure Automation team released a new runbook authoring experience through Azure Automation ISE Add-on. Announcing the add-on, Joe outlined the customer behaviors that inspired them to build the add-on.

This new tool is build based

Better Prompting for Mandatory Parameters

When you do not submit an argument to a mandatory parameter, PowerShell prompts you for a value. You don't have much control over how this is done, and most find it ugly.

To use your own prompting, make the parameter …

Improved entity processing in Service Manager 2016

In Service Manager 2016 we looked at the entity (work-items/config items) processing pipeline and made some performance improvements.

Entity related operations can be initiated by SM Console, Portal, Workflows, Connectors etc. via the SDK service. The SDK service submits these …

Group calculation improvement in Service Manager 2016 TP5

Service Manager uses groups to manage CI and Queues for WI to scope the user view criteria.Groups/Queues can either contain objects of the same class or it can collection of objects for different classes. They can be dynamic collection

Introducing Date Dimensions in System Center Service Manager 2016 Data Warehouse cubes

Service Manager customers store their long term data in Service Manager Data Warehouse and create cubes over them for generating reports and analysing the data. Trend analysis and operating on data queried for different time periods is often required, but …

Simon Quigley: Contributing to Ubuntu – 2 – Ubuntu Quality

For the past nine months, I have done a couple forms of QA for the Ubuntu project and flavors. In this blog post, I plan on highlighting some common practices and how I contributed.


Download the image

Abdel G. MartĂ­nez L.: FLISOL Panama 2016 Report

Festival Latinoamericano de InstalaciĂłn de Software Libre (FLISOL) is one of the most important events in Latin America where we share knowledge and experience related to free software simultaneously in the participant countries (Panama included).

Fedora Panama had

Frank Ch. Eigler: pcp+grafana scripted dashboards

Our previous work gluing Performance Co-Pilot and Grafana together has made it possible to look at a networkful of systems’ performance stats and histories with just a few clicks on a web browser, and no auxiliary software (databases, web servers, …

Gentoo News: Events: Gentoo Miniconf 2016

Gentoo Miniconf 2016 will be held in Prague, Czech Republic during the weekend of 8 and 9 October 2016.
Like last time, is hosted together with the LinuxDays by the Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University.


Gentoo News: GSoC 2016: Five projects accepted

We are excited to announce that 5 students have been selected to participate with Gentoo during the Google Summer of Code 2016!

You can follow our students’ progress on the gentoo-soc mailing list and
chat with us regarding our GSoC …

Ingvar Hagelund: hitch-1.2.0 for fedora and epel

Hitch is a libev-based high performance SSL/TLS proxy. It is developed by Varnish Software, and may be used for adding https to Varnish cache.

hitch-1.2.0 was recently released. Among the new features in 1.2.0, might be mentioned more …

FREE EBOOK: Introducing Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview


The Introducing Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview book from Microsoft Press is now available. You can download it for FREE and it’s available in both standard and mobile PDF formats. This is a great way for you and our …

Jose A Reyes H: FLISoL 2016 Panamá

FLISoL es el evento de difusión de Software Libre más grande en Latinoamérica. Sigue leyendo →

Azure DevTest Labs now available in six more regions

We are delighted to announce Azure DevTest Labs is now live in all 15 public regions that support the required Azure resources used by the Labs, including Australia, Brazil and more regions in the United States, Europe and Asia. Customers …

Azure Services SSL/TLS cipher suite update and removal of RC4

In the blog post, Protecting customer data from government snooping, Brad Smith, general counsel and executive vice president of legal and corporate affairs at Microsoft, announced Microsoft’s commitment to increase the security of our customers’ data.

We continue to …

Customer success stories with Application Insights Analytics

We received excellent feedback on the new diagnostics and analytics capabilities of Visual Studio Application Insight announced at //Build 2016.

Here are couple customer success stories in their own words.


Quorum (qbsol.com) makes innovative software for hydrocarbon

Costales: sudo apt-get install ubuntuphone unav libertad

Virio, guerrero astur y actual lĂ­der del clan miraba desafiante su castro desde el texu.
Bajo sus pies, la tierra empañada de sangre tras la Ăşltima batalla, le recordaba que la avaricia romana volverĂ­a a asolarles con guerras interminables.…

Announcing Intune App SDK support for Xamarin & Cordova!

