November 2017

Fedora Community Blog: What I have found interesting in Fedora during the week 44 of 2017

My highlights from the past week:

Fedora 27 Server Beta & Fedora 27 Final are No-Go

On Thursday we met together with representatives of QA, FESCo, Release Engineering and few more people on so called Go/No-Go meeting. The goal …

Take a look at SUSE Cloud Application Platform. What do you see?

Today, at the OpenStack Summit in Sydney Australia, we launched SUSE Cloud Application Platform, a modern application delivery platform used by software development and operations teams to streamline lifecycle management of traditional and new cloud native applications.  This launch follows …

Nowa platforma SUSE Cloud Application przyspieszy procesy DevOps i transformację IT w firmach

SUSE Cloud Application Platform łączy w jedną całość dwie dynamicznie rozwijane, innowacyjne technologie ze świata open source: Kubernetes i Cloud Foundry. To jedyne na rynku rozwiązanie zawierające skonteneryzowaną dystrybucję Cloud Foundry i zarazem pierwsze oparte na sprawdzonym, komercyjnym systemie Linux, …

Fedora Magazine: Using Visual Studio Code on Fedora

A text editor is one of the most important tools for any programmer. Visual Studio Code is an open source text editor specifically designed for editing source code. Visual Studio Code was released by Microsoft in April 2015 and later …

Office 365 Groups vs. Shared Mailboxes

I was recently asked for my thoughts on using Office 365 Groups instead of shared mailboxes. Groups in Office 365 have many of the features that Exchange Online shared mailboxes do.

  • Multiple users can access a Group mailbox, just as

How to combine OpenStack with Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking or SDN has been around for a while and it is a very important piece in the architecture if you have advanced networking use cases which require complex network automation without increasing the cost dramatically. As you …

Kubernetes on OpenStack: The Technical Details

This is a liveblog of the OpenStack Summit session titled “Kubernetes on OpenStack: The Technical Details”. The speaker is Angus Lees from Bitnami. This is listed as an Advanced session, so I’m hoping we’ll get into some real depth in …

Issues with OpenStack That Are Not OpenStack Issues

This is a liveblog of OpenStack Summit session on Monday afternoon titled “Issues with OpenStack that are not OpenStack Issues”. The speaker for the session is Sven Michels. The premise of the session, as I understand it, is to discuss …

To K8s or Not to K8s Your OpenStack Control Plane

This is a liveblog of the Monday afternoon OpenStack Summit session titled “To K8s or Not to K8s Your OpenStack Control Plane”. The speaker is Robert Starmer of Kumulus Technologies. This session is listed as a Beginner-level session, so I’m …

OpenStack Summit Sydney Day 1 Keynote

This is a liveblog of the day 1 keynote here at the OpenStack Summit in Sydney, Australia. I think this is my third or fourth trip to Sydney, and this is the first time I’ve run into inclement weather; it’s …

Stephen Kelly: Embracing Modern CMake

I spoke at the ACCU conference in April 2017 on the topic of Embracing Modern CMake. The talk was very well attended and received, but was unfortunately not recorded at the event. In September I gave the talk again …

Costales: Podcast Ubuntu y otras hierbas S02E01: Ubuntu 17.10 y distros 100% libres

¡Comenzamos la 2ª temporada de Ubuntu y otras hierbas con un episodio muy largo!

Francisco MolineroFrancisco Javier TerueloFernando Lanero  y Marcos Costalescharlamos sobre la nueva versión 17.10 de Ubuntu y sobre las distros 100%

Ding-Yi Chen: Wii Remote for Fedora

I wish to play Ur-Quan Masters(UQM) with my kids in Fedora. The installation of UQM is simple, just dnf -y install uqm.

