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Startup update: Runecast

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A while ago I introduced Runecast on my blog. I have known these guys for a while and this week I had to pleasure to be briefed on their new release: Runecast 1.7. The big …

Microsoft’s Spectre/Meltdown Guidance for Exchange Server and Office 365 Customers

Spectre and Meltdown are attacks against previously undisclosed vulnerabilities in modern processors (CPUs). The names “Spectre” and “Meltdown” were chosen because they exploit vulnerabilities in “speculative execution” (a technique that allows processors to work really fast) and “melt security boundaries”.…

Happy 10th Birthday Yellow-Bricks.com

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Just wanted to share with all of you the fact that this week marks the 10th anniversary of Yellow-Bricks.com. Crazy thinking back about how it all started, and what it turned in to. Thanks everyone for …

SUSE Wins Software Defined Infrastructure Product of the Year!

Every year the SVC Awards celebrate excellence in storage, cloud and digitilization, recognizing the achievements of end-users, channel partners and vendors.  The annual event was held last week and SUSE was proud to win the Software Defined Infrastructure Product of …

Microsoft and SAP join forces for SAP HANA customers on Linux

On Monday, Microsoft and SAP announced integrated offerings to provide enterprise customers better options in the cloud (press release). According to Microsoft around 100.000 companies are using solutions from Microsoft as well as from SAP. The expanded partnership offers SAP …

No more “hurry up and wait” with SAP HANA deployments in the Public Cloud

Recently I was returning from an international business trip, and got a pleasant surprise when I got off of the plane at New York’s JFK airport. There was an airline agent waiting to give me an “Express Connection” pass. Now …

Sharing the #TechConfessions video

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At VMworld I sat down with Amy Lewis and had my Tech Confession. Where/When/How did I have my Software Defined  world.

I would also highly recommend the tech confession by William Lam and Alan Renouf, …

The Data Deluge

We keep hearing everywhere about the growth that the storage industry is seeing.  But where is this growth coming from?  Are the drivers of this growth still what they were a few years ago?  And what’s how’s the industry responding …

SUSE Linux dla aplikacji SAP dostępny w chmurze IBM Cloud

Od lipca br. system operacyjny SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications jest dostępny u wszystkich trzech głównych dostawców chmury publicznej: Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) oraz Microsoft Azure. Do końca tego roku zostanie udostępniony na platformie IBM …

The SUSE team Zooms “Down Under” for OpenStack Summit 2017

The world runs on open infrastructure and twice annually, over 1,000 companies from  60 different countries come together to run live demos, share OpenStack use cases, host free workshops and trainings and most importantly…network and meet new people.  What event …

Dwa nowe systemy SUSE do dostarczania aplikacji oparte technologiach kontenerów, Cloud Foundry i Kubernetes

Kontenery dają nam niespotykaną dotąd łatwość wdrażania aplikacji, przenoszenia pomiędzy różnymi środowiskami (wirtualnymi, lokalnie/w chmurze), skalowania i administrowania nimi. Dlatego SUSE wprowadza na rynek nową wersję platformy Container as a Service (2.0) do zarządzania kontenerami i aplikacjami w kontenerach. To …

What’s new with Azure Active Directory @ Ignite 2017

Howdy folks!

What an amazing week! Its the third day of Ignite and its been awesome getting to meet so many of you in person, especially when we have so much news to share!

