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Fedora Community Blog: Two Docs Workshops at Flock 2017

This year’s Flock saw two documentation workshops. One focused on reviving Fedora documentation as modular docs based on user stories. The other had participants helping to document Atomic Host features.

Reviving Fedora Documentation: Modular Docs Based on User Stories

At …

Windows Server at Ignite 2017

Microsoft Ignite 2017 is less than a week away, and your friendly neighborhood Windows Server team has put together a sumptuous buffet of learning opportunities for you. We have tons of Windows Server sessions available for your education and enjoyment.…

Serge Hallyn: Namespaced File Capabilities

Namespaced file capabilities

As of this past week, namespaced file capabilities are available in the upstream kernel. (Thanks to Eric Biederman for many review cycles and for the final pull request)


Some packages install binaries with file capabilities, and …

Major Hayden: Import RPM repository GPG keys from other keyservers temporarily

Keys, but not gpg keysI’ve been working through some patches to OpenStack-Ansible lately to optimize how we configure yum repositories in our deployments. During that work, I ran into some issues where was returning 500 errors for some requests to retrieve GPG keys.…

Fedora Community Blog: Flock 2017 – test, test, test

FLOCK 2017 – Testing Testing Testing

I’ve attended Flock for the first time this year. I’ve didn’t know what to expect there. We’ve had prepared workshop about Meta-Test-Family to present it there.

Stef’s presentation: Ansible testing invocation

I’ve attend as …

HashiConf 2017 Day 2 Keynote

This is a liveblog of the day 2 keynote (general session) at HashiConf 2017 in Austin, TX. Speakers today will (apparently, based on the schedule) include someone from Amazon Web Services and Kelsey Hightower from Google.

The keynote starts off …

Project Honolulu – A New Windows Server Management Experience for the Software Defined Datacenter (Part 1)

Hello! My name is Kevin Kelling and I’m a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft focused on Windows Server, virtualization, and Azure. Having worked with Windows Server since the NT 3.51 days, I’m excited to have the opportunity to share a …

Ubuntu Insights: Kernel Team Summary – September 20, 2017

September 13 through September 18

Development (Artful / 17.10)

Important upcoming dates:

 Final Beta - Sept 28 (~1 week away) Kernel Freeze - Oct 5 (~2 weeks away) Final Freeze - Oct 12 (~3 weeks away) Ubuntu 17.10 - 

Bastien Nocera: Bluetooth on Fedora: joypads and (more) security

It’s been a while since I posted about Fedora specific Bluetooth enhancements, and even longer that I posted about PlayStation controllers support.

Let’s start with the nice feature.

Dual-Shock 3 and 4 support

We’ve had support for Dual-Shock 3 …

Fedora Community Blog: Building a more Inclusive Open Source Community at Fedora.

<section class=”section section–body section–first”>

(This blog is about the Fedora Diversity Team and what we were up to this Flock 2017 held at Cape Cod, USA)

Apart from the keynotes, hack fests and some delicious sea food at this Flock,

Transitioning to SAP S/4HANA? Visit SUSE @ SAP TechEd Booth #305

Your SAP infrastructure is critical to your business operations and a transition to Linux is in your future. Open Source and Linux are key to the SAP strategy. A move to Linux doesn’t have to be complex. Do you need …

Didier Roche: Ubuntu GNOME Shell in Artful: Day 13

Now that GNOME 3.26 is released, available in Ubuntu artful, and final GNOME Shell UI is confirmed, it’s time to adapt our default user experience to it. Let’s discuss how we worked with dash to dock upstream on the transparency …

Fedora Community Blog: Flock 2017 – A Marketing talk about a new era to come.

I had two session at Flock this year, one done by me and another in support of Robert Mayr in the Mindshare one, if there were been any need for discussing.
Here I’m talking about my session: Marketing – tasks

Servicing Azure Stack using the Update resource provider

In today’s world, security is paramount. Microsoft is committed to ensuring your Azure Stack environment stays both secure and functional – as it delivers consistency to build and deploy applications using the same approach, APIs, DevOps tools, and portal, as …

James Page: OpenStack Charms @ Denver PTG

Last week, myself and a number of the OpenStack Charms team had the pleasure of attending the OpenStack Project Teams Gathering in Denver, Colorado.

