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Ubuntu Insights: eBook: Certified Ubuntu Cloud Guest

eBook: Certified Ubuntu Cloud Guest - front page

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Ubuntu has a long history in the cloud. It is the world’s number one platform for deployments of OpenStack – the world’s leading cloud infrastructure platform. And it is the number one guest operating system, with more …

Adam Young: Reviews for RDO packages

We are in the process of getting the docs straightened out for reviewing RDO packages. As we do, I want to record what I have working.

I started with

rdopkg clone openstack-keystone 

But that did not give me a repo …

Fedora Magazine: Learn programming using Micro Bit and Fedora

The BBC micro:bit (or Micro Bit) is an ARM-based embedded system designed by the BBC for use in computer education in the UK. It will be given to every 11 year old student in UK. The device is based on …

Checklist for troubleshooting Outlook connectivity in Exchange 2013 and 2016 (on-premises)

Some of relatively common and difficult issues we see in support are related to Outlook connectivity to Exchange.  There are several variations that we classify as connectivity (related to server performance or otherwise).  They can include:

  • Clients prompting for credentials

Azure SQL Data Warehouse introduces Premium Storage for greater performance predictability

We are excited to announce that the Azure SQL Data Warehouse service will move from Standard to Premium Storage to drive greater performance predictability and consistency for query runtimes, especially at higher Data Warehouse Units (DWUs). Starting today, every new …

PowerTip: Get Azure Virtual Machine Diagnostics by using PowerShell

Summary: Use the Azure Resource Manager cmdlets to retrieve diagnostic data within Azure Resource Manager virtual machines.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question Our QA department was asking a very specific question that I didn’t know how to answer. Is there anything in an Azure …

4 for 4: MSFT is the Only “Leader” in all Four Gartner MQ’s

Every year, during the Spring and Summer, there is a flurry of analysis released from the Gartner and some of the most anticipated insights come via what Gartner calls the Magic Quadrant(MQ).

The MQ is a two-by-two matrix that …

Ankur Sinha “FranciscoD”: Some tips and tricks for running simulations on a cluster

To begin with, you must use a terminal multiplexer! I use Byobu with tmux to multiplex a single SSH session. I use it on all my machines. It’s an excellent tool.

Monitoring your jobs

Three of my Byobu screens run

Jorge Castro: Zeppelin is now a top level Apache project

Apache Zeppelin has just graduated to become a top-level project at the Apache Foundation.

As always, our Big Data team has you covered, you can find all the goodness here:

Play Ball with the Splunk App for AWS 4.2!

MoneyballOn a recent business trip to an AWS Summit, I utilized a long flight to re-read one of my favorite books by Michael Lewis: Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game.  I was struck by the parallels between …

Podcast Episode 20: Office 365 for IT Pros with Tony Redmond

tonyredmondMy guest for this episode is Tony Redmond, who everyone knows as a long-time Microsoft MVP and leading voice in the Exchange Server and Office 365 communities.

This episode of the Exchange Server Pro Podcast is brought to you by …

Service Bus turns ten

On May 31, 2006, Microsoft announced the “Live Labs Relay” as a technology preview. That technology preview was literally a single machine under the lead developer’s office desk. The links quoted in the blog post are long since …

Important changes to Microsoft Active Protection Service (MAPS) endpoint


Windows Defender, System Center Endpoint Protection and our other realtime protection products can offer better user protection by enabling the Microsoft Active Protection Service (MAPS) service. In order to successfully connect, enterprise or advanced users with managed networks may …

Ubuntu Insights: Snaps on NAS: IOT apps for your private network

QNAP selects snaps and Ubuntu to bring IOT apps to its NAS

On Friday QNAP announced that they were adopting snaps as the application format of choice for their NAS going forward. Behind this decision are two factors, the ease …

What does identity mean in today’s physical and digital world?

What does identity mean in today’s physical and digital world? If you take this to the extreme as we did recently at the ID2020 Summit on Identity and alignment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, specifically 16.9, the problem becomes even …

Zygmunt Krynicki: Bite-size bugs in snapd


This is just a quick shout to anyone out there that is interested in snapd, maybe follows development or is just curious. We are getting more and more bite-size bugs that would be perfect for someone to pick up … Gnome: Schrifteinstellungen zurücksetzen

Bitte beachtet auch die Anmerkungen zu den HowTos!