Leading up to the …

Oprogramowanie SUSE kluczowym elementem platformy SAP Cloud

Współpraca pomiędzy firmami SAP i SUSE zacieśniła się jeszcze bardziej. Do stworzenia platformy SAP Cloud  zostało wykorzystane oprogramowanie SUSE OpenStack Cloud oraz SUSE Enterprise Storage. Z jednej strony jest to owoc wieloletniego sojuszu pomiędzy firmami skoncentrowanego do tej pory na …

Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes: paired perfectly in SUSE Cloud Application Platform

If you were paying attention at SUSECON today, you may have heard something about SUSE Cloud Application Platform, a new offering for software development and operations teams that aim to speed delivery of traditional and new cloud native applications.  SUSE …

Nagrania zajęć i prezentacje z Letniej Akademii SUSE

Za nami druga edycja Letniej Akademii SUSE. Podczas zajęć pokazywaliśmy najbardziej interesujące funkcje naszych rozwiązań, ale także jak zacząć z nich korzystać. Mówiliśmy m.in. o konteneryzacji (Kubernetes/MicroOS/Salt), wdrażaniu chmur (OpenStack) i pamięci masowej zdefiniowanej programowo (Ceph), zapewnieniu ciągłości działania (Live …

Managed Service Identities and Azure AD: Helping Azure developers keep their secrets secret!

Howdy folks,

Just a quick note today! I am excited to announce a preview of a new integration between Azure and Azure Active Directory that is designed to make life easier for developers. It’s called Managed Service Identity, …

Hybrid Cloud vs. Multi-Cloud vs. Mixed-Cloud: What’s the Difference?

Albert Einstein reportedly said, “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” When it comes to hybrid cloud, it appears many of us would struggle to meet that lofty standard.   According to a recent research study …

New public preview: Azure AD Domain Services support for Azure Resource Manager virtual networks

Howdy folks,

The #1 reason customers email (and tweet and in-message) me is to ask us to add support for Azure Resource Manager based virtual networks to Azure AD Domain Services.

So I’m excited to announce the public

Examine Public Cloud: SAP HANA on SUSE runs on AWS, MS Azure, and Google Cloud Engine!

The conversation around public cloud adoption has significantly matured in recent years. More and more enterprise customers are realizing the benefits of moving their core business applications to the cloud. Companies that move further into the cloud are finding new …

The new Azure AD Signin Experience is now in Public Preview

Howdy folks,

We’re continuing to make progress on converging the Azure AD and Microsoft account identity systems. One of the big steps on this journey is to redesign the sign-in UI so both systems look consistent. Today I’m happy …

New Public Preview: Azure AD Domain Services admin UX in the new Azure Portal

Howdy folks,

I’m excited to announce the public preview of Azure AD Domain Services in the new Azure portal. You can now create new managed AD domains and perform administrative tasks like configuring secure LDAP using the Azure …

We’ve made the Azure AD App Proxy even better!

Howdy folks,

I’ve blogged before about how the Azure AD Application Proxy is our “hidden gem”. Many of our customers don’t even know it exists, but once they discover it they LOVE it! It’s not uncommon for customers to …

User provisioning from Workday to Azure AD is now in Public Preview!

Howdy folks,

We have some great news to share today! Customers can now use the public preview of Azure Active Directory’s cloud-based user provisioning service to orchestrate user provisioning from Workday to on-premises Azure Active Directory, Windows Server Active …

Virtually Speaking Podcast: VMW Cloud on AWS

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I was on vacation the past two weeks, yesterday I got a message from Frank Denneman and Pete Flecha if I had some time available. I was working in my backyard so dropped my tools and …

Azure AD and third-party apps: It’s a bigger deal than you might think!

Howdy folks,

Today I’ve got a new batch of data to share that I hope many of you will find interesting and useful.

Those of you who follow the blog know that Azure AD works well with a …

New Enhancements to the Azure AD Pass Through Authentication Preview are live!

Howdy folks,

If you’re a follower of this blog you’ll probably recall that we announced pass-through authentication and seamless single sign-on in Azure AD at the end of last year. These features make it easy and fast to deliver …

Azure AD B2B Collaboration is Generally Available!

