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Using a vSphere custom TCP/IP Stack for iSCSI

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I noticed a question today on an internal slack channel and it was about the use of custom TCP/IP stacks for iSCSI storage environments. Cormac and I updated a bunch of Core Storage whitepapers recently, and …

vSAN Adaptive Resync, what does it do?

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I am starting to get some more questions about vSAN Adaptive Resync lately. This was introduced a while back, but is also available in the latest versions of vSAN through vSphere 6.5 Patch 02. As a …

Where is the vSAN storage performance proactive test in vSphere 6.5 U1 patch 02?

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I had some customers asking where the storage performance proactive test and the multicast proactive test was in the latest release of vSAN. In the past this is what the UI looked like when they would …

Holiday gift: vSAN Essentials book available for free

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Christmas is coming so Cormac and I figured we would do something special for everyone, after a long debate we decided to make the vSAN Essentials book available for free. Note that this is the “Essential …

The Storage Admin’s Survival Guide to GDPR

Essential facts you need to know for preparation and compliance On May 25, 2018 the EU’s new rules covering data protection will come into force, bringing in sweeping changes in the law which directly affect what personal data can be …

Insufficient configured resources to satisfy the desired vSphere HA failover level

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I was going over some of the VMTN threads and I noticed an issue brought up with Admission Control a while ago. Completely forgot about it until it was brought up again internally. With vSphere 6.5 …

Using HA VM Component Protection in a mixed environment

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I have some customers who are running both traditional storage and vSAN in the same environment. As most of you are aware, vSAN and VMCP do not go together at this point. So what does that …

Sharing the #TechConfessions video

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At VMworld I sat down with Amy Lewis and had my Tech Confession. Where/When/How did I have my Software Defined  world.

I would also highly recommend the tech confession by William Lam and Alan Renouf, …

Isolation Address in a 2-node direct connect vSAN environment?

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As most of you know by now, when vSAN is enabled vSphere HA uses the vSAN network for heartbeating. I recently wrote an article about the isolation address and relationship with heartbeat datastores. In the …

vSphere HA heartbeat datastores, the isolation address and vSAN

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I’ve written about vSAN and vSphere HA various times, but I don’t think this has been explicitly called out before. Cormac and I were doing some tests this week and noticed something. When we were looking …

vSphere and iSCSI storage best practices

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And here’s the next paper I updated. This time it is the iSCSI storage best practices for vSphere. It seems that we have now overhauled most of the core storage white papers. You can find them …

New whitepaper available: vSphere Metro Storage Cluster Recommended Practices (6.5 update)

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I had many requests for an updated version of this paper, so the past couple of weeks I have been working hard. The paper was outdated as it was last updated around the vSphere 6.0 timeframe, …

New white paper available: vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO)

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Over the past couple of weeks Cormac Hogan and I have been updating various Core Storage white papers which had not been touched in a while for different reasons. We were starting to see more and …

Poznaj innowacje ze świata systemu Linux, kontenerów i pamięci SDS

Na dorocznej konferencji SUSECON, która odbyła się pod koniec września br. w czeskiej Pradze, firma SUSE zaprezentowała szereg nowych rozwiązań open source ułatwiających dostarczanie i obsługę aplikacji w kontenerach, rewolucjonizujących rynek pamięci masowej i stosowanie backupu na dyskach oraz upraszczających …

What is the overhead for Swap in a stretched cluster?

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Last week internally we had a debate about the overhead of a swap file in a stretched cluster. With the ability to have a double protection (across site and within a site) the question was what …

Spend Less and Protect More with SUSE Disk to Disk Backup Storage Solution

Are you looking for a more scalable option for their data protection needs?  Or simply something cheaper?  Then look no further!  The answer is SUSE’s Disk to Disk Backup Storage Solution which was announced last week at SUSECON.  Built on …

Which disk controller to use for vSAN

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I have many customers going through the plan and design phase for implementing a vSAN based infrastructure. Many of them have conversations with OEMs and this typically results in a set of recommendations in terms of …

