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Jonathan Dieter: Multiseat systems and the NVIDIA binary driver

Building mesa

Building mesa

Ever since our school switched to Fedora on the desktop, I’ve either used the onboard Intel graphics or AMD Radeon cards, since both are supported out of the box in Fedora. With our multiseat systems, we now need …

Watch Windows Server 2016 Sessions from Ignite

Did you know you can go back and listen to all our Ignite sessions on-demand? For a great overview on the newly launched updates to our flagship server operating and management software, watch Meet Windows Server 2016 and System Center

Eric Hammond: Amazon Polly Text To Speech With aws-cli and Twilio

Today, Amazon announced a new web service named Amazon Polly,
which converts text to speech in a number of languages and voices.

Polly is trivial to use for basic text to speech, even from the
command line. Polly also …

Elizabeth K. Joseph: Ohio LinuxFest 2016

Last month I had the pleasure of finally attending an Ohio LinuxFest. The conference has been on my radar for years, but every year I seemed to have some kind of conflict. When my Tour of OpenStack Deployment Scenarios …

They Like Us, And It’s Not Just Me Saying That

In my work with our partners here at SUSE I get to interact with partners of all types. I get to talk with them about how we work together and hear not only about the marketing, which is my field, …

Liveblog: Introduction to Managed Database Services on AWS

This is a liveblog of the AWS re:Invent session titled “Introduction to Managed Database Services on AWS” (DAT307). The speakers for the session are Steve Hunt, Alan Murray, and Robin Spira, all of FanDuel; and Darin Briskman, from AWS Database …

Allan Day: Core Apps Hackfest

Last weekend I attended the Core Apps hackfest in Berlin. This was a reboot of the Content Apps hackfest we held last year around the same time of year, with a slightly broader focus. One motivation behind these events was …

Azure Information Protection Documentation Update for November 2016

Hi everybody

Our technical writer, Carol Bailey, is letting you know whats new and hot in the docs for this month.

Reminders: Follow us on Twitter (@TheRMSGuy) and join in our peer community

Alice Ferrazzi: [2016_11] Gentoo report summary

Alexander Todorov: Highlights from ISTA and GTAC 2016

ISTA 2016

Another two weeks have passed and I’m blogging about another 2 conferences.
This year both
Innovations in Software Technologies and Automation and
Google Test Automation Conference
happened on the same day. I was attending ISTA in Sofia during the day …

Nick Bleech from Travis Perkins wins 2016 Ventana Research Leadership Award for his work with Splunk!

Hello Splunkers!

VentanaResearch_LeadershipAwards_Winner2016_lgIt’s always awesome to see our customers succeeding with Splunk. It’s even more pleasing when our customers are recognized for that success as Nick Bleech, CISO at UK builders’ merchant Travis Perkins has been. Nick has received the …

Liveblog: How News UK Centralized Cloud Governance

This is a liveblog of the AWS re:Invent session titled “How News UK Centralized Cloud Governance Using Policy Management” (DEV306). The speakers for the session are Joe Kinsella from CloudHealth Technologies and Iain Caldwell of News UK/News Corp EMEA.

Kinsella …

Jiri Eischmann: Installing flatpaks gets easier in Fedora 25

A lot of users complained that installing flatpaks was too difficult. And they were right, just look at the installation instructions on the Flatpak download page at But that was never meant to be the final user experience.


Richard …

Liveblog: Automating Cloud Mgmt and Deployment

This is a liveblog of the AWS re:Invent session titled “Automating Cloud Management and Deployment for a Diverse Enterprise Application Portfolio” (DEV319). The speakers for the session are David Lowry and Amul Merchant, both from Infor Global.