Howdy folks,

This is a blog post I’ve been as eager to publish as I suspect you’ve been eager to read it. I’m excited to let you know that Azure AD business-to-business (B2B) collaboration is generally available worldwide!

vSAN needs 3 fault domains

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I have been having discussions with various customers about all sorts of highly available vSAN environments. Now that vSAN has been available for a couple of years customers are starting to become more and more comfortable …

How to Secure an ARM-based Windows Virtual Machine RDP access in Azure


Hi, Mark Rowe here, and I am the creator of Augmented Living, a Developer/Architect for Microsoft’s Modern Applications Solution Center as a senior consultant, and a long-time Microsoft fanboy and blogger.

One of the most hit aspects of security …

Proactively Responding to #CloudBleed with Splunk


What is CloudBleed?

Cloudbleed is a serious flaw in the Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN) discovered by Google Project Zero security researcher Tavis Ormany. This vulnerability means that Cloudflare leaked data stored in memory in response to specifically-formed requests. The …

SC 2016 DPM UR2: Protect Microsoft 2016 workloads to Cloud using Azure Backup

System Center Data Protection Manager (SC DPM) is an Enterprise backup solution, providing App Consistent backups to workloads as SQL, SharePoint, Exchange and File Servers, running in Physical or Virtualized Environments. In addition, you can also backup your Hyper-V and …

#AzureAD Connect Health: Monitoring for Windows Server AD DS and Sync Error Reports are GA + simplified licensing

Howdy folks,

It’s a big day for Azure AD! I’m happy to let you know that:

  • Azure AD Connect Health for Windows Server AD DS is now GA!
  • Azure AD Connect Health Sync

#AzureAD now supports Federated SSO and Provisioning with Slack

Howdy folks,

We have a very cool integration to announce today: Azure AD now supports both automated user provisioning and federated single sign-on to Slack!

With this integration, businesses can now use Azure AD to

Announcing the public preview of Azure AD group-based license management for Office 365 (and more)!

Howdy folks,

One of the toprequests we hear fromAzure AD and Office 365is forrichertoolsto manage licenses for Microsoft Online Serviceslike Office 365 and the Enterprise Mobility + Security. Admins need easier tools to control who gets a product license …

Splunk AWS Quick Start: Deploy Your AWS Splunk Environment In Minutes

If I told you that a fully operational Splunk Enterprise deployment in AWS could be yours in a matter of minutes, would you be interested? Sit down, relax, and I’ll tell you all you need to know to have a …

Azure AD News: Azure MFA cloud based protection for on-premises VPNs is now in public preview!

Howdy folks,

One of the top requests we hear from customers is to be able to secure their on-premises VPNs using Azure AD and our cloud-based MFA service. Today we’re announcing the public preview of NPS Extension support

How to easily stream AWS CloudWatch Logs to Splunk

At AWS re:Invent 2016, Splunk released several AWS Lambda blueprints to help you stream logs, events and alerts from more than 15 AWS services into Splunk to gain enhanced critical security and operational insights into your AWS infrastructure & applications. …

Azure AD B2B: New updates make cross-business collab easy

Howdy folks,

I’ve been looking forward to writing this blog post for a while!

Those of you who follow the blog know that Azure AD B2B collaboration is a set of capabilities that makes it easy

New enhanced access controls in Azure AD: Tenant Restrictions is now Generally Available!

Howdy folks,

Today I’m happy to announce that our new Tenant Restrictions capability is Generally Available! We built Tenant Restrictions with extensive input from our customer in finance, healthcare and pharmaceutical, industries which have relatively strict information access and …

Identity Admins rejoice: Azure Active Directory meets Power BI!

Howdy folks,

We’ve heard from many of our largest customers that it’s critically important to them to have easy access to information that helps them understand how their employees and partners are using Azure Active Directory. That understanding

It’s cloudy in London. Monitoring workloads in the AWS London Region with Splunk.