VMworld vSAN Sessions Playlist

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I just created a simple playlist up on youtube which has most (if not all) vSAN sessions on there. If you are interested in vSAN simply have a look at the playlist and pick what you …

Welcome Fast 5, SUSE Enterprise Storage gets turbo charged and a little blue

Our multi-award winning SUSE Enterprise Storage, powered by Ceph Technology has already calved out a name for itself and as an ideal solution for compliance, archive, backup and large data applications. Where our customers can simplify and scale without limitations, …

Sharing the “Top 10 things to know about vSAN” slides…

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I was asked by a few people to share the slides for our Top 10 vSAN session at VMworld. Instead of sending the slides around via email I figured I would simply throw it up on …

Watch VMworld session “Top 10 Things to Know about vSAN #STO1264BE” for free …

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I didn’t know, but apparently our session was a featured session at VMworld Europe. For those interested in our VMworld: Top 10 vSAN session there’s a “mini player” below of our European VMworld session. I somehow …

List all “thick” swap files on vSAN

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As some may know, on vSAN by default the swap file is a fully reserved file. This means that if you have a VM with 8GB of memory, vSAN will reserve 16GB capacity in total for …

#vmworld #STO1770BU – Tech Preview of Integrated Data Protection for vSAN

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This session was hosted by Michael Ng and Shobhan Lakkapragada and is all about Data Protection in the world of vSAN. Note that this was also a tech preview and features may or may not ever …

#VMworld #STO1378 – vSAN Management Today and in the Future

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#STO1378 “vSAN Management Today and in the Future” by Junchi Zhang and Christian Dickmann. Christian did this session by himself last year, and it was one of the coolest sessions of last year, so the expectations …

#VMworld #STO1794BU – Evolution of vSAN

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First session of the day at 08:30: “The Evolution of vSAN”. Vijay Ramachandran and Christos Karamanolis will be talking where vSAN came from and where it will be going towards in the upcoming years. Vijay started …

Data Exploding at Rapid Rates? Meet your Storage Needs at SUSECON 2017

Are you taking the dive into data analytics for better business intelligence, but facing huge limitations?  In need of storing larger data-sets while still maintaining optimum performance?  If you’re at the end of your rope with ever changing storage needs, …

vSAN 6.6.1 Performance Diagnostics Demo

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I was playing in my lab this morning and figured I would record a demo of a new feature which is part of vSAN 6.6.1. The Performance Diagnostics feature is aimed to help those running benchmarks …

Unbalanced Stretched vSAN Cluster

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I had this question a couple of times the past month so I figured I would write a quick post. The question that was asked is: Can I have an unbalanced stretched cluster? In other words: …

vSphere 6.5 U1 is out… and it comes with vSAN 6.6.1

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vSphere 6.5 U1 was released last night. It has some cool new functionality in there as part of vSAN 6.6.1 (I can’t wait for vSAN 6.6.6 to ship ;-)). There are a lot of fixes of …

VMkernel Observations (VOBs)

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I never really looked at VOBs but as this came up last week during a customer meeting I decided to look in to it a bit. I hadn’t realized there was such a large number of …

Must have book: Host Resources Deep Dive

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Yesterday I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of a new book by Frank Denneman and Niels Hagoort. This new book is titled Host Resources Deep Dive and is available as of today in …

Sizing a vSAN Stretched Cluster

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I have had this question a couple of times already, how many hosts do I need per site when the Primary FTT is set to 1 and the Secondary FTT is set to 1 and RAID-5 …

vSAN 6.6 Stretched Cluster Demo

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I had one more demo to finish and share and that is the vSAN 6.6 stretched cluster demo. I already did a stretched clustering demo when we initially released it, but with the enhanced functionality around …

vSAN 6.6 Demo: Configuration Assist

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I just noticed I still had a demo recoding on my desktop from a couple of weeks ago. The topic is vSAN 6.6 configuration assist. Hadn’t done anything with it, so I just added the narratives …

