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How to Secure an ARM-based Windows Virtual Machine RDP access in Azure


Hi, Mark Rowe here, and I am the creator of Augmented Living, a Developer/Architect for Microsoft’s Modern Applications Solution Center as a senior consultant, and a long-time Microsoft fanboy and blogger.

One of the most hit aspects of security …

Optimizing Linux Performance on Hyper-V

Hi all, this is Kevin Kelling and I’m a PFE with Microsoft focused on both Hyper-V and Azure.  Today I’d like to talk about the performance of Linux workloads on both Hyper-V and Azure. Every now and then we are …

New Hypervisor Top-Level Functional Specification

At the end of last week we published version 5.0 of the Hypervisor Top Level Functional Specification.  This version details the state of the hypervisor in Windows Server 2016.  You can download it from here:


Be warned – this …

How to give us feedback

We love hearing from you.  So what’s the best way to give us feedback?

The best way to report an issue or give a quick suggestion is the Feedback Hub on Windows 10 (Windows key + F to open it …

Overlay Network Driver with Support for Docker Swarm Mode Now Available to Windows Insiders on Windows 10

Windows 10 Insiders can now take advantage of overlay networking and Docker swarm mode  to manage containerized applications in both single-host and clustering scenarios.

Containers are a rapidly growing technology, and as they evolve so must the technologies that support …

Hyper-V vs. KVM for OpenStack performance

During the development of Windows Server 2016 we spent a lot of time working on delivering the best core performance as a cloud platform.  At the same time the Cloudbase team have spent a lot of time optimizing the performance …

Editing VMConnect session settings

When you connect to a virtual machine in enhanced session mode, you are asked to choose some settings for display and local resources. We recently introduced dynamic resizing in Virtual Machine Connection, allowing you to change resolution after connecting,

Live Migration via Constrained Delegation with Kerberos in Windows Server 2016


Many Hyper-V customers have run into new challenges when trying to use constrained delegation with Kerberos to Live Migrate VMs in Windows Server 2016.  When attempting to migrate, they would see errors with messages like “no credentials are available …

Introducing VMConnect dynamic resize

Starting in the latest Insider’s build, you can resize the display for a session in Virtual Machine Connection just by dragging the corner of the window.


When you connect to a VM, you’ll still see the normal options which determine …

No more “out of memory” errors for Windows Phone emulators in Windows 10 (unless you’re really out of memory)

For those of you who run emulators in Visual Studio, you may be familiar with an annoying error:


It periodically pops up even when task manager reports enough available memory – this is especially true for machines with less than …

Introducing the Host Compute Service (HCS)


This post introduces a low level container management API in Hyper-V called the Host Compute Service (HCS).  It tells the story behind its creation, and links to a few open source projects that make it easier to use.


Bulk changing virtual hard disk path

I received this in email today:

“I have XCOPY’d a bunch of VHDX files from one volume to another on WS2016.    What’s the easiest / fastest way to fix up the paths for the VM’s???”

The answer to this is …

Build an Inexpensive Learning Machine

This blog post brought to you by eighteen year veteran Microsoft Premier Field Engineer David Morgan.

Goal of this Post

In this post, I’ll be showing you one method you can build out an entire environment that you can use

A closer look at VM Quick Create

Author: Andy Atkinson

In the last Insiders build, we introduced Quick Create to quickly create virtual machines with less configuration (see blog).


We’re trying a few things to make it easier to set up a virtual machine, such as …

PSA – Flickering Laptop Screen with Hyper-V? Update your drivers.

Last year I went out and got an Alienware 13 laptop.  Later I got the Alienware Amplifier and put a NVidia 1070 GPU in it.  I have been really happy with this setup – as it is a powerful portable …

Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s3 e11 / Season 3 Outtakes

Today Season 3 starts to wrap up with the first in a pair of outtakes episodes its all the best stuff we couldnt fit into the other shows, but its just too good to leave on the cutting room floor.…

Cool new things for Hyper-V on Windows 10

Insider build 15002 is now available for Fast Ring windows insiders. In it, you’ll find a few improvements in Hyper-V for Windows 10 users:

  • A new virtual machine Quick Create experience (work in progress).
  • More aggressive memory allocation for starting

Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s3 e8 / Mark Russinovich, CTO, Azure