Hi everyone, Happy New Year (is it too late to be still saying that?) I’m currently sat in Splunk’s London office just behind Paddington train station and to no ones surprise it’s cloudy. Clouds aren’t anything new to London, but …

Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s3 e11 / Season 3 Outtakes

Today Season 3 starts to wrap up with the first in a pair of outtakes episodes its all the best stuff we couldnt fit into the other shows, but its just too good to leave on the cutting room floor.…

Partnership Update:  Microsoft & Citrix

Ever since Microsoft and Citrix announced a significant reinvigoration to our long-standing partnership at Citrix Synergy in May, things have been very busy. At todays Citrix Summit event, Scott Guthrie (the EVP of Microsofts Cloud + Enterprise organization and my …

Check Out What ConfigMgr Customers were Doing During the 2016 Holiday Break

Happy New Year!!! I hope all of you had the opportunity to get some time to relax and spend time with your loved ones.

Earlier this week, as we all came back from a little time off, the first …

New video for Cloud Management Gateway

We have created a 10-minute video to demonstrate the basics of deploying and configuring the new Cloud Management Gateway feature. You can watch the video here:

For more informationabout the Cloud Management Gateway, see the feature documentation at

Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s3 e8 / Mark Russinovich, CTO, Azure

After a great first half of our discussion before the holiday break, Mark Russinovich (CTO, Microsoft Azure) and I spend the second part of our drive talking about his successful side-career as a novelist, the amazing rate of public …

More enhancements to the #AzureAD Admin experience in the new Azure Portal!

Howdy folks,

Since our most August 2016 preview release of our new admin experience in the new Azure portalwe’ve seen a ton of use and received a ton of feedback. Thank you to all of you who are

Lunch Break / s3 e5 / Justin Kershaw, CIO & CVP, Cargill

In this episode I kick off my two-part conversation with Justin Kershaw, the CIO & CVP at Cargill the largest publicly held company in the U.S.

At any given time, Cargill can have up to 20% of the …

Storage capacity for swap files and TPS disabled

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A while ago (2014) I wrote an article on TPS being disabled by default in future release. (Read KB 2080735 and 2097593 for more info) I described why VMware made this change from a security perspective …

Introducing #AzureAD Pass-Through Authentication and Seamless Single Sign-on

Howdy folks,

Todays news might well be our biggest news of the year. Azure AD Pass-Through Authentication and Seamless Single Sign-on are now both in public preview!

When we talk to organizations about how they want to integrate

Head in the Cloud? Maximize your Operational Intelligence with Even Deeper Integration Between Splunk and AWS

Even more exciting news from re:invent!

In case you weren’t watching the live-stream of the event, you may have missed the keynote announcement this morning about the new service called AWS Personal Health.

Splunk’s integration with AWS …

AWS Operational, Security and Cost Management Insights Starting at $3/day

LGO-Splunk-Light-CMYK-KThanksgiving is over and we now enter the gift-giving season and Splunk has something that you can both be thankful for as well as a little gift for you (just make sure you read to the end).  First, what you …

Announcing new AWS Lambda Blueprints for Splunk

Splunk and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are continuously collaborating to drive customer success by leveraging both the agility of AWS, and the visibility provided by Splunk. To support that goal, we’re happy to announce new AWS Lambda blueprints to easily

SC 2016 DPM Capacity Planner

SC 2016 DPM announced Modern Backup Storage. This changes the way data is backed up and stored. Modern Backup Storage delivers 50% Storage Savings and 3x faster by leveraging latest Windows Server 2016 technologies as ReFS Block Cloning, VHDX, …

The New and Improved Splunk App for AWS 5.0

reinvent-logo-2x-centeredOver the past few years, I have had the opportunity to talk to so many customers using Splunk to manage their AWS environment. I have always heard the same thing- give us more! I was at AWS re:Invent 2013, when …

New #AzureAD Access Panel is now Generally Available!

Howdy folks,

Many hundreds of thousands of you have used the our new Access Panel (MyApps) while it was in public previewto launch your Azure AD connected applications, change memberships in groups, and quickly access your security settings.

Shift and Lift; Light or Heavy Duty?