Exciting news! Today we mark a great milestone in making it easier for developers to use our Intune App SDK to protect data in their mobile iOS and Android apps.  After great collaboration with the Visual Studio and the Xamarin

Trishna Guha: Publish Docker image with Automated build


Docker is an open source tool that helps us to develop, ship and run applications.  Each and every application needs a Dockerfile. Instructions are written over Dockerfile in a layered/step-by-step structure to run the application. The Dockerfile is then built …

Nekhelesh Ramananthan: uNav 0.59 “Beauty and the Beast” is OUT!

uNav 0.59

The uNav team is proud to announce the release of uNav 0.59 code named Beauty and the Beast. In my opinion, this is truly one of the best releases we have pushed out. The code name should give you …

Controlling the Uncontrollable: Overview & Additional Resources


Over last fewweeks, this series has taken a very deep look at the importance of end-to-end protection for mobile e-mail.  In this post, I’ll examine what’s necessary to get all of this up and running – once and for all …

Dustin Kirkland: Canonical and IBM Webinar — Ubuntu on POWER and LinuxOne

I’m delighted to share the slides from our joint IBM and Canonical webinar about Ubuntu on IBM POWER8 and LinuxOne servers.  You can download the PDF here, or tab through the slides embedded below.  The audio/video recording should be …

Microsoft Azure Stack Advanced Scenarios for TP1: Beyond the Basics

In the last post we deployed JSON templates and also VM Extensions to Windows and Linux VMs running on Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview 1. Next let’s look at the installation and configuration of additional PaaS Resource Providers in Microsoft …

Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016 #10: Nano Server

This is the final post in the “Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016” series.

Earlier today, Mike Neil announced the availability of Technical Preview 5 for Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016. This is an exciting moment, …

What’s new in System Center 2016 Technical Preview 5

This post was authored by Bala Rajagopalan, Principal Group Program Manager, System Center.

We are pleased to announce that System Center 2016 Technical Preview 5 is now live! This preview introduces significant new capabilities to help simplify IT operations management …

Microsoft simplifies hybrid management with new System Center 2016 Preview and Operations Management Suite

This post was authored by Mike Neil, Corporate Vice President, Enterprise Cloud, Microsoft Corporation.

Hybrid cloud has become the reality for IT. Nearly every company is taking advantage of cloud resources, whether leveraging individual SaaS applications or moving at scale …

What’s new in Storage Spaces Direct Technical Preview 5

Hello, Claus here again. We got some more goodies for you in Storage Spaces Direct with the Windows Server Technical Preview 5 release. The key updates are:

  • Automatic Configuration
  • Managing Storage Spaces Direct using Virtual Machine Manager
  • Chassis and Rack

HOTFIX: The SMSTSRebootDelay variable does not work for multiple restarts in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

Please be aware that the value that is defined for the SMSTSRebootDelay task sequence variable is not honored for restarts after the first restart when multiple applications are installed by using a dynamic variable list in Microsoft Configuration Manager. The …

Support Tip: Windows Store for Business licensed apps do not appear after onboarding when using Microsoft ConfigMgr Tech Preview 1604

After updating to System Center Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1604, the site server component SMS_BUSINESS_APP_PROCESS_MANAGER on the site server is not reinstalled by Site Component Manager.  This prevents onboarded applications from the Windows Store for Business from appearing in the …

The critical role of trust in moving to the cloud

By Richard Villars, Vice President Datacenter & Cloud Research, IDC


This blog post is the first in a series of industry expert posts on trusted cloud focused topics.


“When should I move to the cloud?”

One of the most frequently …

Podcast Episode 17: Troubleblasting with Andrew Higginbotham

andrewhigginbothamMy guest for this episode is Andrew Higginbotham.

Andrew is a Microsoft Certified Master in Exchange 2010 and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Master in Exchange 2013. He is also an Exchange Server MVP. Andrew works for Dell as a principal …

Rajeesh K Nambiar: TeX: Justification with no hyphenation

I’ve been reading a copy of 1984 by George Orwell, published by Fingerprint publishing — a beautifully typeset one. Already into half of Part II, but that’s when I noticed that the book is typeset with full justification sans any …

Fedora Magazine: Fedora Developer Portal updated

Since the Fedora Developer Portal started last year, it has been the go-to place for information on setting up and using Fedora as a platform for development. This week, the Fedora Developer Portal team announced the release of the …

Zygmunt Krynicki: Anatomy of a snappy interface

This post is the third in a series about snappy interfaces. Knowledge presented in posts one and two is assumed.