Mit Fedora 24 bzw. Gnome 3.20 hat die Cantarell Schriftart einige signifikante Verbesserungen, unter anderem bei der Lesbarkeit, erfahren.

Wer jetzt aus diesem oder einem anderen Grund die Schrifteinstellungen von …

Ubuntu Insights: Building a nervous system for OpenStack

Big Software is a new class of software composed of so many moving pieces that humans, by themselves, cannot design, deploy or operate them. OpenStack, Hadoop and container-based architectures are all byproducts of Big Software. The only way to address …

Cleaning Week: Deleting Log File Backups

In a previous tip you learned that there may be gigabytes worth of log file CAB files. Today, let’s try and have PowerShell do the cleanup. All of these CAB files can safely be removed.

#requires -Version 3
#Requires -RunAsAdministrator

Zygmunt Krynicki: snapd 2.0.5 released, new release cadence

There’s a new release of snapd arriving in Ubuntu 16.04. As before, our fearless release manager Michael Vogt has crafted the work and made sure it can arrive to your machines on a timely basis.

You can see the changelog …

Retrieve Azure Resource Manager virtual machine properties by using PowerShell – Part 2

Summary: Use the Azure Resource Manager cmdlets to get the machine size from a virtual machine.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I remember that yesterday we created a virtual machine (VM), and you mentioned we could find out things like the size of the …

DNS and IIS MPs Updated for Nano Server Support

Hello Folks,

We would like to let you know that we updated DNS and IIS preview management packs to support monitoring of those server roles running on Nano Server Technical Preview 4. We will soon be adding support for Technical …

The Fridge: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 467

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is issue #467 for the week May 23 – 29, 2016, and the full version is available here.

In this issue we cover:

Paul Tagliamonte: Iron Blogger DC

Back in 2014, Mako ran a Boston Iron Blogger chapter, where you had to blog once a week, or you owed $5 into the pot. A while later, I ran it (along with Molly and Johns), and things were …

Spousetivities at DockerCon 2016

Long-time readers of my site know that my wife, Crystal, launched what is now known as Spousetivities at VMworld 2008. Since that time, she’s been able to organize activities for hundreds of companions at dozens of events around the world. …

Sebastian Kügler: Multiscreen in Plasma 5.7 and beyond

Here’s a quick status update about where we currently stand with respect to multiscreen support in Plasma Desktop.

While for many people, multiscreen support in Plasma works nicely, for some of our users, it doesn’t. There are problems with restoring …

Costales: Ubucon Paris 16.04. Day 2

Last day of the Ubucon Paris of release xenial!

Podcast in 3… 2… 1…

This time, we did an international podcast. Rudy, Quesh, Didier, Gonzalo and me from the Ubuntu Party and Marius, Ilonka, Alfred and even Simon from their

mythcat: Fedora 24 alpha – Unity 3D.

I tested Unity 3D with the last Fedora 24 Alpha. For Unity I used c5.4.0b18 version – the sh file from here.
This will be more one review not another tutorial.
Because I tested this application I need to …

PowerTip: Show Azure Resource Manager virtual machine status with PowerShell

Summary: Using the Azure Resource Manager cmdlets to see the running state of a virtual machine.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I remember using the old cmdlets for Azure, and they would show the status of my virtual machines.  How can I do that …

Adding yourself to the Hyper-V Administrators group with PowerShell

I am currently setting up a couple of new computers – and thought I would share this little tidbit of information.  As I have  blogged in the past, you do not need to run “As Administrator” to use Hyper-V PowerShell

Ubuntu App Developer Blog: Can I haz MainView in a Window?

When using Unity8 these days connecting a Bluetooth mouse to a device enables windowed mode. Another option is to connect an external monitor via HDMI and most recently on some devices wireless displays. This raises a few questions on the …

Cleaning Week: Finding Fat Log File Backups

When you run a Windows box for a couple of months or even years, a lot of disk space can be wasted by backed up log files that are not needed. So if your hard drive runs full, you may …

Review of PST Flightdeck from QUADROtech

I encountered my first PST file on day 1 of my very first job in IT. The company I worked for used Exchange Server 5.0, with very small mailbox quotas. The first step for new users after setting up the …

Forums Council: New Ubuntu Member via forums contributions

The Forum Council is proud to announce a new Ubuntu membership obtained through forum contributions.