Datacenter Transformation – The markets you or your customer operate in are demanding you to stretch your data center capabilities to the max. You have to be able to respond faster than ever before. You need to assure high quality …

95% of passengers through security in 5 mins or less. Gatwick Airport lands passenger experience & operational efficiency with IoT, analytics and Splunk Cloud.


We’ve all been there, stuck at an airport, flight delayed, watching the departures board, trying to find somewhere to sit down and wanting to set off to where you’re going or just get home. Gatwick Airport, the busiest single runway …

Shadow IT leaves you vulnerable – Learn how to get control now

Shadow IT is here and its a threat to your organization.What is Shadow IT? Its where your employees use unapproved devices, SaaS apps, or any other type of technology – without your consent- for getting their work done. As the …

Cloud, Automation and Continuous Delivery to Headline DevOps Day at AWS re:Invent 2016

Learn all about Splunk at AWS re:Invent 2016.

reinvent-logo-2x-centeredDevOps, cloud, automation, continuous delivery and integration fans, it is going to be a busy week at AWS re:Invent2016! Splunk will be there, and we invite you to join us …

Introducing the Security Investigation Guided Online Experience

Are you looking to get started with Splunk for security? Or perhaps looking for how-to guides to help your Tier 1 analysts investigate security alerts?

Lots of our customers are, so we’re here to help.

Introducing the first in a …

Now Available: Update 1610 for System Center Configuration Manager

Happy Friday! We are delighted to announce that we have released version 1610 for the Current Branch (CB) of System Center Configuration Manager that includes some great new features and product enhancements.

We continue to see a strong adoption …

Analytics, SIEM, Nerve Center, Lean SOC to Headline Security Day at AWS re:Invent 2016

reinvent-logo-2x-centeredIt is a special time of the year for the Splunk Security Team as we are few weeks away from AWS re:Invent 2016.  It will be an electrifying few days and we look forward to interacting with the AWS …

Microsoft Authenticator for Windows Phone is Generally Available!

Howdy folks,

Back in July we blogged about our plan to combine the two different authenticator apps from Microsoft into one new app, Microsoft Authenticator. Since then, we’ve released the iOS and Android versions of the application and updated …

Countdown to AWS re:Invent – Security Requires Visibility

I first heard the phrase ‘Security Requires Visibility’ during the Introduction to AWS Security session at the 2015 AWS SF Summit.  I must say, it immediately resonated.

Over the past 3 years at Splunk, I’ve spoken with customers such as …

#AzureAD: We’ve just turned on detailed auditing and sign-in logs in the new Azure portal!

Howdy folks,

As you know, we turned on the public preview of the Azure AD admin experience with the new Azure portal just a couple months ago. At the time the preview went live, I promised we’d keep

How to: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop on Amazon Web Services Elastic Map Reduce.

**Please note: The following is an example approach outlining a functional Splunk Analytics for Hadoop environment running on AWS EMR. Please talk to your local Splunk team to determine the best architecture for you.

Using Amazon EMR and Splunk Analytics

Countdown to AWS re:Invent — Looking for Real-time AWS Cost Management?

reinvent-logo-2x-centeredThe conclusion of .conf2016 means one thing for the cloud team here at Splunk –  time to prepare for AWS re:Invent. We’re just a month away, so let me welcome you to the first post of a re:Invent preview …

Introducing DPM 2016 Modern Backup Storage


With DPM 2016, we announced Modern Backup Storage (MBS), delivering 50% storage savings, 3x faster backups, and efficient backup storage utilization with Workload Aware Storage.

Data Protection Manager can backup key workloads such as SQL, SharePoint, Exchange, file servers, …

Announcing SC DPM 2016 with Modern Backup Storage

System Center Data Protection Manager (SCDPM) is well recognized in the Industry for protection of Microsoft workloads and environments. It protects key Microsoft workloads such as SQL, SharePoint and Exchange as well as virtual machines running on Hyper-V or VMware.…

vSphere 6.5 what’s new – DRS

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Most of us have been using DRS for the longest time. To be honest, not much has changed over the past years, sure there were some tweaks and minor changes but nothing huge. In 6.5 however …

#AzureAD Domain Services is now GA! Lift and shift to the cloud just got WAY easier!