Today we will look at what makes an interface. This post might be a bit heavier on the programming side …

Use Mandatory Parameters

Mandatory parameters are cool: you can submit values to them for automated solutions, and you can omit them and get prompted interactively.

Here is an example:

function Get-Birthday
{ param ( [DateTime] [Parameter(Mandatory=$true

Announcing the Exchange Server Troubleshooting Companion

exchange-server-troubleshooting-companion-cover-sales-pageToday I’m pleased to announce the release of our new eBook, the Exchange Server Troubleshooting Companion.

Early in my career I received some good advice from a senior colleague of mine – when trouble strikes, the most valuable person …

Richard Hughes: 3rd Party Fedora Repositories and AppStream

I was recently asked how to make 3rd party repositories add apps to GNOME Software. This is relevant if you run a internal private repo for employee tools, or are just kind enough to provide a 3rd party repo for …

Application Security Redux: It’s All about the Apps (Part 1)

In this article series, we’ll begin with a broad overview of application security, how it’s evolved, and why it’s so important. Then we’ll get more specific and talk about the components of an application security plan and different ways to …

Pravin Satpute: Summaries from Gnome Asia Summit 2016

Hats of for making it happen in India again. Most of the information regarding conference available at web. Though i am using Gnome almost 10+ years, this is my first Gnome summit and also mine first conference as a

Justin W. Flory: Google Summer of Code, Fedora Class of 2016

This summer, I’m excited to say I will be trying on a new pair of socks for size.

Bad puns aside, I am actually enormously excited to announce that I am participating in this year’s Google Summer of Code program …

Fedora Community Blog: Announcing Fedora Google Summer of Code (GSoC) Class of 2016

On Friday, April 22nd, Google officially announced the participants for the 11th year of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program. If you’re not familiar with Google Summer of Code, you can read more on the Community Blog. There were …

Fedora Magazine: Recording a quick screencast on Fedora Workstation

Ever needed to make a quick screencast of your desktop to share what you are working on with someone else? Fedora Workstation ships with an easy way of capturing high-quality, short videos of your screen.

To create a screencast, use …

David Tomaschik: Even shorter x86-64 shellcode

So about two years ago, I put together the [shortest x86-64 shellcode for
execve("/bin/sh",...);] that I could. At the time, it was 25 bytes, which I
thought was pretty damn good. However, I’m a perfectionist and so I spent …

Peter Czanik: syslog-ng 3.8 preview: parsers in Rust

If you are new to Rust, take a look at their website, which has a single sentence summary about why it’s worth using it: “Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.” …

Alejandro PĂ©rez: Flisol Panama 2016

Flisol is a big event on latam, many communities join and celebrate and exchange free software and knowledge with each others and general public. Normal event will include free software installations, talks and workshops.

This year Flisol Panama was organized …

Máirín Duffy: Plan to level up contributors with Fedora Hubs!

Fedora Hubs

What’s going on with Hubs?

So a little update for those not following closely to get you up to date:

  • We have a big milestone we’re working towards – a working version of Fedora Hubs in time for Flock.

Customizing the recovery partition after upgrading the OS from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10


Hi Everyone, my name is Suganya and I am from the Windows Devices and Deployment Team. I would like to discuss one of the common issues customers face today; “Customizing the recovery partition after upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows …

PowerShell for Docker

For the last couple of months I have been conflicted when working with containers.  Do I use PowerShell – or do I use Docker?  Both have their advantages.  Well – thankfully this dilemma will soon be a thing of the …

Splunk Light – Laguna College of Art and Design’s Log Masterpiece

LCAD_Logo_2008When I say “log masterpiece” I am not talking about totem poles although you might be surprised at how they factor into this story. Actually what I’m talking about is what you can do when you use the right tools …

Endpoint Zone Episode 13: Microsoft Earnings, Skype for Business with MAM, Cloud App Protection

In this episode we talk about the parts of the Microsoft Q3 earnings announcement that matter to the IT community — it’s a look at where the company is growing and what this means for the decisions you’re making on …

Digging deep for PLATINUM

There is no shortage of headlines about cybercriminals launching large-scale attacks against organizations. For us, the activity groups that pose the most danger are the ones who selectively target organizations and desire to stay undetected, protect their investment, and maximize …

Remove Cultural Obstacles in DevOps Adoption

It’s widely recognized that adopting DevOps principles can lead to many business benefits, including more agile and higher quality releases, and better alignment with customer needs. Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges in DevOps adoption is the cultural divide between …