Then I use following steps to connect Wii to Fedora:

1. Install packages

sudo dnf -y 

Julita Inca Chiroque: What I learned from @apistrat 2017 in Portland

As it was announced in the schedule, the Open API Initiative and the Linux Foundation hosted an event in the Hilton Portland Downtown Hotel to gather API leaders of remarkable tech titans such as Red Hat, IBM, Microsoft, Intel,

mythcat: News: Tor Browser – version 7.5a7 .

The famous browser named Tor come with the new version 7.5a7 and is now available for our macOS and Linux users.
This browser can be used with Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, or GNU/Linux and come for both 32/64-bit OS.
The …

Kubuntu General News: Plasma 5.8.8 LTS and Krita now in Xenial Backports PPA

The 8th bugfix update (5.8.8) of the Plasma 5.8 LTS series is now available for users of Kubuntu Xenial Xerus 16.04 to install via our Backports PPA. This update also includes an update for Krita to

To update, add …

Kubuntu General News: Join us for Kubuntu Cafe live tonight! – 4th November – 9pm-11pm UTC

Join us for our /dev/random format online community ‘unconference’. Hosted by our very own ‘Kubuntu Musketeers’


9 pm- 11 pm UTC.

This open format show provides a huge variety including. Discussion, Tech Guests, Tutorials, Reviews, Projects, Hacks, …

Lubuntu Blog: LXTerminal 0.3.1 released

This is an security and bugfix update. However, there is also minor feature added to enhance usability. It will be integrated into Lubuntu very soon. Changes since previous release 0.3.0 (see git log for details): Fix CVE-2016-10369, a Denial-of-Service vulnerability. …

Q4 2017 Skype and Teams UG Meetings

The next round of quarterly Skype and Teams Users Group meetings has been announced and scheduled starting this month.


Latest News

Please welcome members to our newest group in Tampa Bay, Florida.  Also note that the group has expanded …

Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo: S10E35 – Berserk Miniature Need – Ubuntu Podcast

This week we’ve been to Freenode #live and done some painting. We have a selection of killer news where everyone is killing something, except for SCO who are back from the dead.

It’s Season Ten Episode Thirty-Five of the Ubuntu …

Adam Williamson: Linux kernel 4.13 and SMB protocol version fun

There’s been a rather interesting change in the Linux kernel recently, which may affect you if you’re mounting network drives using SMB (the Windows native protocol, occasionally also called CIFS).

There have been several versions of the protocol – Wikipedia …

Jono Bacon: Joining Moltin Advisory Board

I am delighted to share that I have accepted an offer to join the Moltin advisory board.

Moltin provides APIs to make it easy to create highly branded eCommerce experiences that go beyond the bog-standard website. Their philosophy is that …

Fernando Espinoza: ¿Sus datos se venden?

, Google tiene rastreadores en más de 2,2 millones de sitios web y 1 millón de aplicaciones . Recopilan información sobre ti mientras navegas por la red y la usas para compilar tus “Configuraciones de anuncios”. Esto es realmente solo …

The making of “Bringing Salt to the Enterprise”

Today at the annual SaltConf conference, Don Vosburg and I presented some great news: The United Federation of Planets has chosen SUSE Manager on their Constitution Class vessels to protect them from software attacks by the Borg. Last night we …

Raphaël Hertzog: My Free Software Activities in October 2017

My monthly report covers a large part of what I have been doing in the free software world. I write it for my donors (thanks to them!) but also for the wider Debian community because it can give ideas to …

Fedora Magazine: 4 cool new projects to try in COPR for November

COPR is a collection of personal repositories for software that isn’t carried in Fedora. Some software doesn’t conform to standards that allow easy packaging. Or it may not meet other Fedora standards, despite being free and open source. COPR can …

Stephen Michael Kellat: Looking at November 4th

There is a communications exercise this weekend that is being held by the United States Department of Defense involving the amateur radio community. That is to say, ham radio operators are doing a drill with the military in the United …

Kevin Fenzi: Lenovo Yoga 920: The overdetailed Fedora / Linux review

Having just purchased a Lenovo Yoga 920, I thought I would offer the following (probibly too detailed) review for any interested parties.