After a great first half of our discussion before the holiday break, Mark Russinovich (CTO, Microsoft Azure) and I spend the second part of our drive talking about his successful side-career as a novelist, the amazing rate of public …

Creating a remote PowerShell Direct shortcut

So here is the scenario:

  1. I have a remote Hyper-V server running Nano Server. 
  2. I have PowerShell remoting setup to manage this system (details on how to do this here: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server-docs/get-started/manage-nano-server).
  3. I then have a number of Nano Server

Delay when opening VM Connect on disconnected systems

When I am building Hyper-V systems for big public demonstrations – I often build them with zero Internet connectivity.  The reason why I do this is because I never know what level of internet connection I am going to have …

Allowing an additional host to run a VM with virtual TPM

Recently a colleague got a new PC and asked me how he could migrate his existing virtual machines to his new system.  Because he had enabled a virtual Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on these VMs, he wasn’t sure how to …

Waiting for VMs to restart in a complex configuration script with PowerShell Direct

Have you ever tried to automate the setup of a complex environment including the base OS, AD, SQL, Hyper-V and other components?

For my demo at Ignite 2016 I did just that.  I would like to share a few things …

Best Practice Analyzer for Hyper-V

This blog post brought to you by eighteen year veteran Microsoft Premier Field Engineer David Morgan.

Goal of this Post

Today I’d like to impart to you how you can collect a few of what Microsoft thinks are important best

AskPFEPlat Ask Me Anything-September 2016

Hi everyone! Brandon Wilson here with you today with the entire AskPFEPlat team, not to talk with you about a specific subject, but to open the floor to questions for our outstanding audience across the globe. We write and write, …

Windows Server scalability and more!

This post was authored by Jeff Woolsey, Principal Program Manager, Windows Server.

We are about a month away from Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta and we are eager to see you and provide a first-class tour of Windows Server, System …

Fixing Network Adapter settings on Checkpoints

Here is an interesting question from the Hyper-V forums:


In essence – the situation is that the user has:

  1. Created a virtual machine
  2. Connected it to a virtual switch
  3. Taken a checkpoint
  4. Deleted and recreated the virtual switch

Now, …

Microsoft a leader in Gartner x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure 2016 Magic Quadrant

We’re incredibly excited to share that for the sixth year in a row, Microsoft was named a Leader by Gartner in the x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure Magic Quadrant. We are honored by this continued recognition because it validates the …

Passing through devices to Hyper-V VMs by using discrete device assignment

Summary: Learn how to attach a device from your Hyper-V host to your VM by using a new feature of Windows Server 2016.

Today we have a guest blogger, Rudolf Vesely, who has blogged here on previous occasions. Here …

Which Linux Integration Services should I use in my Linux VMs?

If you run Linux guest VMs on Hyper-V, you may wonder about how to get the “best” Linux Integration Services (LIS) for your Linux distribution and usage scenario.  Getting the “best” is a bit nuanced, so this blog post …

Hyper-V UI updates for High DPI

In the latest Windows Insider builds (14371 and later) we have made some strategic changes to address Hyper-V’s usability on High DPI systems.  But before I get into the details of the changes – one quick thing to talk about:…

Network Device Naming in Hyper-V

In Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 we have introduced a set of new capabilities around managing virtual network adapters.  One of the really handy ones is network device naming.  This allows you to easily differentiate between different network adapters …

Lock the VM Console when you close Hyper-V UI

There is a little feature that we snuck into Hyper-V recently that is very handy for our security minded users out there.  Normally, if you connect to a virtual machine with Remote Desktop or Enhanced Mode VM Connect, when you …

Adding yourself to the Hyper-V Administrators group with PowerShell

I am currently setting up a couple of new computers – and thought I would share this little tidbit of information.  As I have  blogged in the past, you do not need to run “As Administrator” to use Hyper-V PowerShell

Windows NAT (WinNAT) — Capabilities and limitations

Author: Jason Messer


How many devices (e.g. laptops, smart phones, tablets, DVRs, etc.) do you have at home which connect to the internet? Each of these devices probably has an IP address assigned to it, but did you know that …

What Happened to the “NAT” VMSwitch?

