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Iain Lane: Codecs and PackageKit in GNOME Software on Ubuntu Artful

There are some changes coming soon™ to software installation via GNOME Software in Artful.


PackageKit is a distribution-agnostic API for managing installed software packages on a system. For irritating reasons, Ubuntu was stuck for a long time on an …

Fedora Magazine: Introduction to Kubernetes with Fedora

This article is part of a short series that introduces Kubernetes. This beginner-oriented series covers some higher level concepts and gives examples of using Kubernetes on Fedora.

The information technology world changes daily, and the demands of building scalable infrastructure …

Ubuntu Insights: Ubuntu Server Development Summary – 30 Jun 2017

Hello Ubuntu Server!

The purpose of this communication is to provide a status update and highlights for any interesting subjects from the Ubuntu Server Team. If you would like to reach the server team, you can find us at the …

Mark J. Wielaard: Fedora rpm debuginfo improvements for rawhide/f27

Hi Fedora Packagers,

rawhide rpmbuild contains various debuginfo improvements that hopefully will make various hacks in spec files redundant.

If you have your own way of handling debuginfo packages, calling find-debuginfo.sh directly, need hacks for working around debugedit limitations or …

Azure Information Protection Documentation Update for June 2017

Hi everybody

Our technical writer, Carol Bailey, is letting you know whats new and hot in the docs for June.

Reminders: Follow us on Twitter(@DanPlastina)and join in our peer community atwww.yammer.com/AskIPTeam.


Join us July 6th for the first Azure AD B2B collaboration AMA!

Howdy folks,

Those of you who follow the blog will remember that we held our first Azure AD AMA a few months back. It was quite a hit and we got a ton of great feedback from customers and …

Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo: S10E17 – Live Mycroft Biscuits – Ubuntu Podcast

In our second live show at FOSS Talk Live, we have a competition to see who can write the best program in 19 lines, and discuss bugs through the ages. There is a video of this episode available on YouTube.…

Stephen Gallagher: Sausage Factory: Advanced module building in Fedora

First off, let me be very clear up-front: normally, I write my blog articles to be approachable by readers of varying levels of technical background (or none at all). This will not be one of those. This will be a …

Dennis Gilmore: What is going on in Fedora Release Engineering

As we rapidly hit the last days of Fedora 26 development, the final notches of planning for what Release Engineering can get done in Fedora 27 is coming together. Our priorities are mostly sorted, and we are marking things to …

Stephen Gallagher: Protected: DRAFT: Sausage Factory: Advanced module building in Fedora

This post is password protected. You must visit the website and enter the password to continue reading.

Ubuntu Insights: Ubuntu Desktop Weekly Update: June 30, 2017


We reintroduced the GNOME based Ubuntu session as the default in 16.10 alongside the Wayland session.  The original GNOME session is not installed on the desktop by default anymore, but is still available in the archive along with a …

Dan Walsh: Quick Blog on Buildah.

Buildah is a new tool that we released last week for building containers without requiring a container runtime daemon running. –nodockerneeded

Here is a blog that talks about some of its features.


Our main goal was to make this …

Alberto Rodriguez (A.K.A bt0): Fedora 26 Upgrade Test Day

Today (Friday, 2017-06-30) is the Fedora 26 Upgrade Test Day!

All the instructions are on the wiki page, so please read through and come help us test! As always, the event will be in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC.…

[Script Of Jun. 30] How to find duplicate files by checking MD5 in Windows 8


Script Download:
The script is available for download from https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/How-to-find-duplicate-226f8af1.

The VBScript sample list all the duplicate files in user’s machine in a particular path providing details like file size and Date modified to compare.

You can …

Daniel Pocock: A FOSScamp by the beach

I recently wrote about the great experience many of us had visiting OSCAL in Tirana. Open Labs is doing a great job promoting free, open source software there.

They are now involved in organizing another event at the end

Docker Swarm and Secret support with OMS Insight and Analytics – container monitoring solution

Hello all, this is Keiko, Program Manager from the OMS team.

The container monitoring solution, available as part of OMS Insight and Analytics, helps you get visibility into the inventory of containers in hosts, including images running in the them …

Lubuntu Blog: Lubuntu Artful Aardvark Alpha 1 has been released!