Howdy folks,

The news today is just SOOOO cool. Azure AD Domain Services is now Generally Available!

If you follow the blog, you already know about how this unique capability makes moving legacy applications into the cloud WAY

Configurable token lifetimes in #AzureAD are now Public Preview!

Howdy folks,

Im excited to announce that we are giving you more control than ever before over core behaviors that directly affect both the security and experience of your users.

Weve turned on the public preview of the

Hyper-Converged is here, but what is next?

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Last week I was talking to a customer and they posed some interesting questions. What excites me in IT (why I work for VMware) and what is next for hyper-converged? I thought they were interesting questions …

Managing your Ingestion with the search bar

Many of our cloud customers have asked me how to better manage their data, e.g. determine volume by sourcetype, or volume by forwarder.  This is typically available via the Distributed Management Console, but in some cases, a person’s role prevents …

Configuring PingIdentity PingFederate (Ping) Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Single Sign On (SSO) with Splunk Cloud

no_passwordsThere are now a few blog postings on SAML configurations for Splunk> Cloud. For Okta , Azure and ADFS. Ping is similar in complexity to the Identity Provider (IdP) ADFS, and can be a bit tricky depending on your …

You Bet Your Sweet SaaS, AWS will be at #splunkconf16!

The following is a guest blog post by David Potes, AWS Solutions Architect:

SCL-Splunk-conf2016-preview-BigDataIdeas_twtr1-440x220The end of September is one of my favorite times of the year, and not just because it’s finally Summer in San Francisco. It’s the time we …

Configuring Microsoft’s Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Single Sign On (SSO) with Splunk Cloud

samlThe title is definitely a mouth full…. It is easier to say “Configure ADFS SAML SSO with Splunk> Cloud“, that’s for sure, but we did get all of the definitions of acronyms down in one shot….

I’ve put …

Configuring Microsoft’s Azure Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Single Sign On (SSO) with Splunk Cloud

samlRecently there was a blog posting that described how to configure a Splunk Cloud (version 6.4.x) instance with Okta SAML 2.0. A bit of background on SAML was provided on why Single Sign On seems to be such the …

Talk to Splunk with Amazon Alexa

What do you think the future experience of interacting with your data is going to be like ? Is it going to be logging in by way of a user interface and then using your mouse/keyboard/gestures to view and interact …

Configuring Okta Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Single Sign On (SSO) with Splunk Cloud

post-itAs organizations grow, the number of applications and tools utilized to perform a job and support the business of the organization inevitably grows. It is not unheard of for enterprises to literally have hundreds of on premise, SAAS and Cloud …

An Industry Roadmap: From storage to data management #STO7903 by @xtosk

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This is the session I have been waiting for, I had it very high on my “must see” list together with the session presented by Christian Dickmann earlier today. Not because it happened to be …

Adding a Deployment Server / Forwarder Management to a new or existing Splunk Cloud (or Splunk Enterprise) Deployment

As part of the Cloud Adoption team, I am working with Splunk Cloud (and Splunk Enterprise) customers on a daily basis and I get asked questions quite frequently about how to optimize, and effectively reduce, administration overhead. This becomes …

Living Large: The Challenge of Storing Video, Graphics, and other “LARGE Data”

Everyone’s talking about “big data” – I’m even hearing about “small data” – but those of you who deal in video, audio, and graphics are in the throes of a new challenge:  large data. Big Data vs Large Data It’s …

Rubrik landed new funding round and announced version 3.0

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After having gone through all holiday email it is now time to go over some of the briefings. The Rubrik briefing caught my eye as it had some big news in there. First of all, they …