Change multicast address when running multiple vSAN clusters in same VLAN

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Before vSAN 6.6 we would always recommend to change the multicast address when running multiple vSAN clusters in the same VLAN. Now that with vSAN 6.6 we removed multicast, does this best practice/recommendation still apply? I …

vSAN 6.6: Manual vs Automatic Disk Claim Mode

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I received this question on Manual vs Automatic disk claim mode in vSAN 6.6. Someone upgraded a cluster from 6.2 to 6.6 and  wanted to add a second cluster. They noticed that during the creation of …

vSAN Health Check fails on vMotion

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On Slack someone asked why the vMotion check for vSAN 6.6 Health Check was failing constantly. It was easy to reproduce when using the vMotion IP Stack on your vMotion VMkernel interface. I went ahead and …

Disk format change going from 6.x to vSAN 6.6?

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Internally I received a comment around the upgrade to 6.6 and the disk format version change. When you upgrade to 6.6 also the version of  disk changes, it goes to version 5. In the past with …

Where to find the Host Client vSAN section?

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I had a couple of people asking already, so I figured I would do a short post on where to find the ESXi Host Client vSAN section. It is fairly straight forward, if you know where …

VMware vSAN 6.6 demo: vSAN Encryption

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Yesterday I posted a quick video overview of a couple new features that are part of vSAN 6.6. (haven’t seen it, go watch that one first!) I mentioned in that demo that I would potentially …

What’s new for vSAN 6.6?

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Yes this may confuse you a bit, a new vSAN release namely vSAN 6.6 but it doesn’t coincide with a vSphere release. That is right, this is a “patch” release for vSphere but a major version …

Cohesity announces 4.0 and Round C funding

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Earlier this week I was on the phone with Rawlinson Rivera, my former VMware/vSAN colleague, and he told me all about the new stuff for Cohesity that was just announced. First of all, congrats with …

vSAN needs 3 fault domains

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I have been having discussions with various customers about all sorts of highly available vSAN environments. Now that vSAN has been available for a couple of years customers are starting to become more and more comfortable …

Intel Optane support for vSAN, first HCI solution to deliver it

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I am in Australia this week for the Sydney and Melbourne VMUG UserCon’s. Had a bunch of meetings yesterday and this morning the news was dropped that Intel Optane support was released for vSAN. The performance …

Running a Witness Appliance on a 2 Node vSAN config with FT

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I have had various people asking, and to me it felt like an obvious answer, but as multiple have asked over the past couple of month I figured I would dedicate a post to it. The …

SC 2016 DPM UR2: Protect Microsoft 2016 workloads to Cloud using Azure Backup

System Center Data Protection Manager (SC DPM) is an Enterprise backup solution, providing App Consistent backups to workloads as SQL, SharePoint, Exchange and File Servers, running in Physical or Virtualized Environments. In addition, you can also backup your Hyper-V and …

vSAN 6.x customer? vSphere 6.0 Update 3 is out

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Are you a vSAN 6.x customer? vSphere 6.0 Update 3 is out! There are a bunch of important fixes and improvements (checksumming performance for instance) in Update 3, so I would highly recommend looking in to …

Virtually Speaking Podcast – vSAN Customer Use Cases

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As John Nicholson was traveling in and around New Zealand I was asked by Pete if I could co-host the Virtually Speaking Podcast again. It is always entertaining to join, Pete is such a natural when …

VVols design and procurement considerations

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Over the past couple of months I have had more and more discussions with customers and partners about VVols. It seems that Policy Based Management and the VVol granular capabilities are really starting to sink in, …

Rubrik update >> 3.1

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It has been a while since I wrote about Rubrik. This week I was briefed by Chris Wahl on what is coming in their next release, which is called Cloud Data Management 3.1. As Chris mentioned …

Lucky 7k, go vSAN!

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VMware announced the Q4 earnings last night, one of the things I was most interested about was how vSAN did in Q4. Here is what was announced yesterday, for those interested in more detail check the

XenDesktop/XenApp 7.12 MCS works with vSAN

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This is something that has kept me busy for a while. For the past 2 years there were some challenges with regards to the use of MCS and XenDesktop/XenApp in combination with vSAN. In fact, Citrix …

Two host stretched vSAN cluster with Standard license?