Author: Jason Messer

Beginning in Windows Server Technical Preview 3, our users noticed a new Hyper-V Virtual Switch Type – “NAT” – which was introduced to simplify the process of connecting Windows containers to the host using a private network. …

FREE EBOOK: Introducing Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview


The Introducing Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview book from Microsoft Press is now available. You can download it for FREE and it’s available in both standard and mobile PDF formats. This is a great way for you and our …

A hybrid approach to IT automation in Microsoft Operations Management Suite

Last week, we began looking at IT automation capabilities in Operations Management Suite (OMS) as part of the OMS tour blog series. Today, we will look at how automation can work across a hybrid environment. IT automation can make a …

Secure Administrative Workstations

Hi All. This Jerry Devore a Midwest PFE back after a long hiatus from blogging.

If you thumb through the owner’s manual of your car you will find a maintenance schedule section.  There you can see how often the manufacture …

Disable VMConsoleSupport???

In Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016 we have two, rather odd, new PowerShell cmdlets:


These cmdlets respectively remove and add the video adapter, mouse and keyboard from the virtual machine (note – they only work on a …

Move VMware, AWS, Hyper-V and physical servers to Azure with Azure Site Recovery

By contributing author, Abhishek Hemrajani, Senior Program Manager, Cloud + Enterprise

Last week, as part of our continuing series on the capabilities of Operations Management Suite (OMS), we looked at how OMS and Azure Site Recovery (ASR) reduce disaster recovery

Setting up Linux Operating System Clusters on Hyper-V (3 of 3)

Author: Dexuan Cui

Link to Part 2: Setting up Linux Operating System Clusters on Hyper-V

Link t0 Part 1: Setting up Linux Operating System Clusters on Hyper-V



This blog post is the third in a series of three that …

DSC for the PFE: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Solution with Configuration Data

Hi Folks,

Platforms PFE Dan Cuomo here to chat about Desired State Configuration, AKA “the hotness.” DSC has a few value propositions and is different than general PowerShell scripting in that it’s declarative, idempotent, and remediable in nature. If …

Building your own integration service for Hyper-V

Over time many people have asked me how they can extend Hyper-V integration services.  There are all sorts of reasons for wanting to do this – maybe you want to build your own automation system, or maybe you want to …

Setting up Linux Operating System Clusters on Hyper-V (2 of 3)

Author: Dexuan Cui

Link t0 Part 1 Setting up Linux Operating System Clusters on Hyper-V


This blog post is the second in a series of three that walks through setting up Linux operating system clusters on Hyper-V.  The walk-through …

DSC for the PFE: A Training Montage

Hi Folks,

Platforms PFE Dan Cuomo here to have a heart-to-heart about Desired State Configuration; a platform so valuable (how valuable is it, you ask?) if DSC had a utility belt, I’d label it a “borderline superhero.” Then again, if …

New Hyper-V Survey

We want to hear from you regarding shielded VMs and troubleshooting!

When you have about 5 to 10 minutes, please take this short survey. The survey will close on February 23rd 2016, please submit your answers by then. It …

Changes to Remote Management using Hyper-V Manager

In Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 we have made some significant changes to the way Hyper-V Manager connects to a remote system.  From an end-user perspective there are a couple of new things that we now support:

  • You can

Mailbag – Holiday 2015 Edition

Season’s Greetings from the AskPFEPlat PFEs!

A solid Mailbag today with items from Paul Bergson, Rick Bergman, Matthew Walker, Mike Kline and Mike Hildebrand. Also an AskPFEPlat alum – Mark Morowczynski – has started making Permanent Waves over in Azure …

Microsoft Loves Linux Deep Dive #12: Summary of Running and Managing Linux and FreeBSD in Your Datacenter

This post was written by Michael Kelley, Principal PM Manager, Cloud + Enterprise


This blog post is #12 in a series of technical posts about running and managing Linux and FreeBSD in your on-premises datacenter.  Previous posts in the …

Discrete Device Assignment — GPUs

This is the third post in a four part series.  My previous two blog posts talked about Discrete Device Assignment (link) and the machines and devices necessary (link) to make it work in Windows Server 2016 …

Discrete Device Assignment — Machines and devices

In my last post, I talked about a new feature of Windows Server 2016, Discrete Device Assignment. This post will discuss the machines and devices necessary for making this feature work.

First, we’re not supporting Discrete Device Assignment in …

Hyper-V Documentation for All!