Merchant kicks the …

Ubuntu Insights: Docker and Canonical Partner on CS Docker Engine for Ubuntu users


  • New commercial agreement provides integrated enterprise support and SLAs for CS Docker Engine

SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON, 30th November 2016 – Docker and Canonical today announced an integrated Commercially Supported (CS) Docker Engine offering on Ubuntu, providing Canonical customers with …

Frederico Lima: FGSL XIII Event Report

Before I became a Fedora Project contributor, I went to an event
in the central west region of Brazil called FGSL (
“Fórum Goiano de Software Livre”), which had its 12th edition in 2015. It was a great event, and …

AWS Operational, Security and Cost Management Insights Starting at $3/day

LGO-Splunk-Light-CMYK-KThanksgiving is over and we now enter the gift-giving season and Splunk has something that you can both be thankful for as well as a little gift for you (just make sure you read to the end).  First, what you …

Announcing StorSimple Data Transformation preview

There has been a popular and persistent ask from customers to do more with the data that moves to the cloud via StorSimple. For example, use an Azure service such as Azure Media Services, Azure HDInsight, or Azure Machine Learning …

Introducing: Time picker in Application Insights Analytics

A time picker has been added to Analytics in Azure Application Insights so that you can easily set a time range for your queries. The default range is Last 24 hours, but you can easily change that: Just select a …

AWS re:Invent 2016 Keynote with Andy Jassy

This is a liveblog of the Wednesday keynote at AWS re:Invent 2016. Today’s keynote is led by Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services. The crowd gathered for the keynote is pretty immense, despite the availability of numerous overflow locations …

Watch your PaaS (and IaaS) – SUSE acquires OpenStack and Cloud Foundry technology from HPE

If you follow SUSE, you know we recently made our first technology acquisition—openATTIC—and announced it at our annual customer conference, SUSECON. At the time, I said there would likely be similar acquisitions when it makes sense for our growth strategy, …

[Script Of Nov. 30] How to install SQL Server Public Preview on Linux by Bash


Script Download:
The script is available for download from

The sample code demonstrates how to install SQL Server Public Preview on Linux by Bash.

You can find more All-In-One Script Framework script samples at

Announcing general availability of preview features and new APIs in Azure Search

Today we are announcing the general availability (GA) of several features as well as a new REST API version and .NET SDK that support the new GA features. All GA features and APIs are covered by the standard Azure service …

Windows Server 2016 Operating System Management Pack

We want to let you know that we are releasing an updated version of “Microsoft System Center 2016 Management Pack for Windows Server Operating System“. Some of the changes in this new MP are

  • New object types have

Monty Montgomery: Oh right, about those LEDs

spoiler: Nichia Rocks. But first a flashback.

Remember those crazy Chinese LEDs I was looking for? They had kind of iffy construction, but up to that point they were the closest color match I could find to what I …

Julita Inca Chiroque: #LinuXatUNI

This last Saturday was celebrated the #LinuXatUNI event at National University of Engineering. There were more than 250 people registered, but we have only 84 attended, though. I was surprised about this! It might be the upcoming final exams at …

Announcing new AWS Lambda Blueprints for Splunk

Splunk and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are continuously collaborating to drive customer success by leveraging both the agility of AWS, and the visibility provided by Splunk. To support that goal, we’re happy to announce new AWS Lambda blueprints to easily

Dusty Mabe: Fedora 25 available in DigitalOcean

Cross posted with this fedora magazine post

Last week the Fedora Project released Fedora 25. This week Fedora Project Community members have worked with the DigitalOcean team to make Fedora 25 available on their platform. If you’re not …

Tips and Tricks from PowerShell Core Validation

It has been a privilege for the CAT team to work with customers and the PowerShell team to validate early builds and experiences with PowerShell Core. Some of the customers involved were key influences on the whitepaper, The Release Pipeline

Protected: Docker 1.13 with improved Splunk Logging Driver

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Bodhi: Bodhi 2.3.3 released

Bodhi 2.3.3 converts koji auth to be done with krb5 and fixes one bug:

  • #1129 – Use krb5 for koji.
  • #1134 – Disable caching koji sessions during mashing process.

Thanks to Patrick Uiterwijk for contributing both of these commits!…

Fedora Magazine: Fedora 25 available in DigitalOcean

Last week the Fedora Project released Fedora 25. This week Fedora Project community members have worked with the DigitalOcean team to make Fedora 25 available on their platform. If you’re not familiar with DigitalOcean already, it’s a dead …

Laura Abbott: virt to phys and back again

I’ve been working on CONFIG_DEBUG_VIRTUAL support for arm64. This is designed
to catch bad uses of virt_to_phys1 on non-linear
addresses. Translating between virtual and physical addresses is very
architecture specific. The kernel expects each architecture
to define
these appropriately. …