Lubuntu Artful Aardvark Alpha 1 (soon to be 17.10) has been released! Also in this release (in addition to the usual LXDE ISO) is an experimental image with LXQt instead of LXDE. For the LXDE edition, we have a couple …

The Fridge: Artful Aardvark Alpha 1 Released

“Ten billion ants in this world, and I’m having trouble with just one.”
– Aardvark from The Ant and the Aardvark

The first alpha of the Artful Aardvark (to become 17.10) has now been released!

This milestone features images for …

Adam Young: Running Kubevirt functional tests in Gogland

When tests fail, as they often will, the debugger can greatly shorten the time it takes to figure out why.  The Kubevirt functional tests run essentially as a remote client.  Getting a debuggable setup is not that different from my

The Splunk Revolution Awards Opens Nominations for 2017

With .conf2017 just around the corner, it?s time to nominate your colleagues, leaders and team for a Splunk Revolution Award…

HOTFIX: Provisioning not completed when creating a Cloud Management Gateway in Configuration Manager version 1702

If you have the Update rollup for Configuration Manager current branch version 1702 installed and you try to create a new Cloud Management Gateway (CMG)  in the Configuration Manager console, the provisioning cannot be completed. The status in the console …

Charles-Antoine Couret: Participez à la journée de test consacrée à la mise à niveau

Aujourd’hui, ce vendredi 30 juin, est une journée dédiée à un test précis :
sur la mise à niveau de Fedora. En effet, durant le cycle de développement,
l’équipe d’assurance qualité dédie quelques journées autours de certains
composants ou nouveautés …

Adam Williamson: Fedora 26 Upgrade Test Day tomorrow (2017-06-30)!

It’s that time again: we have another test day coming up! Tomorrow (Friday 2017-06-30) will be Fedora 26 Upgrade Test Day. As the name might suggest, we’ll be testing upgrades to Fedora 26. It’d be great to have coverage …

Julita Inca Chiroque: Clone and run a GNOME Project with Flatpak-Builder on F25

Today we have a very productive online meeting with @csoriano and @tmendes, these two guys from Brasil and Spain, helped me because I have cloned Polari with Flatpak – Builder on Fedora 25, but it did not run it at …

Fedora Badges: New badge: Steampunk Arcade !

Steampunk ArcadeYou attended the party at Professor Wackenhammer’s Steampunk Arcade! …

Ubuntu Insights: AWS Summit London 2017: A Recap

This year’s AWS Summit in London was one of our biggest and best events yet! At Canonical, we’re continuing to collaborate with the team at AWS to ensure that users have the best Ubuntu experience possible. Here are some of …

David Carlos: GSoC: How integrates fedmsg with kiskadee

If you want to know why we are using fedmsg [1] with kiskadee [2] you can check
this post, where I explain the reasons for
such integration. Now we will cover the implementation of this integration
and the current …

Enabling a more strategic role for IT with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Organizations are pushing forward in their digital transformations and we continue to see and hear more about what this shift means for IT. The scope of digital transformation goes beyond moving existing work to the cloud and enabling a more …

Jiri Eischmann: ThunderBolt Security Levels and Linux desktop

Recently I got Dell XPS 13 as my new work laptop and I use it with the TB16 dock. This dock doesn’t seem to fully work with Linux, only monitors work. But if you go to BIOS settings and set …

Enhanced app usage monitoring and investigative features in Azure Application Insights

Do you find yourself scrambling for information when investigating application performance issues? Do you spend hours (sometimes even days) gathering and reporting on usage and incidents of your application to stakeholders?

Azure Application Insights lets you learn, iterate, and improve …

Iain Lane: Welcome

I have another blog elsewhere on the interwebs, but I’ve created this one you’re reading now as a place to occasionally write about things I’m doing at work.

I work at Canonical, on the desktop team. The team works …

Nathaniel McCallum: What’s new in José v8?

Wait! What’s José? José is a general purpose cryptography toolkit which uses the data formats standardized by the JOSE IETF Working Group. By analogy, José is to JOSE what GPG is to OpenPGP and OpenSSL is to X.509.
José provides …

ABRT team: ABRT in Cockpit

In the upcoming release of Cockpit (144) users can now simply work with ABRT.
This integration makes it easier for admins to watch over their machines and
easily find what problems has occurred on them.

What changes does it bring

.NET: Manage Azure Container Service, Cosmos DB, Active Directory Graph and more

We released 1.1 of the Azure Management Libraries for .NET. This release adds support for:

Cosmos DB Azure Container Service and Registry Active Directory Graph


Getting started

You can download 1.1 from:


Create a Cosmos DB with DocumentDB API

Securing Mobile Access with Intune MAM Conditional Access Policies

Embracing a BYOD strategy is usually a good thing for your users and your company, but it also creates some concerns about the devices and applications that are being used to access corporate data.