With the recent release of Windows Server Technical Preview 4 – I now have a huge amount of material that I need to write about.  But before I get to that – there is something else I want to talk …

Discrete Device Assignment — Description and background

With Windows Server 2016, we’re introducing a new feature, called Discrete Device Assignment, in Hyper-V.  Users can now take some of the PCI Express devices in their systems and pass them through directly to a guest VM.  This is actually …

Why are there two Hyper-V PowerShell modules in Windows 10?

If you use get-module in PowerShell on Windows 10 – you will see that there are now two Hyper-V PowerShell modules:

There is an important reason for this.

In the past we have never supported using Hyper-V PowerShell on one …

After Migrating Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V Cluster to Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Cluster, Virtual Machines Fail to Come Online in Failover Cluster Manager

Lots of my customers are upgrading their Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V Cluster nodes to Windows Server 2012 R2. The increased stability and reliability that Windows Server 2012 R2 combined with the news that Windows Server 2016 will support rolling

From Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012 R2: A Tale of a Successful Failover Cluster Hyper-V Migration


I seemed to be running into more and more Hyper-V Failover Cluster migrations with my customers as of late. Some of these are migrating from VMWare to Hyper-V, but some of these are simply migrating from Windows Server 2008 R2

PSA: VMs with saved state from builds 10560-10567 will not restore on 10568 and above.

Windows Insiders might hit a bug if they try to restore a VM with recent saved state. This is especially true for VMs created on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 hosts. We recommend that you take action before upgrading past …

A Closer Look at Windows Server and Hyper-V Containers with Mark Russinovich

On the season premiere of Microsoft Mechanics, we demo the new container technology within Windows Server 2016, including a hands-on look at Hyper-V Containers with Azure CTO, Mark Russinovich.

Containers are one of the hottest topics in cloud and …

Microsoft Loves Linux Deep Dive #5: FreeBSD on Hyper-V


This blog post is #5 in a series of technical posts about running and managing Linux and FreeBSD in your on-premises datacenter.  Previous posts in the series are here:


Running Linux and FreeBSD as a …

Windows 10 Build 10565: Creating VMs with different versions

In Windows 10 we introduced the idea that you could have virtual machines with different versions.  Version 5.0 virtual machines were compatible with Windows 8.1 / Windows Server 2012 R2 – but did not have all the latest features – …

Nested Virtualization in Windows 10 Build 10565

A little while ago we announced that – in order to help people run Hyper-V Containers on their existing infrastructure – we would be adding support for nested Hyper-V.

Well – yesterday we flighted the first build with this capability …

Windows Insider Preview: Nested Virtualization

Earlier in the year, we announced that we will be building nested virtualization so that people could run Hyper-V Containers in Hyper-V virtual machines.

In preparation for the first public preview of Hyper-V Containers, we are releasing a preview of …

Microsoft Loves Linux Deep Dive #4: Linux Network Features and Performance

This post was written by Michael Kelley, Principal PM Manager, Cloud + Enterprise team


This blog post is #4 in a series of technical posts about running and managing Linux and FreeBSD in your on-premises datacenter.  Previous posts in …

Do you have the right updates on your Hyper-V Cluster?

I have been on a number of customer calls recently where people were hitting problems for which we have already released hot-fixes.  If you are running a Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V cluster I would strongly recommend that you read …

Microsoft Loves Linux Deep Dive #3: Linux Dynamic Memory and Live Backup

This post was written by Michael Kelley, Principal PM Manager, Cloud + Enterprise team


This blog post is #3 in a series of technical posts about running and managing Linux and FreeBSD in your on-premises datacenter.  Previous posts in …

Microsoft Loves Linux Deep Dive #2: Linux and FreeBSD Integration Services Core Features

This post was written by Michael Kelley, Principal PM Manager, Cloud + Enterprise team


This blog post is #2 in a series of technical posts about running and managing Linux and FreeBSD in your on-premises datacenter.  Previous posts in …

CROSS POST: How Shared VHDX Works on Server 2012 R2

In the not far back point in time, there was a blog done by Matthew Walker that we felt needed to also be on the AskCore site as well due to the nature and the popularity of the article.  So …

PSA: Missing Hyper-V VMs on Windows 10 – Build 10547

If you are a Windows Insider you may see that some of your virtual machines are missing from Hyper-V Manager on Windows 10 – Build 10547.  Bad news, there is a bug in this build.  Good news, the VMs are …

