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Smart AnSwerS #69

Hey there community and welcome to the 69th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

Time has been flying by with Splunkers working incredibly hard and adapting to new changes in our office space. It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway …

The Fridge: Yakkety Yak Alpha 1 Released

“I want to figure out a way to not be stupid with money, then make a whole bunch of it, then I want to move to Outer Mongolia. I want to milk a yak. Maybe I’ll just settle for a

Jonathan Dieter: Hacked!

Laptop in chains


With our school’s graduation ceremony last night, the school year is now officially finished. This year will definitely go down in my memory as the year that the students got the best of me… twice!

To give some background …

PowerTip: Get a GUI interface for any PowerShell cmdlet

Summary: Use the Show-Command to build PowerShell cmdlets.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I ran into a problem. Some cmdlets have too many parameters to list. Is there an easy way to build a cmdlet with its parameters for the console?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer You’ll love this …

Lubuntu Blog: Lubuntu Yakkety Yak Alpha 1 has been released!

Lubuntu Yakkety Yak Alpha 1 (soon to be 16.10) has been released! We have a couple papercuts listed in the release notes, so please take a look. We currently have a bug (with a workaround) that breaks creating BTRFS and …

Jesus Rodriguez (zeus): Pretty Print directory of .json files

I had a bunch of compressed json files that I needed to pretty print to make them more readable. This little snippet will create a new pretty printed json file prefixed with pp:

ls *.json | xargs -I {} sh

Mathieu Bridon (bochecha): Blender and Flatpak

I recently wrote about having made
an XDG App build of Blender.

Since then, XDG App got renamed to Flatpak.

As the command-line tool was also renamed, I figured I’d write a new post with
updated instructions.

So …

The Fastest Customer Upgrade to ConfigMgr EVER!

Right now history is in the making!

We are currently amidst the fastest customer upgrade cycle ever seen in the history of ConfigMgr’s enormous install base!  In just a little over 6 months, 15,000 organizations managing 27 million devices have …

New flexible way for customers to buy Microsoft Operations Management Suite

This post was authored by Mike Schutz, General Manager, Cloud Platform Marketing.

As you think about the transition from traditional IT to cloud, a key element in making that transition possible is IT operations management. Just about every business now …

Josh Boyer: When is a kernel bug not a kernel bug?

Think of this scenario: You’re sitting at your shiny Fedora install and notice a kernel update is available. You get all excited, update it through dnf or Gnome Software, or whatever you use, reboot and then things stop working. “STUPID …

Canonical Design Team: China Launch Sprint – paving the roadmap

Last week I was invited to Beijing to take part in the China Launch Sprint. The focus of the sprint was to identify action items in our product roadmap for the next devices that will ship Ubuntu Touch in the …

farhaan: Investigating Python

I have been trying to implement private projects on Pagure, while doing that I was struggling with certain design of a function and while doing that I constantly have to switch between shell, editor and at times browser.

I …

Daniel Holbach: Snappy Playpen event next Tuesday

Next week on Tuesday, 5th July, we want to have our next Snappy Playpen event. As always we are going to work together on snapping software for our repository on github. Whatever app, service or piece of software you …

Daniel Berrange: ANNOUNCE: virt-viewer 4.0 release

I am happy to announce a new bugfix release of virt-viewer 4.0 (gpg), including experimental Windows installers for Win x86 MSI (gpg) and Win x64 MSI (gpg). Signatures are created with key DAF3 A6FD B26B 6291 2D0E 8E3F BE86 EBB4 …

Splunking a Microsoft Word document for metadata and content analysis

The Big Data ecosystem is nowadays often abbreviated with ‘V’s. The 3Vs of Big Data, or the 4Vs of Big Data, even the 5Vs of Big Data! However many ‘V’s are used, two are always dedicated to Volume and Variety.…

Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo: S09E18 – Suspicious Package – Ubuntu Podcast

It’s Episode Eighteen of Season Nine of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson, Laura Cowen and Martin Wimpress are connected and speaking to your brain.

We’re here again!