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I was asked today if it was possible to create a 2 host stretched cluster using a vSAN Standard license or a ROBO Standard license. First of all, from a licensing point of view the EULA

System Center VMM 2016 features demos on Channel 9

We now have some quick demos (<5 minutes) published on Channel 9 which provide you with good insights of new features of Virtual Machine Manager 2016. They’re definitely worth checking out and you can find complete list below.

  • Deploy Network Controller: In this video tutorial you will see how you can use the service template-based mechanism, provided by VMM 2016, for deployment and horizontal scaling of Software Defined Networking components

Can you run all-flash with vSAN 6.2 Standard license?

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As I get the following question a lot I figured I would share the answer here as well: Can you run all-flash with vSAN 6.2 Standard license? Many of you have seen the change in licensing …

Cluster size recommendations for ReFS and NTFS

Microsoft’s file systems organize storage devices based on cluster size. Also known as the allocation unit size, cluster size represents the smallest amount of disk space that can be used to hold a file. Both ReFS and NTFS support multiple …

VMs not getting killed after vMSC partition has lifted

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I was talking to a VMware partner over the past couple of weeks about challenges they had in a new vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) environment. In their particular case they simulated a site partition. During …

Released: Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator 8.4

Today, we released an updated version of the Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator.

This release focuses on bug fixes with the DAG auto-calculation functionality that was introduced in 8.3, as well as, support for ReplayLagMaxDelay.

In addition to …

Troubleshooting ‘Unsupported Cluster Configuration’ errors in Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2

~ John Clyburn | Senior Consultant

Hi everyone, my name is John Clyburn and I’m a senior consultant here at Microsoft. I was recently working at a customer site where we were getting “Unsupported Cluster Configuration” errors in the …

New vSAN Management Pack for VROps

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I just wanted to add this pointer, if you are a vSAN and VROps customer then it is good to know that there is a new pack for vSAN. You need to be running vSAN 6.2 …

Storage capacity for swap files and TPS disabled

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A while ago (2014) I wrote an article on TPS being disabled by default in future release. (Read KB 2080735 and 2097593 for more info) I described why VMware made this change from a security perspective …

Virtually Speaking Podcast episode 32 – VVol 2.0

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Just wanted to share the Virtually Speaking Podcast with you, this episode (32) is on the topic of VVol 2.0 and features Pete Flecha, Ben Meadowcroft (PM for VVol) and I. Make sure to listen to …

All-Flash HCI is taking over fast…

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Two weeks ago I tweeted about All-Flash HCI taking over fast, maybe I should have said All-Flash vSAN as I am not sure every vendor is seeing the same trend. Reason for it being of course …

Benchmarking an HCI solution with legacy tools

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I was driving back home from Germany on the autobahn this week when thinking about 5-6 conversations I have had the past couple of weeks about performance tests for HCI systems. (Hence the pic on the …

The difference between VM Encryption in vSphere 6.5 and vSAN encryption

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More and more people are starting to ask me what the difference is between VMCrypt aka VM Encryption and the beta feature we announced not to long ago called vSAN Encryption. (Note, we announced a beta, …

Virtual SAN >> vSAN, and grown to 5500 customers!

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Not that it is a big deal, but as some people are like me they probably prefer to use the right name. As of this week Virtual SAN was renamed to vSAN. I am not sure …

vSphere 6.5 what’s new – Storage IO Control

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There are many enhancements in vSphere 6.5, an overhaul of Storage IO Control is one of them. In vSphere 6.5 Storage IO Control has been reimplemented by leveraging the VAIO framework. For those who don’t know …

vSphere 6.5 what’s new – VVols

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Well I guess I can keep this one short, what is new for VVols? Replication. Yes, that is right… finally if you ask me. This is something I know many of my customers have been …

What is new for Virtual SAN 6.5?