Microsoft Loves Linux Deep Dive #1: Introduction to Linux and FreeBSD on Hyper-V

This post was written by Michael Kelley, Principal PM Manager, Cloud + Enterprise team


During the Ignite conference in May 2015, we posted a top level “Microsoft Loves Linux” blog article describing Microsoft’s commitment to Linux.  More …

Visio Stencils / PNGs for all things Microsoft Cloud

We have all been there – trying to put together a PowerPoint Presentation / Visio Architecture around cloud computing – and coming face to face with the fact that we are engineers, not artists.  Fortunately, there is help at hand!  …

Do you know how fast your disks are?

You really should!  For a while now I have been talking to people about how disk throughput is the most common bottleneck in private cloud deployments.  But yet most people do not know how fast their disks actually are.  To …

VRTUAL Machine

A while ago we received an email from a colleague inside Microsoft asking if we new about a spelling mistake in our product.  They stated that we had used the word “vrtual” instead of virtual.  Needless to say – we …

Running Nano from Windows Server 2016 TP3 on Hyper-V

Last week I blogged about “Running Hyper-V on Nano”.  Today I want to talk about the opposite process – running Nano from Windows Server 2016 TP3 as a guest on Hyper-V.

There are a number of changes in the …

What do you want to see in Containers and Virtual Machines?

A little while ago the Windows Server team started using “User Voice” to gather ideas and feedback on our different technology areas.  We now have channels available for virtualization and containers:

You can go here, suggest …

Virtual Machine Storage Resiliency in Windows Server 2016

We live in an imperfect world, where things will go wrong.  When they do, you need a private cloud which is designed to be highly available and resilient to failures in the environment. In today’s cloud scale environments transient storage …

Running Hyper-V on Nano in Windows Server 2016 TP3

In Windows Server 2016 we are delivering a new way to run Hyper-V – on Nano server.

This is a great way to deploy Hyper-V – as you get full Hyper-V functionality with only a 500MB disk footprint.  To get …

Speaking at Microsoft Ignite New Zealand next week

Next week I will be in New Zealand speaking at Microsoft Ignite New Zealand.

Here are the details of the sessions I will be presenting:

What’s New in Windows Server Hyper-V [M227]

Time: Wed 2 Sept, 3:10 PM Ballroom 2

Getting Hyper-V and OpenStack setup quickly

Last week I presented at OpenStack Day Seattle – and did a short demonstration of OpenStack managing Hyper-V.

Today I want to show you how to get a basic OpenStack + Hyper-V deployment up and running quickly.

The process is …

My Hyper-V Presentation at OpenStack Day Seattle 2015

I had a great time presenting yesterday at OpenStack Day Seattle.

The PowerPoint Presentation I used can be downloaded from here: 

I have also taken videos of the demonstrations that were part of this presentation:

Windows Containers

OpenStack and

Why do you have to elevate PowerShell to use Hyper-V cmdlets?

Short answer – you don’t!  Or more accurately – you should not need to.

Every now and then someone complains to me about the fact that they need to run PowerShell “As Administrator” in order to see any of their …

Containers: Docker, Windows and Trends

You can’t have a discussion on cloud computing lately without talking about containers. Organizations across all business segments, from banks and major financial service firms to e-commerce sites, want to understand what containers are, what they mean for applications in …

Configuring Default Checkpoint type in Windows 10

Last week I was talking about Production Checkpoints in Windows 10.

When I talk about this to some people – they are concerned because they prefer our previous checkpoint behavior.  Fortunately, it is still available for people who want …

I’m Speaking at OpenStack Day Seattle 2015

Did you know that there is a lot that you can do with Microsoft and OpenStack?