In this week’s show:

General availability of IaaS migration from classic to resource manager

Today we are announcing the general availability of platform managed IaaS migration of resources from classic to resource manager. All migration functionality released as a preview on May 12 is now generally available. In addition, we are also announcing the …

Sending Emails (and Diagnosing Mail Servers)

Send-MailMessage has been around for many years. It can be used to quickly send an email without the need to have an email client at hand. All you need is an SMTP server. Likewise, it can be used to diagnose …

New high availability checklist now available

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released a new high availability checklist to help you increase the resiliency and availability of your applications in Azure. 

We know uptime matters to you and Azure gives you great tools and services to …

Justin W. Flory: Fedora Ambassadors: Communicating about Design

This week is busy and continues to keep the pace of previous weeks. A lot has happened this week in the Fedora Project and I’ve taken on a few new tasks too. In addition to existing work on Google Summer

DocumentDB throughput calculator update

DocumentDB is a blazing fast, planet-scale NoSQL database service for highly available, globally-distributed apps. We recently launched a web-based tool to help estimate the request unit requirements for typical operations. The initial version of the tool included support for estimating …

Fedora Community Blog: Fedora Design Suite considered “best of the basics”

Do-it-yourself site MakeUseOf recently highlighted Fedora Design Suite from their article “6 Linux Distros Designed for Artists, Musicians and Editors“. They also called the Fedora Design Suite as the “best of the basics”.

Design Suite Highlights

“Fedora Design

How thermal paste can impact VM performance

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On twitter a tweet from Frank flew by pointing to an article which was written by one of my VMware colleagues: Matt Bradford aka @VMSpot. I hadn’t seen the article, while it was written in …

Find ready-to-use sample PowerShell scripts in the GUI

Summary: Honorary Scripting Guy, Sean Kearney, goes over some often missed, easy-to-use PowerShell techniques for those who are starting out.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I had heard a rumor that many of the management tools actually run PowerShell code in the backend. Is …

Fedora Magazine: What makes up the Fedora kernel?

Every Fedora system runs a kernel. Many pieces of code come together to make this a reality.

Each release of the Fedora kernel starts with a baseline release from the upstream community. This is often called a ‘vanilla’ kernel. …

[Script Of Jun. 30] How to check if your computer is High CPU usage by LSASS


Script Download:
The script is available for download from https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/How-to-check-if-your-e475b8de.

The sample code checks if the CPU usage by Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) process in the domain controller is high or normal.

You can find …

DSC Resource Kit June Release

The June release of the DSC Resouce Kit is out!

This release includes 12 updated DSC resource modules and 20 new DSC resources.
Since the last release on May 18, there have been 106 merged pull requests and 42

OVS Integration with Debian Network Scripts

I had a reader contact me recently with some questions regarding the use of Open vSwitch (OVS) on Debian “Jessie” 8.5 and using the OVS integration with the Debian network scripts. For those of you that might be unfamiliar with …

Technology Short Take #68

Welcome to Technology Short Take #68, my erratically-published collection of links, articles, and posts from around the web—all focused on today’s major data center technologies. I’ve been trying to stick to a schedule that has these posts published on a …

Suchakra: Fast Tracing with GDB

Even though GDB is a traditional debugger, it provides support for dynamic fast user-space tracing. Tracing in simple terms is super fast data logging from a target application or the kernel. The data is usually a superset of what a …

Kubuntu: Kubuntu Podcast goes Open and Unplugged

Podcast fans will know that we were struck down with lucky show thirteen. Google Hangouts crashed out twice, and we lost the live stream. We ended up half an hour late, with no Hangouts, and a hastily make-shift YouTube live …

ARM concepts in Azure Stack for the WAP Administrator – In-guest configuration with ARM, and technologies such as Virtual Machines Extensions, including PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)

Hello Readers! This is part 7 of the blog post series “ARM concepts in Azure Stack for the WAP Administrator.” In this post we’ll focus on the VM configuration itself, leveraging Azure Resource Manager (ARM), VM Extensions and PowerShell DSC.…

PowerTip: List all available CIM classes by using PowerShell

Summary: Use the Get-CimClass cmdlet to see all classes that you can query from.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question How can I find a list of Common Information Model (CIM) classes in Windows so that I can ask my computer useful questions?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Just run …

Laura Abbott: Notes on PXE booting with Fedora

The typical method of installing Fedora on a desktop distribution is via some
physical media (CD/DVD once upon a time, USB sticks these days). Fedora also
supports PXE boot installation.
I ended up doing a PXE install for some …

Cole Robinson: UEFI virt roms now in official Fedora repos

Kamil got to it first, but just a note that UEFI roms for x86 and aarch64 virt are now shipped in the standard Fedora repos, where previously the recommended place to grab them was an external nightly repo. Kamil has …

Colin King: What’s new in stress-ng 0.06.07?