The first two days of the PTG where dedicated to cross project discussions, with the last …

ABRT team: FAF in container

FAF is a framework for aggregating and analyzing reports of crashes and has never
been easier to deploy it.

Why deploying own FAF

Firstly, standard users probably do not want to deploy own FAF – FAF is here
to collect …

Fedora Community Blog: GSoC2017 Final — Migrate Plinth to Fedora Server

There is the summary about my work in Google Summer of Code during the last three months.

About Me

I’m Mandy (Mengying) Wang, I studied in Shanghai Institute of Technology major in Software Engineering, and I graduated two months ago. …

Ante Karamatić: Cvrčci



Veli kako se rezervacija imena rješava u 3 (tri) radna dana. Zahtjev je podnesen u utorak, 12.9. Danas je 20.9. Čuju se samo cvrčci.…

The Fridge: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter 519

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is issue #519 for the weeks of September 5 – 18, 2017, and the full version is available here.

In this issue we cover:

Bernardo C. Hermitaño Atencio: Cliente Heroku en Fedora 26, con git subir un proyecto java a la nube

¿Qué es Heroku?

Heroku es una plataforma en la nube como servicio. Incialmente fue hecho solo para soportar el lenguaje de programación Ruby, pero posteriormente se ha extendido el soporte a Java, Node.js, Scala, Clojure y Python y PHP.


En …

Kubuntu General News: Call for design: Artful Banner for website

Kubuntu 17.10 — code-named Artful Aardvark — will be released on October 19th, 2017. We need a new banner for the website, and invite artists and designers to submit designs to us based on the Plasma wallpaper and perhaps the …

Fedora Magazine: Improved multimedia support with Pipewire in Fedora 27

Pipewire — a new project of underlying Linux infrastructure to handle multimedia better — has just been officially launched. The project’s main goal is to improve the handling of both audio and video. Additionally, Pipewire introduces a security model …

Dell EMC Ready Systems for Splunk Launch at .conf2017

Dell EMC’s Cory Minton announces the launch of Dell EMC Ready Systems for Splunk and previews what’s in store for the Dell EMC team at .conf2017…

#splunkconf17 Preview: Get a Glimpse into the Future at the Splunk Innovation Labs at .conf2017

Get an exclusive chance to peek under the hood of Splunk product research and development in the Innovation Labs at .conf2017…

Sarup Banskota: Linting Ember code with Prettier, ESLint, and Ember Suave

This blogpost is work in progress.

It pays to keep your JavaScript well-formatted, and maintaining a code quality standard.

Outline of blogpost

Ubuntu Insights: Ubuntu Server Development Summary – 19 Sep 2017

Hello Ubuntu Server!

The purpose of this communication is to provide a status update and highlights for any interesting subjects from the Ubuntu Server Team. If you would like to reach the server team, you can find us at the …

Released: September 2017 Quarterly Exchange Updates

The latest set of Cumulative Updates for Exchange Server 2016 and Exchange Server 2013 are now available on the download center.  These releases include fixes to customer reported issues, all previously reported security/quality issues and updated functionality.

Minimum supported Forest

New System Center Virtual Machine Manager Analytics solution

In System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), administrators often monitor detailed job status to learn about the health and performance of operations and to diagnose any issues with the hosts or virtual machines.

To improve this experience, we are delighted …

Our top recommended Azure security and operations management sessions at Ignite 2017!

Microsoft Ignite 2017 is right around the corner, September 25–29 in Orlando, Florida. There are more than 1,537 sessions, but I wanted to share a list of sessions that will tell you everything about Azure security and operations management. Feel …

Ubuntu Insights: Results of the Ubuntu Desktop Applications Survey


This article originally appeared on Dustin Kirkland’s blog

I had the distinct honor to deliver the closing keynote of the UbuCon Europe conference in Paris a few weeks ago.  First off — what a beautiful conference and venue!  Kudos …

Building the Case for ARM HPC

Applications like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics are driving demands for massive improvements in capacity, capability, and efficiency to achieve exascale computing.  We see more and more interest in running high performance applications like these on ARM processor-based …

Azure HPC images – SLES 12 SP3

Hot on the heels of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3 release and well before Thanksgiving SLES 12 SP3 based HPC images with RDMA support are now available in Microsoft Azure. Lets get the upgrade story out of the …