Please welcome our newest Member, Mark Phelps. You can see Mark’s application thread here.

Mark has been a been a long time contributor …

Fedora Magazine: Pravin Satpute: How do you Fedora?

We recently interviewed Pravin Satpute on how he uses Fedora. This is part of a series on the Fedora Magazine where we profile Fedora users and how they use Fedora to get things done. If you are interested in being …

Remi Collet: PHP Tour 2016 Clermont-Ferrand

I’ve had the pleasure to participate to PHP Tour 2016 in Clermont-Ferrand (one of the most important PHP event in France).

I gave a talk about  “Forget mod_php“. It is about this PHP installation method, the most documented, …

Retrieve Azure Resource Manager virtual machine properties by using PowerShell – Part 1

Summary: Use the Azure Resource Manager cmdlets to create a virtual machine.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I was curious about something. Could you show me a simple example to create a virtual machine (VM) in Azure Resource Manager?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Honorary Scripting Guy, Sean Kearney, …

Christopher Smart: How to find out which process is listening on a port

Say that you notice UDP port 323 is open (perhaps via netstat -lun) and you’ve no idea what that is!

With lsof it’s easy to find out which process is guilty:

[15:27 chris ~]$ sudo lsof -i :323

Fedora Community Blog: Fedora

Will you be attending the annual Python Conference in Portland, Oregon this year? Then you should totally come and find us at the Development Sprints! Check out our PyCon 2016 Wiki page for details.

Behold the Swag

​Duqu 2.0 kernel exploitation technique analysis (part 1 of 2)

Out of the multiple components used in the sophisticated Duqu 2.0 cyberespionage attack, we had a chance to look into one of the kernel exploits used for its elevation-of-privilege attack.

Early this year, Kaspersky Lab discovered Duqu 2.0 and named …

Josh Bressers: Regulation can fix security, except you can’t regulate security

Every time I start a discussion about how we can solve some of our security problems it seems like the topics of professional organizations and regulation are where things end up. I think regulations and professional organizations can fix a …

Kubuntu: Plasma 5.6.4 available in 16.04 Backports

The Kubuntu Team announces the availability of Plasma 5.6.4 on Kubuntu 16.04 though our Backports PPA.

Plasma 5.6.4 Announcement:

How to get the update (in the commandline):
1. sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports
2. sudo apt update
3. sudo apt full-upgrade …

Svetlana Belkin: What Programs Do I Use: Mudlet

Like many people, I have different hobbies and also like many, I play computer/video games. But not the extreme, as some though. I do have Steam and my username is senseopennes if you want to add me. I played many …

Lubuntu Blog: Top Menu for Lubuntu

Thanks to the blog WebUpd8, there’s a new “trick” to add an app menu to the LXDE panel, just like Unity interface has. Check this nice tutorial in our Tips’n’Tricks page. …

Costales: Ubucon Paris 16.04. Day 1

And first day of the Ubucon Paris!

When I arrived there were a lot of public in all areas.

Install Party area

I was attended a Quesh talk, an introduction to the community.

Quesh’s talk

After that Didier told us …

mythcat: Fedora 24 alpha – Whatsie.

Whatsie come with version v2.0.14-beta and is a great WhatsApp application for desktop.
Can be used with many operating system: Windows and Linux.
Just donwload it from here.
I tested with Fedora 24 alpha and Windows 10 and it’s …

James Hunt: Procenv 0.46 – now with more platform godness

I have just released procenv version 0.46. Although this is a very minor release for the existing platforms (essentially 1 bug fix), this release now introduces support for a new platform…


Yup – OS X now joins the …

Kushal Das: Day -1 of PyCon US 2016

I reached Portland two days back, was happy to see that
Remy helped us to find a hotel just opposite to
the conference center. As I am typing this, I can see the empty roads, and the
main doors of …

Costales: Ubucon Paris 16.04. Ubuntu Hour. Day 0

New Ubuntu release, then new awesome Ubucon Paris party!

The Ubuntu Hour, as pre-event of the Ubucon was in the night, then I rented a city bike and I visited Paris in a new way.