Since my last blog post about stress-ng, I’ve pushed out several more small releases that incorporate new features and (as ever) a bunch more bug fixes.  I’ve been eyeballing gcov kernel coverage stats to find more regions in the …

Ubuntu App Developer Blog: Snapcraft 2.12: an ecosystem of parts, qmake and gulp

Snapcraft 2.12 is here and is making its way to your 16.04 machines today.

This release takes Snapcraft to a whole new level. For example, instead of defining your own project parts, you can now use and share them from …

Kubuntu Wire: Plasma 5.6.5 and Frameworks 5.23 available in Kubuntu 16.04 Backports



1. sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports
2. sudo apt update
3. sudo apt full-upgrade -y…

Released: Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator v7.9

Today, we released an updated version of the Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator.

This release doesn’t contain many enhancements, but does contain a number of bug fixes, especially in the deployment scripts. You can view what changes have been …

pingou: Profiling in python

When working on FMN’s new architecture
I been wanted to profile a little bit the application, to see where it spends
most of its time.

I knew about the classic cProfile
builtin in python but it didn’t quite fit my …

Podcast Episode 22: Surviving Exchange Updates with Andrew Higginbotham

My guest for this episode is Andrew Higginbotham.

Andrew is a Microsoft Certified Master in Exchange 2010 and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Master in Exchange 2013. He is also an Exchange Server MVP. Andrew works for Dell as a principal …

Saving Multiple Credentials

Thanks to Jaap Brasser’s finding, here is an easy way of encrypting a bunch of credentials:

$CredPath = "$home\Desktop\mycreds.xml"
$creds = @{ Local = Get-Credential -Message LocalAccount Remote = Get-Credential -Message RemoteAccount Domain = Get-Credential -Message DomainAccount

[Script Of Jun. 29] How to track users logging activities: logon/logoff


Script Download:
The script is available for download from https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/How-to-track-users-logging-ffec7bd0.

The sample code demonstrates how to track date and time when a user logs-on/off to or from a system.

You can find more All-In-One Script Framework script …

Azure HDInsight application platform: Install solutions built for the Apache Hadoop ecosystem

Azure HDInsight is an Apache Hadoop distribution powered by the cloud. This means that it handles any amount of data, scaling from terabytes to petabytes on demand. Spin up any number of nodes at any time – we charge only …

Sachin Kamath: GSoC – Journey So Far ( Badges, Milestones and more..)

2 days ago, I woke up to a mail from Google saying that I passed the mid term evaluations of GSoC and could continue working towards my final evaluation. “What a wonderful way to kick start a day, I thought”

Application security redux: It’s All about the Apps (Part 5)

In this article we’ll provide a summary of the PowerShell cmdlets that Microsoft has made available for AppLocker.…

Detecting and Responding to the Accidental Breach

Hello All,

Splunk recently commissioned analyst firm IDC to conduct research in EMEA into how capable organizations are at protecting and responding to hapless user activity. The research questioned 400 organizations across the region, producing some really valuable insights.


At …

Use Windows PowerShell as an administrative console

Summary: Honorary Scripting Guy, Sean Kearney, shares his early use of PowerShell as a network administrator.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I have a simple but irritating task each day around lunch time. A handful of people usually lock themselves out of Active Directory. …

Eureka! Extracting key-value pairs from JSON fields

With the rise of HEC (and with our new Splunk logging driver), we’re seeing more and more of you, our  beloved Splunk customers, pushing JSON over the wire to your Splunk instances. One common question we’re hearing you ask, how …

Major Hayden: Talk recap: The friendship of OpenStack and Ansible

When flexibility met simplicity: The friendship of OpenStack and AnsibleThe 2016 Red Hat Summit is underway in San Francisco this week and I delivered a talk with Robyn Bergeron earlier today. Our talk, When flexibility met simplicity: The friendship of OpenStack and Ansible, explained how Ansible can reduce …

Fedora Magazine: Container technologies in Fedora: systemd-nspawn

Welcome to the “Container technologies in Fedora” series! This is the first article in a series of articles that will explain how you can use the various container technologies available in Fedora. This first article will deal with systemd-nspawn.