To demonstrate the type of issues …

Virtually Speaking Podcast: VMworld 2017 Preview

Advertise here with BSA

I had the pleasure to be on the Virtually Speaking Podcast again, this episode is all about VMworld. Which sessions to attend and some general tips as well. Have a listen. Thanks John and Pete for …

ISVs find their cloud footing on Azure

This post is authored by the ISV team.

According to Gartner, “By 2020, anything other than a cloud-only strategy for new IT initiatives will require justification at more than 30% of large-enterprise organizations.” With innovation shifting to public datacenters, pressure …

Fedora Community Blog: Event report and personal experience – June 1 – 5, “X International IT Olympics IT-Planet 2016/17” international contest in Sochi, Russia

On Monday, 5th of June, a massive event in Russian IT industry ended. The X International IT-Olympics “IT-Planet” for students and young specialists took place in the city of Sochi, Russia, which hosted 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Finals for …

Announcing the Solution Template for Jenkins on Azure

Have you been looking for the Microsoft Azure Marketplace image for Jenkins on Azure? We removed it because the Jenkins version used is outdated. I am excited to announce the replacement and share some updates from our team.

Solution template

Azure Compute Reddit AMA – July 2017

The Azure Compute team will host a special Ask Me Anything session on /r/Azure, Friday, July 14, 2017 from 9:00 am to Noon PDT.

What's the AMA about?

We'll have folks from across the Azure Compute Engineering team …

Leo Arias: User acceptance testing of snaps, with Travis

Travis CI offers a great continuous integration
service for the projects hosted in GitHub. With it you can run tests, deliver
artifacts and deploy services on pull requests, when they are merged, or with
some other frecuency.

Last week they

Load ‘Em Up and Move ‘Em Out: Controlling Dashboard Panel Load Order

Implement a solution that allows the user to pick and choose which panels they want to run, in the order of importance to them…

Tips & Tricks: Using Splunk for Web Analytics and Sessions

Examples of how Splunk can be used to combine multiple events to visualize transactions, business processes and sessions.…

Congratulations to #VMTN Community Warrior: @iiliev

*Submit a nomination for the next VMTN Community Warrior*

I’d like to extend my congratulations a full 6,500 miles to our newest Community Warrior… In Sofia, Bulgaria. Thank you @iiliev for your contributions to VMTN and to VMware as …

Azure Information Protection status update – June 2017

Hi Everyone, and welcome to the first post in what will be a regular series posting from the AIP team to ensure you always know what we are working on, whats in the current releases of AIP and any other …

The Unbelievably Diverse Array of Devices Managed by Our Customers

Something I have come to really appreciate as weve built Intune and watched its usage scale to millions of devices is the unbelievably broad and diverse types of hardware our customers have to manage.

To put this challenge in …

Aaron Honeycutt: System76 Oryx Pro Review

This past weekend I was sent a System76 laptop to review (Thanks guys and gals!). So the first thing I did was install the latest Kubuntu release (17.04) and added the System76-Driver PPA.

Laptop Link


System Specs:
CPU: Intel

David Carlos: GSoC: Why integrates fedmsg with kiskadee

On this post we will talk why we decides to integrate kiskadee [1]
with fedmsg [2], and how this integration will
enable us to easily monitors the source code
of several different projects. The next post will explain how …

David Carlos: Why integrates fedmsg with kiskadee

On this post we will talk why we decides to integrate kiskadee [1]
with fedmsg [2], and how this integration will
enable us to easily monitors the source code
of several different projects. The next post will explain how …

Petya ransomware prevention & detection in Azure Security Center

This blog post was authored by Tim Burrell, Principal Engineering Manager, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center​.

Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) published a blog post yesterday detailing a new ransomware infection that appears to have begun in Ukraine and spread from …

Ubuntu Insights: Webinar: How to upgrade your OpenStack cloud easily, without downtime

Live webinar

It has become commonplace to see some OpenStack users choose to remain on old unsupported versions of OpenStack, forgoing new features and security updates rather than face the disruption, stress and complexity of upgrading. At Canonical we call …

New troubleshooting and diagnostics for Azure Files Storage mounting errors on Windows

Azure File Storage offers fully managed file shares in the cloud using the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, which is the predominantly used file share protocol for on-premises Windows use cases. Azure Files can be mounted from any client OS …

Ubuntu Insights: Stuck Stacks, the 7 year itch and the DevOps dilemma

Itching to try something new


7 years in, where do we go from here?