Thoughts on AWS re:Invent Day 1

As I wrap up Day 1 of AWS re:Invent 2016 in Las Vegas (can I consider today to be day 1?), I wanted to capture a quick summary of thoughts about the sessions, the content, the attendees, and the event …

SC 2016 DPM Capacity Planner

SC 2016 DPM announced Modern Backup Storage. This changes the way data is backed up and stored. Modern Backup Storage delivers 50% Storage Savings and 3x faster by leveraging latest Windows Server 2016 technologies as ReFS Block Cloning, VHDX, …

Prepare for the new MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification

We’ve got great news for IT Pros who’ve been waiting for the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification! It will be available soon, and we have some practical instructor-led courses to help you get ready for the exams:

Lunch Break / s3 e2 / Jim Fowler, CIO, GE (part 2)

Today’s episode is the second half of my drive withJim Fowler, the CIO of General Electric.

Jim and I talk about why “data isn’t enough,” why/how IT has to stop being order takers, we play a …

HPE and Microsoft Advance Collaboration to Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Adoption

This post was authored by Mark Jewett, Senior Director Product Marketing, Cloud Platform Marketing.

Im here in London at the HPE Discover event.Today, Scott Guthrie, our Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise, appeared in the keynote with Antonio Neri, …

Robert Mayr: FUDCon Phnom Penh 2016 – day 2

While the first day was a great success, the second day didn’t have the same number of attendees and interest. Unfortunately it was sunday and although the rain season was over, it was raining in the morning.

And last but …

Transitioning your StorSimple Virtual Array to the new Azure portal

Today we are announcing the availability of StorSimple Virtual Device Series in the new Azure portal. This release features significant improvement in the user experience. Our customers can now use the new Azure portal to manage the StorSimple Virtual …

From “A PC on every desktop” to “Deep Learning in every software”

Deep learning is behind many recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence, including speech recognition, language understanding and computer vision. At Microsoft, it is changing customer experience in many of our applications and services, including Cortana, Bing, Office 365, SwiftKey, Skype Translate, …

Robert Mayr: FUDCon Phnom Penh 2016 – day 1

The first day of FUDCon was probably one of the best FUDCon days I have seen, so many attendees were reached only in Beijing. In both cases FUDCon was co-hosting with another event, Gnome Asia in Beijing and here in …

Kushal Das: Looking back at Fedora 25 Atomic release

We have Fedora 25 released a few days back. Along with various editions, we also
have the Atomic edition out. This release
is special for few points, one of them is being the first release from the
Atomic Working Group. …

Digital Transformation with SAP HANA on Azure Large Instances

At Ignite 2016, Jason Zander announced a plethora of Azure Services and features. One among them that has got people excited is the announcement that SAP HANA on Azure (Large Instances) is generally available. For those who might have missed …

Miroslav Grepl: SELinux Security Policy – Part2: Labels

From the previous blog we know that SELinux policy consists of rules, each of which describes an INTERACTION between processes and system resources.

In the second part of this blog series I will tell you more about LABELS. Where SELinux …

Managing StorSimple virtual arrays in the new Azure portal

We’re happy to announce the management of the StorSimple Virtual Device Series is now available in the new Azure portal. You can use the StorSimple extension in the new portal to create Azure Resource Manager based StorSimple managers to …

Fedora Community Blog: Fedora at PyCon CZ 2016

The last weekend of October was perfect timing for the annual Python community gathering in Brno, Czech Republic for PyCon CZ. Organized by a wonderful group of people from the PyCon CZ community, it is the second PyCon …

Luca Ciavatta: Enable desktop icons on Fedora 25

Trouble enabling Fedora 25 desktop icons

Fedora 25 delivers a host of new features, including the long-awaited official debut of the Wayland display server. Replacing the legacy X11 system, Wayland has been under development for several years and seeks …

Open Source Security Podcast: Episode 15 – Cyber Black Monday

Josh and Kurt talk about Cyber Monday security tips.

Download Episode
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Show Notes

Yet Another Way to Get Output from a Runspace, Reflection Edition

While working on some possible feature updates to my module, PoshRSJob, I have been looking at ways to get the output from a runspace without relying on the usual approach of using EndInvoke() while supplying a PowerShellAsyncResult object to …

[Script Of Nov. 29] How to find the data directory for a SQL Server instance


Script Download:
The script is available for download from

The sample code demonstrates how to find the data directory for a SQL Server instance.