History / Background:

This is now the third yoga laptop I have owned. First a yoga 2 pro …

PowerShell: Listing Azure AD/Office 365 User Accounts with Directory Sync Status

User accounts for Office 365 are stored in Azure Active Directory. The accounts will either be cloud identities, or synced identities. Cloud identities are accounts that exist only in Office 365/Azure AD, whereas synced identities are those that exist in …

You Can’t ‘Hyde’ from Dr. Levenshtein When You Use URL Toolbox

The URL Toolbox is a powerful Splunk security app that not only allows you to parse domains but also allows you to analyze Splunk fields for Shannon entropy and Levenshtein distance…

Cybersecurity Framework: A Pragmatic Path to Bolstering Security

Splunker Ashok Sankar shines the spotlight on the security challenges faced within the public sector…

SCinet: Securing the Super Computing Highway at SC17 Yet Again!

Splunker Ashok Sankar explains what makes the SC17 conference different from any other and offers a preview of what to expect…

Fabio Alessandro Locati: SSH with Yubikey

Authentication factors One of the common way to create more secure authentication in systems is adding more “factors”, creating in this way a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). The idea behind MFA is that there are many different ways to authenticate a …

PowerShell Constrained Language Mode

PowerShell Constrained Language Mode

What is PowerShell Constrained Language?

PowerShell Constrained Language is a language mode of PowerShell designed to support day-to-day administrative tasks, yet restrict access to sensitive language elements that can be used to invoke arbitrary Windows APIs.

A Sublime Text Keymap for Bracketeer

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a fan of Sublime Text (ST). I’ve evaluated other editors, like Atom, but still find that ST offers the right blend of performance, functionality, customizability, and cross-platform support. One nice …

Richard Hughes: Quirks in fwupd as key files

In my previous blog post I hinted at you just have to add one line to a data file to add support for new AVR32 microcontrollers and this blog entry should give a few more details.

A few minutes ago …

Alexys Jacob: Gentoo Linux on DELL XPS 13 9365 and 9360

Since I received some positive feedback about my previous DELL XPS 9350 post, I am writing this summary about my recent experience in installing Gentoo Linux on a DELL XPS 13 9365.

This installation notes goals:

  • UEFI boot

Major Hayden: Changes in RHEL 7 Security Technical Implementation Guide Version 1, Release 3

ansible-hardening logoThe latest release of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) was published last week. This release is Version 1, Release 3, and it contains four main changes:

  • V-77819 – Multifactor authentication is required for graphical

Ubuntu Insights: Ubuntu Foundations Development Summary: November 2, 2017

This newsletter is to provide a status update from the Ubuntu Foundations Team. There will also be highlights provided for any interesting subjects the team may be working on. If you would like to reach the Foundations team, you can …

Lépést tartunk az adatmennyiség növekedésével?

A világszerte termelt és tárolt adatok mennyisége rohamosan nő. 2014-ben ez az információhalmaz 4,4 zettabájtot tett ki, akkor hat éven belül tízszeres növekedést jósolt az IDC, azaz 2020-ra 44 ZB-ra becsüli ezt a számot. Az IDG Group kutatása szerint fél …

The right cloud platform can help ISVs meet escalating customer expectations

This post was authored by Lynda Stadmueller, Vice President, Cloud Services, Frost & Sullivan

As a software provider, are you confident you are keeping pace with your customers’ digital transformation initiatives? Frost & Sullivan recently joined a Microsoft-sponsored webinar to …

Salih Emin: ucaresystem core 4.2 released with bugfix for Linux Mint and EOL upgrades for Ubuntu

Just a quick update, I have pushed a new version of ucaresystem core to the PPA. The new release fixes a bug in Linux Mint and also adds a new feature – EOL Upgrades As you may already know the …

Ubuntu Insights: Security Team Weekly Summary: November 2, 2017

The Security Team weekly reports are intended to be very short summaries of the Security Team’s weekly activities.