It is 7 years since OpenStack came into being. 7 short years comprised of long days and late nights bringing it all together to the point that global businesses such as …

Identity now available in SQL Data Warehouse

Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW) is a SQL-based, fully managed, petabyte-scale cloud solution for data warehousing. SQL DW is highly elastic, you can provision in minutes and scale capacity in seconds. You can scale compute and storage independently, allowing …

Open Source Security Podcast: Episode 53 – A plane isn’t like a car

Josh and Kurt talk about security through obscurity, airplanes, the FAA, the Windows source code leak, and chicken sandwiches.

Download Episode
<iframe frameborder=”no” height=”150″ scrolling=”no” src=”https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/330513530&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false&amp;visual=true” width=”100%”></iframe>

Show Notes

Event Hubs Capture (formerly Archive) is now Generally Available

Today we are announcing Azure Event Hubs Capture, released in public preview in September 2016 as Azure Event Hubs Archive, is now Generally Available.

This capability adds an important dimension to Azure Event Hubs, which is a highly …

Event Hubs Capture (formally Archive) is now Generally Available

Today we are announcing Azure Event Hubs Capture, released in public preview in September 2016 as Azure Event Hubs Archive, is now Generally Available.

This capability adds an important dimension to Azure Event Hubs, which is a highly …

Peter Czanik: Collecting Docker infrastructure logs using syslog-ng

Why use syslog-ng for collecting Docker logs? Docker already provides many drivers for logging, even for central log collection. On the other hand remote logging drivers arrive with a minimalist feature set and you are not able to use the

Text Analytics API now supports analyzing sentiment in 16 languages

You can now analyze the sentiment of your text in 12 new languages. With this release, you will now be able to get a more complete view of your customer’s voice with an understanding of how your customers feel about …

Fedora Magazine: Testing modules and containers with Modularity Testing Framework

Fedora Modularity is a project within Fedora with the goal of Building a modular operating system with multiple versions of components on different lifecycles. Fedora 26 features the first look of the modularity vision: the Fedora 26 Boltron Server. …

Ubuntu Insights: Build, Test, And Publish Snap Packages Using Snapcraft

This is a guest post by Ricardo Feliciano, Developer Evangelist at CircleCI. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please contact ubuntu-iot@canonical.com.

Snapcraft, the package management system fighting for its spot at the Linux table, re-imagines how you …

Creating enterprise grade BI models with Azure Analysis Services

In April we announced the general availability of Azure Analysis Services, which evolved from the proven analytics engine in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. The success of any modern data-driven organization requires that information is available at the fingertips of …

Azure Site Recovery now supports Ubuntu

Azure Site Recovery makes business continuity accessible for all your IT applications by letting you use Azure as your recovery site. This offers a solution where you only pay for the resources you consume, alleviating the need to spend on …

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 1: the bull checks on the rovers

1: the bull checks on the rovers…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 2: The ice rover’s establishing shot

2: The ice rover’s establishing shot…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 3: The ice cracks

3: The ice cracks…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 4: The crack grows

4: The crack grows…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 5: The rover falls through the ice

5: The rover falls through the ice…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 6: the bull gets a notification/ alert-AnsiBull then receives a…

6: the bull gets a notification/ alert

-AnsiBull then receives a status notification that saturn-rover-05 didn’t complete the playbook.…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 7: The bull tries to run the playbook again-He runs the playbook…

7: The bull tries to run the playbook again

-He runs the playbook again so that any systems that happened to fall in a ditch or get attacked by a Rigellian felinoid catches up on anything they missed. Rovers that …

Gain business insights using Power BI reports for Azure Backup

Azure Backup announced the support for alerting and monitoring in August 2016. Taking it a step further, we are excited to announce preview of Azure Backup Reports using Power BI. Azure Backup Reports provide the ability to gauge backup …

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 8: The rover is at the bottom of a ditch-This little rover…

8: The rover is at the bottom of a ditch

-This little rover (saturn-rover-05) fell in a ditch while receiving a mission update from a playbook run. It has temporarily lost its network connection. Oh no! What will happen?…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 9: The bull springs into action

9: The bull springs into action…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 10: Piloting