State of the Beta – SUSE Enterprise Storage 5

Hi folks! We are close to the finalization of our SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 release, but our Public Beta Program is still opened! So you can always watch the following “An Introduction to SUSE Enterprise Storage 5” video or checkout …

Nathaniel McCallum: U2F Protocol Overview

U2F Protocol Overview

This document serves as an overview of the U2F multi-factor authentication
specifications as published by the FIDO Alliance. It does not replace
the offical specifications but seeks to provide a quick run-through of
how the protocol …

EMS and Zimperium integration ensures risk free devices before accessing corporate resources

Today were excited to announce the general availability of our integration with Zimperium, a leader in the mobile threat defense space. The integration between Zimperium and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security helps organizations defend against both known and unknown …

Fewer login prompts: The new “Keep me signed in” experience for Azure AD is in preview

Howdy folks,

A common request we get from our customers is to reduce the number of times users are prompted to sign into Azure AD. One way to reduce the frequency of prompts is to check the “Keep me …

Liveblog: Terraform Abstractions for Safety and Power

This is a liveblog for the HashiConf 2017 session titled “Terraform Abstractions for Safety and Power.” The speaker is Calvin French-Owen, Founder and co-CTO at Segment.

French-Owen starts by describing Segment, and providing a quick overview of Segment’s use of …

Ben Williams: F26-20170918 Updated Live isos released

The Fedora Respins SIG is pleased to announce the latest release of Updated 26 Live ISOs, carrying the 4.12.13-300 kernel and include the following CVEs:

– Fix CVE-2017-12154 (rhbz 1491224 1491231)

– Fix CVE-2017-12153 (rhbz 1491046 1491057)

– Fix CVE-2017-1000251

Christian F.K. Schaller: Launching Pipewire!

In quite a few blog posts I been referencing Pipewire our new Linux infrastructure piece to handle multimedia under Linux better. Well we are finally ready to formally launch pipewire as a project and have created a Pipewire website and …

Liveblog: Journey to the Cloud with Packer and Terraform

This is a liveblog of the HashiConf 2017 breakout session titled “Journey to the Cloud with Packer and Terraform,” presented by Nadeem Ahmad, a senior software developer at Box.

Ahmad starts with a quick review of Box, but (thankfully) transitions …

Ubuntu Insights: Webinar: OpenStack Pike is here, what’s new?

Sign up for our new webinar about the Canonical OpenStack Pike release. Join us to learn about the new features and how to upgrade from Ocata to Pike using OpenStack Charms.


Azure HDInsight training resources – Learn about big data using open source technologies

Azure HDInsight is the only fully-managed cloud Hadoop & Spark offering that gives you optimized open-source analytic clusters for Spark, Hive, MapReduce, HBase, Storm, Kafka, and Microsoft R Server backed by a 99.9% SLA. You can deploy these big data …

HashiConf 2017 Day 1 Keynote

This is a liveblog from the day 1 keynote (general session) at HashiConf 2017 in Austin, TX. I’m attending HashiConf this year as an “ordinary attendee” (not working or speaking), and so I’m looking forward to being able to actually …

Fedora Badges: New badge: F27 i18n Test Day Participant !

F27 i18n Test Day ParticipantYou helped test i18n features in Fedora 27! Thanks! …

More and more fun with Terraform on Azure

Just one month ago, we announced our increased investment in Terraform. It is amazing to see the progress we have already made together with HashiCorp and the Terraform community. In the last month alone, we added support for Azure …

Extending Microsoft Azure IP Advantage to China

This blog post was authored by Erich Andersen, Corporate Vice President and Chief IP Counsel, Microsoft Intellectual Property. 

Cloud-fueled digital transformation enables companies around the world to create new products and services, and engage with their customers at an unprecedented …

Sharing the “Top 10 things to know about vSAN” slides…

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I was asked by a few people to share the slides for our Top 10 vSAN session at VMworld. Instead of sending the slides around via email I figured I would simply throw it up on …

New Website Features

One of the reasons I migrated this site to Hugo a little over a month ago was that Hugo offered the ability to do things with the site that I couldn’t (easily) do with Jekyll (via GitHub Pages). Over the …

Watch VMworld session “Top 10 Things to Know about vSAN #STO1264BE” for free …

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I didn’t know, but apparently our session was a featured session at VMworld Europe. For those interested in our VMworld: Top 10 vSAN session there’s a “mini player” below of our European VMworld session. I somehow …