I already visited Paris in … Nerviger dnf-PackageKit-Bug endlich gefixt

Bitte beachtet auch die Anmerkungen zu den HowTos!

Seit einiger Zeit gab es einen extrem nervigen Bug im Zusammenspiel zwischen dnf und PackageKit, der dafür sorgte, das dnf autoremove Pakete, die über PackageKit installiert wurden als nicht mehr benötigt …

Michael Lustfield: Long Term Secure Backups

Not that long ago, I managed to delete all off my physical HV hosts, backup
server, all external backups, and a bit more. The first question that most
people would ask would probably be how that’s even possible. That may …

Scott Collier: OpenShift Origin on Fedora 24 on AWS – Wow.

So, this all started because I was just doing a little Friday tinkering and wanted to see how easy it is to get OpenShift Origin installed on Fedora… on AWS.  Well, it turns out, it’s really, really easy.  So easy, …

Jakub Kadlčík: Copr – Rubygems

Recently clime implemented support for building a RPM package directly from PyPI and Mirek performed very cool experiment of building the whole 79k packages on our dev servers. Today we have similar feature, but for the Ruby people. I hope …

Podcast Update

As many of you probably know, I launched a new podcast, called the Full Stack Journey Podcast, back in January. (Here’s the blog post announcing the new podcast.) In this post, I wanted to provide a quick update on the …

mythcat: Great website to convert files.

This website come with great tools and conversion tool.
You can paid or used free like VISITOR or MEMBER – if you register your user will have 1 GB maximum file size.
The price can be from free up to: …

Aurélien Gâteau: Mass edit your tasks with t_medit

If you are a Yokadi user or if you have used other todo list systems, you might have encountered this situation where you wanted to quickly add a set of tasks to a project. Using Yokadi you would repeatedly write …

Kubuntu: Kubuntu Party 4 – The Gathering of Halflings

Come and join us for a most excellent Gathering of Halflings at Kubuntu Party 4, Friday 17th June 19:00 UTC.

The party theme is all about digging out those half finished projects we’ve all got lying around our Geekdoms, …

Stephen Gallagher: OpenShift and SSSD Part 3: Extended LDAP Attributes


This is the third post in a series on setting up advanced authentication mechanisms with OpenShift Origin. This entry will build upon the foundation created earlier, so if you haven’t already gone through that tutorial, start here and continue …

Bryan Quigley: Ubuntu 16.04 LiveCD Memory Usage Compared

The latest Ubuntu LTS is out, so it’s time for an updated memory usage comparison.


Boots means it will boot to a desktop that you can move the mouse on and is fully loaded.  While Browser and Smooth means we …

Capturing a Hyper-V VM Screen to a file

Here is an interesting thing you can do with Hyper-V – with a little bit of code you can grab a copy of the virtual machine display and write it out to a bitmap file:

This is something that I …

PowerTip: List Azure Resource Manager virtual networks with PowerShell

Summary: Use the AzureRM cmdlets to list all available virtual networks in a subscription.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I’m doing work for a client who forgot to give me a list of the virtual networks in the client’s Azure subscription. Could you save …

Stephen Gallagher: OpenShift and SSSD Part 2: LDAP Form Authentication


This is the second post in a series on setting up advanced authentication mechanisms with OpenShift Origin. This entry will build upon the foundation created earlier, so if you haven’t already gone through that tutorial, start here. Note …

NetFT Virtual Adapter Performance Filter

In this blog I will discuss what the NetFT Virtual Adapter Performance Filter is and the scenarios when you should or should not enable it.

The Microsoft Failover Cluster Virtual Adapter (NetFT) is a virtual adapter used by the Failover …

Maria Leonova: Fedora Badges intern

For the past two weeks I was lucky to have an intern, who worked on Fedora Badges. Badges is a great way to start as a Fedora design contributor, as they have low entry level. Templates are ready, graphics

Cleaning Week: Deleting TEMP Files

In a previous tip you learned how to check for left-over files in both your own temp folder and the one maintained by Windows. Today, let’s see how these folders can be cleaned up by PowerShell.