You can find more All-In-One Script Framework script samples at

Peter Hutterer: libinput now requires axis resolutions for graphics tablets

I pushed the patch to require resolution today, expect this to hit the general public with libinput 1.6. If your graphics tablet does not provide axis resolution we will need to add a hwdb entry. Please file a bug in …

Jono Bacon: Luma Giveaway Winner – Garrett Nay

I little while back I kicked off a competition to give away a Luma Wifi Set.

The challenge? Share a great community that you feel does wonderful work. The most interesting one, according to yours truly, gets the prize.…

Liveblog: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck with EC2

This is a liveblog of the AWS re:Invent session titled “Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck With #EC2 #Winning” (CMP202). The speaker for the session is Joshua Bergin, General Manager, EC2 Spot Business. According to the abstract, this session …

Liveblog: Hybrid Architectures, Bridging the Gap to the Cloud

This is a liveblog of the AWS re:Invent session titled “Hybrid Architectures: Bridging the Gap to the Cloud” (ARC208). The line to get into this session, as with the previous session, was quite long—and that was for attendees who’d already …

Liveblog: Scaling to Your First 10 Million Users

This is a liveblog of the AWS re:Invent session titled “Scaling to Your First 10 Million Users.” It’s my first session of the week here at re:Invent; yesterday’s sessions were full and I couldn’t get into anything. (The crowds here …

The Fridge: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 489

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is issue #489 for the week November 21 – 27, 2016, and the full version is available here.

In this issue we cover:

Seif Lotfy: Rustifying IronFunctions

Rustifying IronFunctions

As mentioned in my previous blog post there is new open-source, lambda compatible, on-premise, language agnostic, server-less compute service called IronFunctions.
Rustifying IronFunctions

While IronFunctions is written in Go. Rust is still very much admired language and it was decided to …

The New and Improved Splunk App for AWS 5.0

reinvent-logo-2x-centeredOver the past few years, I have had the opportunity to talk to so many customers using Splunk to manage their AWS environment. I have always heard the same thing- give us more! I was at AWS re:Invent 2013, when …

New Exchange Online migration options

We are in the process of rolling out a new migration experience that will greatly simplify your journey to Office 365 and Exchange Online.

This new experience will help any customer running at least one Exchange 2010, 2013 and/or 2016 …

Stephen Smoogen: Abiword for EL-7

Over Thanksgiving break, I decided to go through a long list of emails that were marked “when you have a spare moment”. I really didn’t have one but I realized that many of those emails were crufty and old. One …

Announcing VMM SDN Express for VMM 2016

We are happy to announce the release of VMM SDN Express for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2016 (VMM 2016)! Do you want a VMM solution that can deploy an entire SDN fabric without you having to move through …

New #AzureAD Access Panel is now Generally Available!

Howdy folks,

Many hundreds of thousands of you have used the our new Access Panel (MyApps) while it was in public previewto launch your Azure AD connected applications, change memberships in groups, and quickly access your security settings.

Ubuntu Insights: Canonical and AWS partner to deliver world-class support in the cloud

Ubuntu & AWS

In today’s software world, support is many times an afterthought or an expensive contract used only to keep-up with the latest patches, updates, and versions. Hidden costs to upgrade software, including downtime, scheduling, and planning are also factors that need …

Shift and Lift; Light or Heavy Duty?

Datacenter Transformation – The markets you or your customer operate in are demanding you to stretch your data center capabilities to the max. You have to be able to respond faster than ever before. You need to assure high quality …

Stephen Smoogen: Where has puppet gone in EPEL-6 (and when will it be back?)