AWS’ Top Highlights and Must-Sees for #splunkconf17

Roger Barga of Amazon Web Services (AWS) previews the can’t-miss highlights for Splunk and AWS at .conf2017…

#splunkconf17 Preview: The Top 5 Splunk ITSI Sessions

Whether you’re new to Splunk ITSI or an experienced user, .conf2017 has just the session for you…

Delivering Improved Customer Experience Using Splunk

Improving CX is a growing areas of interest for Splunk customers. Learn about the latest iteration of our CX demo, showcasing at .conf2017…

Ankur Sinha “FranciscoD”: Writing LaTeX well in Vim

Vim is a great text editor if one takes a bit of time to learn how to use it properly. There’s quite enough documentation on how to use Vim correctly, and efficiently so I shan’t cover that here. vimtutor is …

Kubuntu General News: Plasma 5.11 beta available in unofficial PPA for testing on Artful

Adventurous users and developers running the Artful development release can now also test the beta version of Plasma 5.11. This is experimental and can possibly kill kittens!

Bug reports on this beta go to, not to Launchpad.

The …

Dustin Kirkland: Results of the Ubuntu Desktop Applications Survey

I had the distinct honor to deliver the closing keynote of the UbuCon Europe conference in Paris a few weeks ago.  First off — what a beautiful conference and venue!  Kudos to the organizers who really put together a …

Adam Miller: AnsibleFest SF 2017

AnsibleFest was amazing, it always is. This has been my Third one and it’s
always one that I look forward to attending. The Ansible Events Team does an
absolutely stellar job of putting things together and I’m extremely happy I

Getting down to digital business at Hitachi NEXT

Where can you go to learn about better outcomes, better business, and a better society that is enhanced by solutions SUSE helps to power? Why at Hitachi NEXT! It’s the premier event for the digital revolution and the place where …

Bodhi: Bodhi 2.11.0 released


  • Bodhi now batches non-urgent updates together for less frequent churn. There is a new
    bodhi-dequeue-stable CLI that is intended be added to cron that looks for batched updates and
    moves them to stable


  • Improved bugtracker

Sachin Kamath: Arch Arch and away! What’s with the Arch warriors?

Arch Arch and away! What's with the Arch warriors?

Foo : Hey, I just installed Arch and I can’t connect to the internet.

Bar : Hey, my DE won’t boot in Arch. Help, please.

FooBar : Man, I installed Arch and I can’t find sudo. Will I die?

I …

Ubuntu Insights: MAAS 2.3.0 Alpha 3 release!

This article originally appeared on Andres Rodriguez’s blog

MAAS 2.3.0 (alpha3)

New Features & Improvements

Hardware Testing (backend only)

MAAS has now introduced an improved hardware testing framework. This new framework allows MAAS to test individual components of a single …

Meet the Docs @SUSECON

SUSEans know how to celebrate. We demonstrated this once again, last Saturday, during our 25th birthday party in Nuremberg. Not sure how many companies can pride themselves of having their own rock music band, their own beer, and their own …

Ubuntu Insights: LXD: Weekly Status #15


This week has been pretty quiet as far as upstream changes since half the team was attending the Open Source Summity, the Linux Plumbers Conference and the Linux Security Summit in Los Angeles, California.

We got to talk with …

Adam Miller: Flock to Fedora 2017

Flock to Fedora 2017

Every year, the Fedora User and Developer community puts on an conference
entitled “Flock to Fedora” or “Flock” for short. This year was no different
and the event was hosted in lovely Cape Cod,

Marching into the future of the Azure AD admin experience: retiring the Azure classic portal

Howdy folks,

Since we announced General Availability of the new Azure AD admin center in May, it’s been used by over 800,000 users from 500,000 organizations in almost every country in the world. The new admin center is the …

Active Directory Access Control List – Attacks and Defense

Recently there has been a lot of attention and a few different blog posts (references at the end of the post) regarding the use of Discretionary Access Control List (DACL) for privilege escalation in a Domain environment. This potential attack …

Securing Privileged Access for the AD Admin – Part 2

Hello everyone, my name is still David Loder, and I’m still PFE out of Detroit, Michigan. Hopefully you’ve read Securing Privileged Access for the AD Admin – Part 1. If not, go ahead. We’ll wait for you. Now …

Andres Rodriguez: MAAS 2.3.0 Alpha 3 release!