This code removes all …

Peter Czanik: State of syslog-ng 3.8 rpm packaging

While syslog-ng 3.8 does not yet have an alpha release, it already has many interesting features. As it is still under heavy development, we can’t recommend it for production use. On the other hand, any feedback is very welcome. There …

Fedora Magazine: Font improvements in Fedora 24 Workstation

Cantarell is the default font in Fedora Workstation. It comes courtesy of the GNOME desktop community, which designed and chose Cantarell. Recently the maintainers of Canatrell have done a great deal of work on the typeface to improve readability …

Work with the Azure Resource Manager cmdlets – Part 5

Summary: Here’s how to use PowerShell to create a virtual network and a network security group.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I’ve heard that networking is far more powerful in Azure Resource Manager. Could you take a few minutes to show me how to …

Remi Collet: PHP version 5.5.36, 5.6.22 and 7.0.7

RPM of PHP version 7.0.7 are available in remi-php70 repository for Fedora and Enterprise Linux (RHEL, CentOS).

RPM of PHP version 5.6.22 are available in remi repository for Fedora ≥ 21 and  remi-php56 repository for Fedora and Enterprise Linux.…

Nikos Roussos: Running a Hackerspace

I wrote parts of this post after our last monthly assembly at Athens Hackerspace. Most of the hackerspace operators are dealing with this monthly meeting routinely and we often forget what we have achieved during the last 5 years

A Look at a RegExHelper Tool for PowerShell Regular Expressions

I don’t know about you, but writing a regular expression can sometimes be a lesson in patience when putting a pattern together to parse a log file or provide some sort of validation of input. Each time I need to …

Gentoo News: New Gentoo LiveDVD “Choice Edition”

We’re happy to announce the availability of an updated Gentoo LiveDVD.
As usual, you can find it on our downloads page.…

mythcat: New tutorial about Blender 3D.

Today I make a new tutorial about Blender 3D.
You can read this tutorial here.
Also I have a facebook page to read many tutorials about Linux and Windows , Blender 3D and more … here.
Thank you for your …

Limited Periodic Scanning in Windows 10 to Provide Additional Malware Protection

Every month, Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) scans more than 500 million Windows devices for malware and malicious software. This tool aids in the detection and removal of malware from 1 to 2 million machines each time, even on …

Remote Desktop for Windows 10 exiting preview

I’d like to start by saying a big thank you to everyone who has installed and used our Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview client for Windows 10 and has provided us great feedback so far.

After a few months working on …

Mark J. Wielaard: Java is Fair Game!

A jury found that using the declaring lines of code and their structure, sequence, and organization from Java constitutes fair use. Which is a great outcome of a terrible lawsuit Oracle started some years ago trying to destroy free java

Smart AnSwerS #65

Hey there community and welcome to the 65th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

We have a couple back-to-back community events happening right after the upcoming long Memorial Day weekend! The next SplunkTrust Virtual .conf Session is scheduled for Tuesday, …

Erik Erlandson: Measuring Decision Tree Split Quality with Test Statistic P-Values

When training a decision tree learning model (or an ensemble of such models) it is often nice to have a policy for deciding when a tree node can no longer be usefully split. There are a variety possibilities. For example, …

The Endpoint Zone, episode 14: May 2016 was HUGE!!!

This is as close as it gets to being DON’T-MISS-EPISODE of The Endpoint Zone!

In this episode I talk in depth about the huge announcements unveiled earlier this week at Citrix Synergy 2016 (watch my on-location recap here) …

Video Recap: Big Announcements at Citrix Synergy 2016

Late last night I got back from a pretty incredible 2.5 days at Citrix Synergy.  Here’s a recap of the big (huge!) announcements, the keynotes, and everything in between.

To read more about these huge announcements, take the time …

Easily bring your SQL Server licenses to Azure VMs

I am super exited to announce that starting today, Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customers can bring existing licenses to run SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. Since the launch of Azure Virtual Machines, customers can already run SQL Server on Azure

Deep dive on backup protection for IaaS VMs

As we continue with our discussion of backup, the next topic is backup specifically for IaaS virtual machines (VMs). An increasing number of organizations are moving their applications to the cloud with IaaS as the fabric running the apps. Although …

PowerTip: View properties from a storage account with PowerShell

Summary: View and access the SKU from a storage account for future use.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I went to work with the New-AzureRMStorageAccount cmdlet but was confused about how to know which name to use for the SKU. Is there an easy

Copy files over PowerShell Direct (and more)

We recently updated a number of the capabilities of PowerShell Direct.  In Windows 10 Insider builds greater than 14280, and in Windows Server 2016, you can now create persistent PowerShell sessions using PowerShell Direct.