Aaron Honeycutt: SELF 2016

This post has been in my box since the 19th, I just got a bit lazy on finishing it up and posting it sorry!

This SELF (SouthEast LinuxFest) was as great the one before… ok maybe a little bit better …

Microsoft Support for iOS and Android

Three years ago I was asked the same question pretty frequently – by both customers and media.  At the time, it was a legitimate question, but today it comes up very rarely.  The question was:  “Is Microsoft committed to supporting …

Bryan Quigley: When should i386 support for Ubuntu end?

Are you running i386 (32-bit) Ubuntu?   We need your help to decide how much longer to build i386 images of Ubuntu Desktop, Server, and all the flavors.

There is a real cost to support i386 and the benefits have fallen …

Mary Shakshober: Fedora Flock 2016

I’ve been working on a shirt design for this year’s Fedora Flock in Krakow, Poland and figured that I’d share what I’ve put together! I’m also including some of my earlier attempts at the design as well to show my …

2016 Scalar Security Study – The Cybersecurity Readiness of Canadian Organizations

This is a guest post contributed by Aoife Mc Monagle, Director, Marketing & Communications at Scalar Decisions
scalar-NoTagline_4CAs Canada’s #1 IT security company, Scalar spends a lot of time advising clients on how to manage cybersecurity risk. We also …

PowerTip: List all subfolders under a target path with PowerShell

Summary: Use Get-Childitem to provide a printable list of all folders under a path.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I used to use tree.com to get a list of folders on a computer. Is there something close to that in PowerShell? Maybe something I …

Ben Cotton: Fedora 24 upgrade

Fedora 24 was released last week, so of course I had to upgrade my machines. As has become the norm, there weren’t any serious issues, but I hit a few annoyances this time around. The first was due to packages …

#AzureAD updated with new admin roles

Howdy folks,

One of the most frequent pieces of feedback we receive from customers is they love how Azure AD helps them gain visibility into risks impacting their organization’s identities and assets. But to do that effectively, they need additional …

Nicu Buculei: A F24 user story

Honestly, nothing from the features in the announcement of the Fedora 24 release didn’t manage to excite me intro upgrading my desktop from an old, out-of-support Fedora. It’s main task is to edit digital photography and for some years a …

Zygmunt Krynicki: The /etc/os-release zoo

If you’ve ever wanted to do something differently depending on the /etc/os-release but weren’t in the mood of installing every common distribution under the sun, look no further. I give you the /etc/os-release zoo project.

A project like this is …

Groupon Standardizes on Splunk Solutions

SM_Share_Twitter_Groupon_102Whether it’s a tempting all-inclusive vacation package or taking advantage of an amazing deal on dinner for two, Groupon’s exciting offers continue to push me to discover new things. The global online and mobile marketplace has been one of …

Use the power and simplicity of containers to tame your IT

North Bridge’s Future of Open Source Survey says seventy-six percent of you have plans to use container technology this year. The key question isn’t whether you are part of that seventy-six percent, but how aggressively you plan to leverage this …

Road to FUDCon LATAM: Me, As A Social Media Expert (To Be)

I have been appointed as a social media expert at some point in the relatively recent past. The problem was, I was clueless when it comes to social media, and was relatively unsure of how and what I should do. …

Saving Credentials

Here is a safe way of saving credentials to a file:

$CredPath = "$home\Desktop\mycred.xml"
Get-Credential | Export-Clixml -Path $CredPath 

This code generates the file mycred.xml on your desktop. The password is encrypted with your identity and the machine …

Canonical Design Team: Juju GUI 2.0

Juju is a cloud orchestration tool which enables users to build web environments to run applications. You can just as easily use it on a simple WordPress blog or on a complex big data platform. Juju is a command line …

Canonical Design Team: Design in the open

As the Juju design team grew it was important to review our working process and to see if we could improve it to create a more agile working environment. The majority of employees at Canonical work distributed around the globe, …

Announcing: Video OCR Public Preview

Azure Media OCR Public Preview

Not sure what Azure Media OCR is? Check out the introductory blog post on Azure Media OCR.