10: Piloting…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 11: Zoom out

11: Zoom out…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 12: Space ship

12: Space ship…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 13: Warp drive

13: Warp drive…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 14: Saturn

14: Saturn…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 15: The ship flying in

15: The ship flying in…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 16: Finding the rover

16: Finding the rover…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 17: Tractor beam picks up the rover

17: Tractor beam picks up the rover…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 18: The rover is dropped onto/ into the ship

18: The rover is dropped onto/ into the ship…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 19: The Bull carries the rover

19: The Bull carries the rover…

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 20: The Bull’s helmet pops back on

20: The Bull’s helmet pops back on…

Azure Redis Cache Geo-Replication in Public Preview

We are pleased to announce a public preview of the geo-replication functionality in the Azure Redis service. Geo-replication gives you the ability to link Redis caches across different Azure regions to form a primary-replica relationship. It provides an ingredient necessary …

Fedora Community Blog: Fedora 26 Upgrade Test Day 2017-06-30

Friday, 2017-06-30, is the Fedora 26 Upgrade Test Day! As part of this planned Change for Fedora 26, we need your help to test if everything runs smoothly!

Why Upgrade Test Day?

As we approach the Final Release date for …

Kubuntu General News: Kubuntu Artful Aardvark (17.10) Alpha 1

Artful Aardvark (17.10) Alpha 1 images are now available for testing so we can release the alpha on Thursday.

The Kubuntu team will be releasing 17.10 in October.

This is the first spin in preparation for the Alpha 1 pre-release. …

Eduardo Mayorga: FLISoL Bilwi event report

The free software community in Bilwi organized FLISoL (Latin American free software install fest) this year as the only city in Nicaragua holding this event on April 22nd (Masaya holding it a week later). I had previously got in touch …

The Fridge: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 511

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is issue #511 for the weeks of June 12 – 25, 2017, and the full version is available here.

In this issue we cover:

June 2017 Updates Released for Exchange Server

Microsoft has announced the latest quarterly updated for Exchange Server 2016 and 2013.

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 1: The drills don’t work2: The rover is sad3: The Bull checks…

1: The drills don’t work

2: The rover is sad

3: The Bull checks the screen

4: The Bull sees that other ice drilling rovers are having problems

5: The Bull finds this odd

6: The Bull finds the planets …

Angela Pagan (Outreachy): 1: Tractor beam picks up the rover2: The rover is dropped onto/…

1: Tractor beam picks up the rover

2: The rover is dropped onto/ into the ship

3: The Bull carries the rover

4: The Bull’s helmet pops back on

5: The Bull deploys a screen for the rover

6: The …

José Antonio Rey: The SeaGL 2017 Call for Papers is now open!

Are you from the US Northwest area? Have something cool to tell or show from the open source world? Then you should apply to give a talk at SeaGL this year!

SeaGL is a grassroots technical conference, taking place …

5 Data Sources That Turn APM Data Into Application Performance Analytics

Applications are critical to the success of any organization, but are you doing everything you can to optimize them?…

Complying with the Cybersecurity Executive Order

The much-anticipated Cybersecurity Executive Order was released a few weeks ago and as expected, garnered its share of praise and criticism…

Lennart Poettering: mkosi — A Tool for Generating OS Images

Introducing mkosi

After blogging about
I realized I never blogged about the
mkosi tool that combines nicely
with it. mkosi has been around for a while already, and its time to
make it a bit better known. mkosi stands …

New Updates to the Azure AD Power BI content pack!

Howdy folks,

Those of you who follow the blog will remember that in January we announced the integration of Azure Active Directory APIs with Power BI. This integration makes it easy to download pre-built content packs that give …

How Microsoft EMS can support you in your journey to EU GDPR compliance – Part 3

Granting and restricting access to data with Azure Active Directory

This blog post is the latest in our series about how EMS can support you in your journey to EU GDPR compliance. We last looked at how Azure Information

Ubuntu Insights: Ubuntu Foundations Development Summary – June 27, 2017


This newsletter is to provide a status update from the Ubuntu Foundations Team.  There will also be highlights provided for any interesting subjects the team may be working on.

If you would like to reach the Foundations team, you …

Daniel Pocock: How did the world ever work without Facebook?

Almost every day, somebody tells me there is no way they can survive without some social media like Facebook or Twitter. Otherwise mature adults fearful that without these dubious services, they would have no human contact ever again, they would