  • We have Nova Drivers for Hyper-V
  • We have an Open-vSwitch Driver for Hyper-V
  • We have Cinder Drivers for Windows iSCSI
  • We have Cinder Drivers

Production Checkpoints in Windows 10

When we were first developing Hyper-V we worked hard to get checkpointing functionality to be part of the 1.0 release.  At that stage, we knew that while virtual machine checkpoints were good for development and testing environments, they were not …

Upgrading your Virtual Machine version

When you upgrade to Windows 10 – there is a second manual step that is needed to upgrade your virtual machine version.  You need to shutdown the virtual machine and then either select to “Upgrade Configuration Version” through the UI …

What’s new in Hyper-V in Windows 10

There is a bunch of new stuff in Hyper-V in Windows 10.  PowerShell Direct, Production Checkpoints and more.  Fortunately – you can read all about it here:



PowerShell Direct & Waiting for an IP Address

Here is an interesting problem.  With PowerShell Direct it is possible to get connected to a PowerShell session inside a virtual machine before the virtual machine has received an IP address.  While this is cool – it can result in …

PowerShell Direct + Hot Add NIC == Give me an IP address

Here is a fun script snippet that is possible with Windows 10:

function addNicWithIP([string]$VMName,$cred, [string]$Switch, [string]$IPaddress, [string]$subnetPrefixLength){
   $newNetAdapter = Add-VMNetworkAdapter

Sending a script file into the VM using PowerShell Direct

Okay, PowerShell Direct is cool – but sometimes you just want to copy a script (or set of scripts) into the virtual machine and run them there.  How can you do that?  Fortunately – PowerShell Direct comes to the rescue.  …

Enterprise Grade Disaster Recovery with Azure Site Recovery, EMC VMAX, VMAX3 and SRDF: Now Generally Available

Earlier this year, we announced the general availability of SAN replication support in Azure Site Recovery (ASR). With ASR, SCVMM and Hyper-V customers can extend their investments in Storage Area Network (SAN) and SAN replication offerings from our storage partners …

Using PowerShell Direct for Script Locking

Here is one of the most helpful code snippets that I have come up with using PowerShell Direct:

function waitForPSDirect([string]$VMName, $cred){
   Write-Output “[$($VMName)]:: Waiting for PowerShell Direct (using $($cred.username))”
   while ((icm -VMName $VMName -Credential $cred {“Test”} -ea SilentlyContinue) -ne “Test”)

PowerShell Direct – handling authentication for better scripting

In Windows 10 (and Windows Server 2016 TP2) we introduced a great new feature called PowerShell Direct.  You can read about it all here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/virtualization/archive/2015/05/14/powershell-direct-running-powershell-inside-a-virtual-machine-from-the-hyper-v-host.aspx

In essence it allows you to run PowerShell code in a virtual machine without having …

Integration components available for virtual machines not connected to Windows Update

In Technical Preview, Hyper-V began delivering integration components through Windows Update (see blog for more information).

Pushing updates through Windows Update was a good first step — it is the easiest way to keep integration components up to …

Virtual PC Guy on GitHub

Over the years I have posted many scripts and code samples on this blog.  Often, I get queries from people about whether it is okay to modify them / redistribute them / etc…

Well – I have now started the …

Azure Site Recovery GA: Move VMware, AWS, Hyper-V and Physical Servers to Azure

To enable our customers to move heterogeneous workloads from multiple environments – VMware, Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or physical servers – to Azure, we are announcing the general availability (GA) of application-aware, one-click migration with Azure Site Recovery. …

Hyper-V Survey: Why do you turn VMs off?

We have a survey up asking for information about why and when you need to turn virtual machines off with Hyper-V.

You can go and fill it out here: http://www.instant.ly/s/9qQwF/?s=ba

Please note, we will be taking feedback for a week …

Whitepaper – Designing Your Network Infrastructure For Disaster Recovery

In the current cycle of customer validation during the last 12 months, we have been working with many enterprise organizations and service providers in order to deliver successful Azure Site Recovery (ASR) deployments. The journey has been great and interesting.

Testing a USB Windows Install disk with Hyper-V

Recently I was putting together a new Windows USB Install disk (if you are not familiar with the process for doing this – here is a good article: http://windowsitpro.com/windows-8/q-how-do-i-create-bootable-usb-stick-can-install-uefi-system).  I really wanted to use virtual machines to test the …

Self-service deployment of workloads – Part 5: Skype for Business

Jeff Goldner is back with part five of our CPS workload deployment series. As for earlier posts in this series, this information applies to all clouds using Windows Azure Pack. Jeff is a Principal Program Manager in Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions …

Building a Daily Ubuntu image for Hyper-V

After getting my Windows Image Factory up and running – the next thing I started to look at was how to create an “always up-to-date Ubuntu image”.  To solve this problem I ended up taking a very different route.  Some …