If you would like to reach the Security Team, you can find us at the #ubuntu-hardened channel on FreeNode. Alternatively, you …

Azure Managed Application in Azure Marketplace: Under the hood

Azure Managed Applications enable Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners, and enterprise IT teams to deliver fully managed, turnkey cloud solutions that can be made available through the Azure Marketplace or through the enterprise service catalog …

Managed Applications are now Generally Available in the Azure Marketplace

I am excited to announce the general availability of Managed Applications in the Azure Marketplace. Managed Applications, an Azure unique offering, enables you to deploy entire applications and empower your partner to fully manage and maintain the application in your …

Getting started with the new Azure IoT Suite Remote Monitoring preconfigured solution

Last month, we announced the work we have been doing to create the next generation of Azure IoT Suite preconfigured solutions. It is our pleasure to announce that you can now deploy the updated version of the Remote Monitoring solution …

Detecting in-memory attacks with Sysmon and Azure Security Center

In-memory attacks are on the rise and attracting increasing attention, as reported, for example, in these posts, SentinelOne: In memory attacks loom large, leave little trace, Hunting in memory, and Hunting for in-memory .NET attacks.

These attacks …

Ubuntu Insights: PT Biznet Gio Nusantara Launches NEO Cloud with Canonical BootStack

PT Biznet Gio Nusantara Launches NEO Cloud – a Leading Cloud Computing Platform for App Developers – running on Ubuntu OpenStack on Canonical’s BootStack managed cloud. 

NEO Cloud is built on OpenStack technology, the first cloud computing service in Indonesia …

Peter Czanik: Sending logs from Logstash to syslog-ng

Logstash adds a new syslog header to log messages before forwarding them to a syslog server. In the case of syslog messages, it is problematic as there will be two syslog headers in the message. Using syslog-ng for everything logging

Ubuntu Insights: Launching Fingbox: from idea to distribution in under a year

If you’re using a network security and scanning tool at home then there is a strong chance you have adopted Fing – the free network scanner for iOS and Android with over 25 million downloads. Following the success of their …

New offers in Azure Marketplace – September 2017

In September, 40 great new cloud offerings were published to Azure Marketplace. Check ‘em out!


Cinegy Air Cloud Pack: Output in SD, HD, and Ultra HD (4K). Run up to 16 channels in a box or virtual machine. Learn more

Missed Azure OpenDev 10.2017? No worries. Watch the videos on-demand now!

Last Wednesday, October 25, I hosted Microsoft’s second Azure OpenDev with Seth Juarez, and we loved the community support and response! Azure OpenDev is a live technical series featuring community leaders demonstrating how to utilize open source technologies with Azure. …

Jono Bacon: Video: ‘Smart Incentives’ Keynote Available

Last week I keynoted the Open Source Summit in Prague (I was also running the new Open Community Conference there too).

While there I delivered one of the keynotes on the first day which focused on:

  • Why incentives are important

Julita Inca Chiroque: Proposal of the program “Peru Rumbo al GSoC 2018”

We are going to select 12 Peruvian students students to offer a special technical training during six Sundays during November and December 2017 to apply to the next round of the GSoC through the GNOME and the Fedora project, thanks …

How to create a VM template for PAW

Continuing with the PAW series, after you followed the previous blog to build the PAW device, you can now deploy PAW VMs on it. There are two types of VMs you can create:

  • Desktop VM: this is a standard VM,

Ross Gammon: Installing Ubuntu Studio alongside Windows 10

I recently installed Ubuntu Studio 17.10 Artful Aardvark on a spare USB disk for my son. His computer had Windows 10, but there was no space inside the case for an extra internal disk. I selected the option during the …

Simos Xenitellis: How to run Docker in a LXD container

We are running Ubuntu 16.04 and LXD 2.18 (from the lxd-stable PPA). Let’s get Docker (docker-ce) to run in a container!