After gathering valuable feedback from the private preview, we are excited to announce the release of the …

[Script Of Jun. 28] Determining which version and edition of SQL Server Database Engine is running


Script Download:
The script is available for download from https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Determining-which-version-af0f16f6.

The sample code demonstrates how to determine which version and edition of SQL Server Database Engine is running by SQL Script.

You can find more All-In-One Script …

Remi Collet: PHP version 7.0 in Fedora 25

FESCO have approved, for Fedora 25 the upgrade from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.0.


For memory, this is the result of lot of work, started more than 1 year ago:

Erase files based on date by using PowerShell

Summary: Honorary Scripting Guy, Sean Kearney, relates his first experience with PowerShell.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I was curious just how difficult it is to use Windows PowerShell. For example, how difficult is it to erase files based on the current date?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Honorary …

Ubuntu App Developer Blog: New Ubuntu SDK Beta Version

A few days ago we have released the first Beta of the Ubuntu SDK IDE using the LXD container solution to build and execute applications. 

A few days ago we have released the first Beta of the Ubuntu SDK IDE …

Quick Hits: Writing to a Read-Only Property

This post is less on doing something useful and more on just proving that I can do something even though PowerShell is trying to tell me that I cannot do it. That little thing is updating a property on an …

The Fridge: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 471

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is issue #471 for the week June 20 – 26, 2016, and the full version is available here.

In this issue we cover:

DSC Resource Kit Community Call

We will be hosting a community call for the DSC Resource Kit 1-3PM on Thursday, June 30 (Pacific Time).
Call in to ask questions or give feedback about the DSC Resource Kit!

For this call, we will be focusing

Karsten Hopp: What is the Fedora Modularity project and how do you get involved ?

The Fedora Modularity Project is an effort to fix several problems that all distributions face. One of them is the disconnect between Fedora’s release cycle and the release cycle of larger Fedora components like for example GNOME, KDE or even …

Roland Wolters: [Howto] Writing an Ansible module for a REST API

Ansible LogoAnsible comes along with a great set of modules. But maybe your favorite tool is not covered yet and you need to develop your own module. This guide shows you how to write an Ansible module – when you have

Kevin Fenzi: Zodbot… upgraded

Kneel before the new Zodbot!

We have upgraded our beloved evil super villain IRC bot on freenode from an old version of supybot-gribble to a new shiny version of limnoria ( https://github.com/ProgVal/Limnoria ).  This doesn’t change much in the interface, …

mythcat: Shortcuts – online tool help.

This website come with one of the incredible number of shortcuts.
You can see bellow the icons for each applications.
So when you have time, just take a look …

AppLocker – Another Layer in the Defense in Depth Against Malware

Hello, Paul Bergson here with a discussion on Security in particular utilizing Microsoft’s AppLocker to help prevent the infection of Malware.

Ransomware has been getting a lot of attention. There have been several high profile attacks in the press over …

PowerTip: Use a destructive PowerShell cmdlet safely

Summary: Use the –whatif parameter with PowerShell cmdlets to test code live.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I heard that PowerShell has a built-in safety switch to many of its cmdlets. Could you show me an example of it in use?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer No problem. You’re …

Navigating Trusted Cloud considerations: Establishing the cloud transition team

This post was authored by Sean Pike, Program Director, eDiscovery and Information Governance, IDC.

If you’re planning on migrating certain IT resources or applications to the cloud or, perhaps, are still determining whether to move to the cloud, this blog …

Sergio Schvezov: The Snapcraft Parts Ecosystem

Today I am going to be discussing parts. This is one of the pillars of
snapcraft (together with plugins and the lifecycle).