MAAS 2.3.0 (alpha3)

New Features & Improvements

Hardware Testing (backend only)

MAAS has now introduced an improved hardware testing framework. This new framework allows MAAS to test individual components of a single machine, as well as providing better feedback to …

Simplifying OPC UA security for everyone

At the IoT Expo in Taipei, we were excited to announce our contribution of an open-source, cross-platform OPC UA Global Discovery Server (GDS) to the OPC Foundation. As we have done with our UA-.Net Standard cross-platform reference stack contribution

Brian “bex” Exelbierd: Slice of Cake #19

A slice of cake

In the last bunch of weeks as FCAIC I1:

  • Failed to post my slice of cake on 21 August 2017. If I had, it would have mentioned that I:
    • fought with a printer …

From 0 to “Hit Publish!”: How We Create SUSE Documentation

The following article has been contributed by Stefan Knorr, Technical Writer at the SUSE Documentation Team.     On various occasions over the past year and a half my colleagues Meike, Dima, and Carla have already mentioned the not-so-secret sauce …

Some Q&A About the Migration to Hugo

As you may already know, I recently completed the migration of this site from GitHub Pages (generated using Jekyll) to S3/CloudFront and Hugo for static site generation. Since then, I’ve talked with a few readers who had additional questions …

Pravin Satpute: Flock 2017: How to make your application into a Flatpak?

“How to make your application into a Flatpak?” was on the first day and delivered by Owen Taylor.

Its around 1 and half year we are observing development of Flatpak’s and i am sure this is going to be one

Fedora Magazine: Running the Fedora kernel regression tests

When a new kernel is released, users often want to know if it’s usable. The kernel has a set of test cases that can be run to help validate it. These tests are run automatically on every successful build. They …

Ask us anything about the new Azure Log Analytics language

Join our first AMA session on Thursday, September 21, 2017 from 9:00 AM-10:00 AM Pacific Time. Add the event to your calendar!

Last month, we announced a new query language for Azure Log Analytics, offering advanced search and analytics capabilities, …

EDNS Client Subnet support in Azure Traffic Manager

Over the past few months, we announced the support for Geographic Traffic Routing, Fast failover, and TCP probing using Azure Traffic Manager. It is our constant endeavor to add new capabilities that add value to our customers. Today, …

Adam Samalik: Building Modules for Fedora 27

Let me start with a wrong presumption that you have everything set up – you are a packager who knows what they want to achieve, you have a dist-git repository created, you have all the tooling installed. And of course, …

David Tomaschik: Getting Started in Offensive Security

Please note that this post, like all of those on my blog, represents only my
views, and not those of my employer. Nothing in here implies official hiring
policy or requirements.

I’m not going to pretend that this article is …

Jona Azizaj: Flock to Fedora: Fedora Contributor Conference

Flock is where you meet with other members of the Fedora community who share whatever your interest is, whether that’s the kernel or the cloud, hardware or UX design. Flock 2017 took place in Hyannis, Massachusetts, on 29 August – …

Splunk: The Heart of a Startup Powered by 3,000 Splunkers

Doug Merritt celebrates a significant Splunk milestone as we welcome our 3000th employee…

Till Maas: Put Everything on Fire and Make Friends with the Robots


From 29 August to 1 September 2017 Fedora contributors from all over the world flocked to Hyannis, Massachusetts to meet and work on improving Fedora. I was lucky to be part of it.

Our leader Matthew Miller opened the conference …

Devan Goodwin: Experimenting with a Personal Fedora Atomic and OpenShift Origin Server

Last weekend I decided to play around with my old workstation that’s just been sitting around powered off for years now, mostly replaced by a RaspBerry Pi3 which handles most of my home network and storage. The workstation is from …

Fedora Community Blog: Test Days: Internationalization (i18n) features for Fedora 27

All this week, we will be testing for  i18n features in Fedora 27. Those are as follows:

Raphaël Hertzog: Freexian’s report about Debian Long Term Support, August 2017

A Debian LTS logoLike each month, here comes a report about the work of paid contributors to Debian LTS.