This week various people using EPEL on RHEL and CentOS 6 have found that the puppet package is no longer provided by EPEL. The reason for this is due to the way EPEL packages are built and kept inside the …

Ubuntu Insights: Mir is not only about Unity8


This is a guest post by Alan Griffiths, Software engineer at Canonical. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please contact

Mir is a project to support the management applications on the display(s) of a computer. It …

Ubuntu Insights: Ubuntu SDK meets snapcraft


Everyone who has followed Ubuntu lately for sure stumbled across the snappy technology, which does not only bring the new cross-distro packaging format “snap” but also a sandboxing technology for apps, as well as transactional updates that can be rolled …

Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo: S09E39.2 – Le CrossOver Number 2 – Ubuntu Podcast

It’s Le CrossOver #2! Marius Quabeck, Rudy, Martin Wimpress and Max Kristen are connected and speaking to your brain.

Four complete strangers make a podcast during UbuCon Europe 2016 at the Unperfekthaus in Essen, Germany.

  • We discuss

Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer: November update and summer recap

One year ago we released the very first version of Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer. At the beginning we only supported blobs on Mac OS and Windows. Since then, we've added the ability to interact with queues, tables and file …

Emmanuel Seyman: Paris Open Source Summit 2017 (compte-rendu)

Il y a deux semaines avait lieu le Paris Open Source Summit, 2ième édition
et Borsalinux-Fr y ténait un stand (pour la première fois, personne n’ayant pu
se libérer l’année passée).

Je suis arrivé avec le matériel de l’association et …

Leaderboard to recognize the most valuable Database Systems contributors on MSDN

Microsoft has long relied on members of the developer and IT Professional community to help other community members in need. This is especially true of SQL Server and Azure SQL Database, where our community members help by answering over 2,000 …

Richard Hughes: Linux communities, we need your help!

There are a lot of Linux communities all over the globe filled with really nice people who just want to help others. Typically these people either can’t (or don’t feel comfortable) coding, and I’d love to harness some of that …

Azure Site Recovery now supports Windows Server 2016

On September 26, 2016, at the Ignite conference in Atlanta, Microsoft launched the newest release of the server operating system – Windows Server 2016. It is a cloud-ready OS that can be used to run traditional applications and datacenter …

[Script Of Nov. 28] Powershell script to create website and modify the W3C logging fields


Script Download:
The script is available for download from

The sample script creates the website on IIS and modifies the W3C logging fields in IIS 7.X and higher through Powershell.

You can find more All-In-One Script …

Announcing Azure DevTest Labs support for creating environment with ARM templates

Today, we are very excited to announce that Azure DevTest Labs now supports the capability to create your environments using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates!

In case you haven’t heard about Azure DevTest Labs, this May, we announced the general

Top Cloud Myths of 2016

This post is authored by Julia White, CVP Azure & Security, Microsoft

Over the last few years, “cloud” has been one of the most used words in tech, and 2016 is no exception – for good reason. Nearly three-fourths (70 …

95% of passengers through security in 5 mins or less. Gatwick Airport lands passenger experience & operational efficiency with IoT, analytics and Splunk Cloud.


We’ve all been there, stuck at an airport, flight delayed, watching the departures board, trying to find somewhere to sit down and wanting to set off to where you’re going or just get home. Gatwick Airport, the busiest single runway …

Fedora Magazine: Jose Bonilla: How do you Fedora?

Jose Bonilla Feature Image

We recently interviewed Jose Bonilla on how he uses Fedora. This is part of a series on the Fedora Magazine. The series profiles Fedora users and how they use Fedora to get things done. Contact us on the feedback form

Application Insights Diagnostics Preview

At our recent Connect() event, we were excited to announce the general availability of Application Insights, with a large set of features being available for general use. In this post I’d like to share with you a preview of …

Kushal Das: Learning Rust

Other than fighting with dust allergies,
Rust took some of my time in the past
weeks. I kept it in the to learn list for a long time, and finally thought of
looking at it due to a blog post …

Kushal Das: Updates from PyCon Pune

PyCon Pune

This will be the first year for PyCon Pune. This will
give us a chance to meet our friends, discuss, and work on the language we all
love 🙂

Event date: 16-19th February, 2017.

Location: Pune, India

Format: 2 …

Josh Bressers: The Economics of stealing a Tesla with a phone

A few days ago there was a story about how to steal a Tesla by installing malware on the owner’s phone. If you look at the big picture view of this problem it’s not all that bad, but our security …

Valorie Zimmerman: KDE Developer Guide needs a new home and some fresh content

As I just posted in the Mission Forum, our KDE Developer Guide needs a new home. Currently it is “not found” where it is supposed to be.