Towards Zero Downtime for Your Digital Architecture at SAP TechEd

In the digital age, downtime isn’t an option. Whether planned downtime for SAP HANA or the unpredictable downtime from failures, your business is incurring loss. In either case, you are under pressure to supply more uptime in the data center …

Handling HTTP Event Collector (HEC) Content-Length too large errors without pulling your hair out

Once you start using HEC, you want to send it more and more data, as you do your payloads are going to increase in size, especially if you start batching. Unfortunately as soon as you exceed a request payload size …

Secure Splunk Web in Five Minutes Using Let’s Encrypt

Configuring SSL for your public facing Splunk instance is time-consuming, expensive and essential in today’s digital environment. Whether you choose to go with a cloud provider or self-hosting; RTFM-ing how to generate the keys correctly and configuring how Splunk should …

23 more apps now work with #AzureAD!

Howdy folks,

I’m happy to get to share the news with you that we added 23 new apps into the Azure AD App Gallery in July!

Here’s a quick rundown on all the new apps we added.…

#AzureAD Conditional Access Policies for iOS, Android and Windows are in Preview!

Howdy folks,

Today, I am super excited to announce the Preview of device-based policies for Azure AD Conditional Access!

These policies help you stay in control of your organization’s data by restricting access to enterprise managed

#AzureAD Conditional Access: Per app MFA and Network Location based policies are GA!


Great news today! The Azure AD Conditional Access per app MFA and and Network Location policies are GA! We have seen incredible demand for these capabilities from customers so I’m completely stoked that they are ready for broad production …

Introducing Splunk App for Akamai v1.1

I am excited to announce the availability of Splunk App for Akamai v1.1. The updated app and associated add-on are available on Splunkbase.com and delivers new features and functionality to collect and analyze events from the Akamai Cloud Monitor

Microsoft Authenticator – Coming August 15th!

Howdy folks,

Today we’re trying something different and sharing news with you about an upcoming release. I really prefer to announce new capabilities when you can actually try them out for yourself! But in this case, a lot of largest …

Introducing #AzureAD Connect Health for Windows Server AD

Howdy folks,

We’ve just turned on the preview of Azure AD Connect Health for Windows Server AD. This new feature of Azure AD Premium gives IT admins the ability to monitor the health and performance of their on-premises Windows Server …

OpenStack 6 years on: thriving, expanding and maturing

This week marks the 6th anniversary for OpenStack cloud software. What began in July 2010 with a first design summit in Austin, Texas, has since grown into the clear leader for open source cloud solutions. Industry analyst 451 Research sees …

Docker? Amazon ECS? Splunk? How they now all seamlessly work together

Today the Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) team announced they have added the Splunk native logging driver to the newest version of the ECS agent. This means it’s now easier to implement a comprehensive monitoring solution for running your containers

Microsoft Support for iOS and Android

Three years ago I was asked the same question pretty frequently – by both customers and media.  At the time, it was a legitimate question, but today it comes up very rarely.  The question was:  “Is Microsoft committed to supporting …

#AzureAD Conditional Access for #Office365 Exchange & SharePoint preview!


I’m super excited to announce preview of Azure AD Conditional Access policies for Exchange and SharePoint Online is now available. These policies can be used to require multi-factor authentication (MFA) or block access based on network location. We’ve heard …

AWS Agility + Splunk Visibility = Customer Success

If you’ve ever wondered how Splunk and AWS work together to drive customer success in the cloud, hear it directly from AWS CEO Andy Jassy and Splunk CEO Doug Merritt in this new 4-minute video:

What’s best is that this …

The 4-minute mile challenge and securely moving to the Cloud

roger-bannister_YaXSaAs a runner, I am always fascinated by Dr. Roger Bannister’s achievement of shattering the 4-minute barrier to run a mile. Even though, I was not around to witness this landmark feat, the 4-minute barrier holds a special significance.

Splunk …