For those not familiar, this is snapcraft’s general purpose landing page,
http://snapcraft.io/ but if you are …

Josh Bressers: The future of security

The Red Hat Summit is happening this week in San Francisco. It’s a big deal if you’re part of the Red Hat universe, which I am. I’m giving the Red Hat security roadmap talk this year. The topic has me …

Canonical Design Team: New starter Davide (Project Manager) – “A working team is very precious”

Meet the newest member of the Design Team, project manager Davide Casa. He will be working with the Platform Team to keep us all in check and working towards our goals. I sat down with him to discuss his background, …

Kamil Páral: UEFI for QEMU now in Fedora repositories

I haven’t seen any announcement, but I noticed Fedora repositories now contain edk2-ovmf package. That is the package that is necessary to emulate UEFI in QEMU/KVM virtual machines. It seems all licensing issues having been finally resolved and now you …

Canonical Design Team: App Design Clinic – OwnCloud App #9

The Ubuntu App Design Clinic is back! This month members of the Design Team James Mulholland (UX Designer), Jouni Helminen (Visual Designer) and Andrea Bernabei (UX Engineer) sat down with Dan Wood, contributor to the OwnCloud app.

What is OwnCloud?

Clearing the Recycle Bin

A much awaited new cmdlet surfaced in PowerShell 5.0: Clear-RecycleBin! You can clear the recycle bin on a particular drive, or on all drives. This will immediately clear all recycle bins and retrieve disk space:

 PS> Clear-RecycleBin -Force 

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Essential Virtual SAN second edition paper copy available now!

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As of today Essential Virtual SAN second edition paper copy is available now! If you are interested, pick it up today, note that there is also a Kindle version out there if you prefer that!…

Alessio Treglia: A – not exactly United – Kingdom


Island of Ventotene – Roman harbour

There once was a Kingdom strongly United, built on the honours of the people of Wessex, of Mercia, Northumbria and East Anglia who knew how to deal with the invasion of the Vikings …

Use Windows PowerShell to search for files

Summary: Use Get-Childitem to search the files system with PowerShell.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I saved a file somewhere on my computer and can’t find it. Is there a way to use Windows PowerShell to find it?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Honorary Scripting Guy, Sean Kearney, is …

[Script Of Jun. 27] How to sync offline files with script in Windows(VBScript)


Script Download:
The script is available for download from https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/How-to-sync-offline-files-45a7930c.

The sample code demonstrates how to sync offline files in Windows.

You can find more All-In-One Script Framework script samples at http://aka.ms/onescriptingallery

Paul Tagliamonte: Hello, Sense!

A while back, I saw a Kickstarter
for one of the most well designed and pretty sleep trackers on the market. I
fell in love with it, and it has stuck with me since.

A few months ago, I finally …

Simos Xenitellis: Trying out LXD containers on Ubuntu on DigitalOcean

You can have LXD containers on your home computer, you can also have them on your Virtual-Private Server (VPS). If you have any further questions on LXD, see https://www.stgraber.org/2016/03/11/lxd-2-0-blog-post-series-012/

Here we see how to configure on a VPS at …

radhika kolathumani: Issue 98, HyperKitty, Fedora-Apps

This week I focused on iterating on the feedback I received for the previous issu and worked on the help widget for the hubs. I also found something that caught my interest and wanted to improve the design of …

Major Hayden: My list of must-see sessions at Red Hat Summit 2016

Red Hat Summit 2016The Red Hat Summit starts this week in San Francisco, and a few folks asked me about the sessions that they shouldn’t miss. The schedule can be overwhelming for first timers and it can be difficult at times to discern …

Dimitri John Ledkov: Post-Brexit – The What Now?

Out of 46,500,001 electorate 17,410,742 voted to leave, which is a mere 37.4% or just over a third. [source]. On my books this is not a clear expression of the UK wishes.
The reaction that the results have

Alexys Jacob: py3status v3.0

Oh boy, this new version is so amazing in terms of improvements and contributions that it’s hard to sum it up !

Before going into more explanations I want to dedicate this release to tobes whose contributions, hard work and …

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Fedora Badges: New badge: Red Hat Summit 2016 !

Red Hat Summit 2016You visited Fedora at the Red Hat Summit in 2016! …