We had great luck using markdown files in git for the chapters …

Sujeevan Vijayakumaran: UbuCon Europe in the retrospective

Last weekend the very first UbuCon Europe took place in Essen, Germany. It was
the second UbuCon where I was the head of the organisation team. But this one
was the first international UbuCon, which had a few more challenges …

Monty Montgomery: Notes to myself: [Re]discovering/correcting a ThinkPad supervisor password crack

You can bypass and remove the supervisor password from ThinkPads by shorting two pins on an EEPROM at the right time during boot.

Don’t believe it? I didn’t either; it never worked for me. It turns out that’s only because …

Fabian Deutsch: Fedora 25 and rust


$ rustc -o hello <(echo ‘fn main() { println!(“Hello World!”) }’)
$ ./hello Hello World!

So – What am I going to do with this?…

Kushal Das: Upgraded to Fedora 25

Generally I used to upgrade after the Alpha releases, but this time I decided
to wait till the final release. Reason: just being lazy. The other point is of
course the nightly cloud images, which I am using for a …

Ankur Sinha “FranciscoD”: Two new planets for neuroscientists

Keeping up with research publications is always a challenge for researchers. There’s simply too much going on. Most of us have a daily or maybe hebdomadal slot where we go over various journals and news. We use things like e-mail …

Colin King: stress-ng 0.07.07 released

stress-ng is a tool that I have been developing on-and-off for a few years. It is designed to stress kernels to force out bugs, stress CPU and memory and also contains some performance benchmarking metrics too.

stress-ng is now entering …

Sayan Chowdhury: PyCon India 2016

<figure> </figure>

PyCon India, this year was held at New Delhi at the JNU Convention Center.

Dev Sprints

During the Dev Sprint, Farhaan and Vivek were sprinting on Fedora Infrastructure projects primarily helping people contribute to Pagure.

Other projects/orgs …

Parag Nemade: Summary report on FUDCon APAC, Phnom Penh

This year FUDCon APAC happened in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for two days 5th and 6th of November. This FUDCon happened as part of bigger conference called as BarCamp, ASEAN 2016. This BarCamp happened at Norton university from …

Julian Andres Klode: Starting the faster, more secure APT 1.4 series

We just released the first beta of APT 1.4 to Debian unstable (beta here means that we don’t know any other big stuff to add to it, but are still open to further extensions). This is the release series that …

Charles-Antoine Couret: Passage à Fedora Rawhide

Alors que le 22 novembre a donné lieu à la sortie de Fedora 25 en version
stable après 6 mois de gestation, j’en ai profité dès le soir même pour passer
à Fedora Rawhide (la future F26). Cela fait depuis …

Dougie Richardson: Install Android Studio on Ubuntu


Android Studio is a great development environment and is available on Ubuntu. I’m using Ubuntu Mate 16.10 “Yakkety Yak”.
First install a Java Development Kit (JDK). OpenJDK is pre-installed or you can use Oracle Java 8 (there is a great

PowerTip: Capture the output of a Linux application in PowerShell

Summary: Use the built-in features of PowerShell to obtain data produced by a Linux application.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question Can I run a Linux application like ls and capture its output in PowerShell?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer You certainly can!  It’s no different from when you normally …

Konstantin Ryabitsev: There are several reasons why battery swapping is difficult, some having to do with people and some…

Do we change it so people buy cars separate from the batteries and lease them from battery swap businesses instead? That would be logical…

Stephan Adig: How to create LXD Containers with Ansible 2.2


(Working example from this post you can find on my GitHub Page)

While working with Ansible since a couple of years now and working with LXD as my local test environment I was waiting for a simple solution to …

Double whammy for Splunk at the Computing Security Excellence Awards 2016!

Hello all,


Yesterday we had the honour of participating in the Security Excellence Awards from

Computing is the leading information resource for UK technology decision makers, providing the latest market news and hard-hitting opinions.

Following the Enterprise …

Dynamic DNS registration process can cause queue build up and failures

Hey Folks! Ajay Sarkaria here with new information on the changes in dynamic DNS registrations. In the past, we have had many customers who call Microsoft support with scenarios where dynamic DNS registration from a Microsoft DHCP server either fail …