General instructions on running Docker (, from the Ubuntu repositories) in an LXD container …

Open Source Security Podcast: Episode 68 – Ruining the Internet

Josh and Kurt talk about Facebook listening to your microphone, Google Chrome certificate pinning, CAs, 152 ways to stay safe, and Kubernetes.

<iframe allowfullscreen=”” height=”90″ mozallowfullscreen=”” msallowfullscreen=”” oallowfullscreen=”” scrolling=”no” src=”” style=”border: none;” webkitallowfullscreen=”” width=”100%”></iframe>

Show Notes

Object Storage Survey for Windows

Hi folks, Ned here again. We have released a new survey for on-premises object storage on Windows. We want to better understand your specific object storage workloads in the datacenter and design these products to meet your needs. The survey …

vSphere and iSCSI storage best practices

Advertise here with BSA

And here’s the next paper I updated. This time it is the iSCSI storage best practices for vSphere. It seems that we have now overhauled most of the core storage white papers. You can find them …

Microsoft Recommending Non-Expiring Passwords to Office 365 Customers

My Office 365 admin portal displayed a new recommendation when I logged in last week. Microsoft is recommending that user account passwords be set to never expire. My tenant is currently set to an expiry period of 90 days, whereas …

Ubuntu Insights: Canonical joins GNOME Foundation Advisory Board

As you’re no doubt aware, the default Ubuntu desktop is now running GNOME Shell following the 17.10 release and so we naturally have a great deal of interest in the plans and direction of the GNOME project.  The best way

Enable Azure CDN directly from Azure Cloud Services portal extension

When using Azure to deliver your business scenarios, you can add the content delivery network (CDN) to your solution for better performance, scalability and security. Whether it's for mobile app delivery, digital marketing websites, videos or live streaming an event, …

ABRT team: Report problems from unpackaged executables to FAF server

Until this moment it was not able to report problems from unpackaged executables
because no package information can be obtained from those executables, even a
component name which is very important for problem reporting.
In this article is described how …

Azure is certified to meet strict UK Government Cyber Essentials PLUS requirements

Cyber Essentials PLUSIn our continuous efforts to knock down potential customer blockers to leveraging Microsoft Azure’s expanding offerings available in the UK, I am happy to announce that Azure has attained the UK’s Cyber Essentials PLUS badge and meets the requirements outlined …

Fabian Deutsch: Updating to Fedora 26

Fedora 26 Wallpaper

Finally – after the presentation at KVM Forum 2017 – I took the opportunity and updated my primary laptop to Fedora 26.

I used gnome-software for it, and everything went eventless, which is surprising, as I use luks, EFI, and …

Fedora Magazine: Try Audacious in Fedora for Audio Control

Audacious is a simple yet advanced audio player. It focuses on audio quality and supports a spectrum of codecs including FLAC and Vorbis. Though lightweight by design, Audacious provides in-app options like choosing a sound system (PulseAudio, ALSA, …

Robert Ancell: Retiring my Ubuntu Phone after 1000 days

With some sadness I recently replaced my Ubuntu Phone with a Nexus 5. It lasted me just over 1000 days (almost three years) as my everyday phone, and I last wrote about it at the 500 mark.

Even though

Bryan Quigley: Would you crowdfund a $500 Ubuntu “open to the core” laptop?

UPDATE 2 (11/28) – We’re 77% of the way to 1000.  I guesstimate we would have raised at least $300,000 if this we’re a live campaign.

UPDATE – I’ve removed the silly US restriction.  I know there are more options

Oli Warner: Please be careful with my daughter’s biometrics

Schools often aren’t the most clued up when it comes to understanding privacy and security, but the companies and service providers that that work with them —and take on all sorts of child data— really need to watch what they’re …