The format for doing this is: …

Achieving regulatory agility in the era of cloud computing

Following the announcement of FedRAMP Accelerated on March 28, 2016, I spent a lot of time thinking about ways to improve the agility of regulatory frameworks in a cloud-centric world. I am excited by the potential of FedRAMP Accelerated, especially …

Stephen Gallagher: OpenShift and SSSD Part 1: Basic LDAP Authentication


OpenShift provides a fairly simple and straightforward authentication provider for use with LDAP setups. It has one major limitation, however: it can only connect to a single LDAP server. This can be problematic if that LDAP server becomes unavailable …

Keeping your migration (and business) on course

Whenever cloud migration comes up for discussion, the analogy of building an airplane mid-flight comes to mind. There’s nothing quite like moving and re-creating all of the technology your company depends upon, even as day-to-day business operations continue.

To keep …

Microsoft and Facebook to build subsea cable across Atlantic

Today we’re excited to announce the latest step in our global cloud infrastructure as Microsoft and Facebook announce plans to build “MAREA” – a new, state-of-the art subsea cable across the Atlantic. The new MAREA cable will help meet the …

Moving forward with PowerShell and Windows Server 2016

This post was authored by Keith Bankston, Senior Program Manager, Windows Server.

Jeffrey Snover talked about the various eras for Windows Server in his recent blog titled, Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016 #10: Nano Server, adding that …

Jiri Eischmann: Event Report: OSCAL 2016

Last weekend, I attended OSCAL 2016, a conference about open source in Tirana, Albania. I was looking forward to the conference very much because the Fedora community in Albania had been very active recently. I’d met some of the …

Securing privileged access: Preventing and detecting attacks

This post was authored by Nir Ben Zvi, Principal Program Manager, Windows Server.

Introduction: Why is it important to secure privileged access?

The threat environment has continued to reinforce that identity is a primary security boundary. When examining major cyber-attacks …

Turning on Windows features using Powershell DSC extension and Azure CLI

DevOps engineers who want to use custom script extensions on Azure have a variety of techniques available, such as using Desired State Configuration (DSC) or custom Powershell scripts. But what options do you have if you want to perform a simple task …

Using #AzureAD Dynamic Groups with SharePoint Online

Howdy folks,

Today’s we’re trying something new – a quick “how-to” post. Rob De Jong is the PM who owns our self-service group and dynamic group features. Here he’s going to walk you through using Dynamic Groups with SharePoint online.…

Technology, privacy and public safety: When worlds collide

What a difference a decade makes. Today we have driverless cars, smart thermostats, appliances that place orders based on our habits, athletic equipment that measures our vitals and predicts exercise outcomes—all of these were the stuff of science fiction just …

Diagnose and resolve issues with Azure Troubleshooting

At Azure Support, our aim is to help you in your cloud journey, all the way from initial experimentation to running production workloads on Azure with confidence. Software fails, hardware breaks and you can run into issues when trying new …

Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo: S09E13 – Hollywood Nights – Ubuntu Podcast

It’s Episode Eleven of Season Nine of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Laura Cowen and Martin Wimpress are connected and speaking to your brain.

We’re here again, but one of us is not!

In this week’s show:

  • We discuss

Arthur Schiwon: So long, and thx for all the fish – leaving ownCloud Inc.

<a href="">"Firefish in the sky" by eLKayPics / Lutz Koch, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0</a>

Yes, like Jos, Lukas and Björn I (mostly known for my work on and maintenance of the LDAP backend) am leaving ownCloud Inc. Actually, the 20th of May was already my last day.

Flashback. In late 2011, Frank asked

How do I get to the next level – Part 2

Advertise here with BSA

I was going over some of the posts of the last year which have had a large number of views and/or comments, just to figure out what interests you folks the most. One of the articles …

Cleaning Week: Find Data Garbage

This week is cleaning week, and we’ll show you tactics how you can potentially retrieve gigabytes of disk space, especially with machines that have been running for a while.

You may know about your personal temp folder ($env:temp), and maybe …