Individual reports

In August, about 189 work hours have been dispatched among 12 paid contributors. Their reports are available:

Charles-Antoine Couret: Bilan mensuel de la documentation francophone de, numéro 2

Pour rappel, vous pouvez consulter l’état du travail en cours sur la

À cause des vacances et d’autres histoires personnelles, j’ai loupé le bilan
d’août et j’ai moins contribué que la période juin-juillet. En cette rentrée,
faisons quand …

Rajeesh K Nambiar: Switching Raspbian to Pixel desktop

Official Raspbian images based on Debian Stretch by default has the Pixel desktop environment and will login new users to it. But if you have had a Raspbian installation with another DE (such as LXDE), here are the steps to …

Peter Robinson: The state of open source accelerated graphics on ARM devices

I’ve been meaning to write about the state of accelerated open source graphics options for a while now to give an update on a blog post I wrote over 5 years ago in January 2012, before the Raspberry Pi even

Charles-Antoine Couret: Petit bilan de Rawhide, épisode 5, septembre 2017

Je n’ai pas écrit de bilan de Rawhide en juin, juillet et août, l’approche
de la version finale de Fedora 26 a amené trop peu de changements visibles pour
que ce soit pertinent de les noter au départ puis j’ai …

Daniel Vrátil: Randa Report Part 2

Let me start by annoying you with some pictures:

<3 Randa

The misty mountains below which the coders dwell.

We totally had snow in September. Well, not in Randa, but in the valley next to it, but still. SNOW!

And …

Matthias Clasen: Fun with fonts

I had the opportunity to spend some time in Montreal last week to meet with some lovely font designers and typophiles around the ATypI conference.

At the conference, variable fonts celebrated their first birthday. This is a new feature in …

Suzanne Hillman (Outreachy): Website and portfolio design

I’ve been slowly moving my website from the official pelican-based version to an in-progress Wix-based version. I learned interesting things around current web development while using the Pelican version, but I found it difficult to implement the kinds of …

Jens Petersen: Internationalization Track at Flock 2017

In the afternoon of Thursday 31st August we had the i18n/l10n/g11n Track at Flock 2017 in Hyannis, MA. We were in the second largest conference room next to the main auditorium, competing for attendance against other sessions like the Modularity …

Suzanne Hillman (Outreachy): UX Hiring Process investigation ongoing

Hi folks!

I’ve been meeting, finding, and interviewing folks at various points in their UX careers. It’s been fascinating, and reminds me that I’m _much_ better at networking when I have a reason to talk to people.

I’ve not yet …

Eduardo Mayorga: Flock 2017 event report

This year I had the opportunity to attend Flock to Fedora for the first time. I had previously attended two FUDCons in the LATAM region, so this was a new experience for me as this conference only takes place in …

Adam Williamson: Flock 2017: trip report

Better late than never, here’s my report from Flock 2017!

Thanks to my excellent foresight in the areas of ‘being white’ and ‘being Canadian’ I had no particular trouble getting through security / immigration, which was nice. The venue …

Recently Published KB articles and Support Content 9-15-2017

We have recently published or updated the following support content for Configuration Manager.

How-To or Troubleshooting

10082 Troubleshooting PXE boot issues in Configuration Manager

  • Online Troubleshooting Guide that helps administrators diagnose and resolve PXE boot failures in System Center 2012

Ubuntu Insights: Ubuntu Desktop Weekly Update: September 15, 2017

A fairly short update this week as we’re in bug fixing mode ahead of final beta in a couple of weeks.


This week saw the release of GNOME 3.26, and we’re ready to ship it in 17.10. This will …

Microsoft Azure announces new capabilities and partnerships at IBC 2017

Over the past months, we have aggressively added innovative new capabilities in Azure to enable content owners and partners to prepare, store, protect, distribute and monetize media in the cloud. We are thrilled to see media & cable organizations choosing …

David Carlos: Discussion about the greenwave tool.


Because of my work on Google Summer of Code this year, I was invited to attend
to the Fedora Contributor Conference (Flock) as volunteer, helping the
organization staff to record some sessions and writing about what was discussed
on …

Parag Nemade: Flock 2017

This was my second Flock conference. The last Flock I attended was in 2014. This time it happened in CapeCod, MA, US from 29th August to 1st September. This Flock was also a nice experience.

This time there was no …

David Carlos: Discussion about the future of fedmsg.


Because of my work on Google Summer of Code this year, I was invited to attend
to the Fedora Contributor Conference (Flock) as volunteer, helping the
organization staff to record some sessions and writing about what was discussed
on …