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As most of you have seen by the explosion of tweets, Virtual SAN 6.5 was just announced. Some may wonder how 6.5 can be announced so fast after the Beta Announcement, well this is not …

vSphere 6.5 what’s new – VMFS 6 / Core Storage

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I haven’t spend a lot of time looking at VMFS lately. I was looking in to what was new for vSphere 6.5 and then noticed a VMFS section. Good to see there is still being worked …

Windows Failover Cluster Storage Quick Test

This blog post brought to you by eighteen year veteran Microsoft Premier Field Engineer David Morgan.

Goal of this Post

One of the best troubleshooting tools around for Windows Failover Cluster since Windows Server 2008 is the Cluster Validation Wizard.

Storage Spaces Direct with Persistent Memory

Howdy, Claus here again, this time with Dan Lovinger.

At our recent Ignite conference we had some very exciting results and experiences to share around Storage Spaces Direct and Windows Server 2016. One of the more exciting ones that you …

Squeezing hyper-convergence into the overhead bin, for barely $1,000/server: the story of Project Kepler-47

This tiny two-server cluster packs powerful compute and spacious storage into one cubic foot.

This tiny two-server cluster packs powerful compute and spacious storage into one cubic foot.

The Challenge

In the Windows Server team, we tend to focus on going big. Our enterprise customers and service providers are increasingly relying on Windows as …

Hyper-Converged is here, but what is next?

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Last week I was talking to a customer and they posed some interesting questions. What excites me in IT (why I work for VMware) and what is next for hyper-converged? I thought they were interesting questions …

Startup intro: Reduxio

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About a year ago my attention was drawn to a storage startup called Reduxio, not because of what they were selling (they weren’t sharing much at that point though even) but because two friends joined …

Released: Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator 8.3

Today, we released an updated version of the Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator.

This release focuses around two specific enhancements.

  1. Exchange 2016 designs now take into account the CU3 improvement that reduces the bandwidth required between active and passive

Running your VSAN witness for a 2 node cluster on a 2 node cluster

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A week ago we had a discussion on twitter about a scenario which was talked about at VMworld. The scenario is one where you have two 2-node clusters and for each 2-node cluster the required Witness …

SNIA’s SDC 2016: Public slides and live streaming for Storage Developer Conference

SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference (SDC 2016) is happening this week in Santa Clara, CA.
This developer-focused conference cover several storage topics like Cloud, File Systems, NVM, Storage Management, and more.
You can see the agenda at http://www.snia.org/events/storage-developer/agenda/2016

SDC 2016 Banner


However, there a

Sharing VMworld slides

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I know the VMworld team will share them as well over time, but I figured I would do the same thing through my blog. Here are two decks. First deck is the deck for “VMworld – …

Taking VSAN to the next level, join the VSAN beta!

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In 2013 VSAN saw the day of light, the beta was released. Now 3 years later you have the opportunity to once again sign up and help improve our product. Over the last couple of years …

An Industry Roadmap: From storage to data management #STO7903 by @xtosk

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This is the session I have been waiting for, I had it very high on my “must see” list together with the session presented by Christian Dickmann earlier today. Not because it happened to be …

#STO7904 VSAN Management Current and Futures by @cdickmann

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Christian Dickmann (VSAN Development Architect) talking about VSAN Management futures in this session, first of all a big fat disclaimer, all of these features may or may not ever make it in to a release and

Announcing VMware VM Backup using System Center Data Protection Manager

System Center Data Protection Manager (SCDPM) is well recognized in the Industry for protection of Microsoft workloads and environments. It protects key Microsoft workloads such as SQL, SharePoint and Exchange as well as virtual machines running on Hyper-V.  Today, we

Living Large: The Challenge of Storing Video, Graphics, and other “LARGE Data”

Everyone’s talking about “big data” – I’m even hearing about “small data” – but those of you who deal in video, audio, and graphics are in the throes of a new challenge:  large data. Big Data vs Large Data It’s …

Rubrik landed new funding round and announced version 3.0

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After having gone through all holiday email it is now time to go over some of the briefings. The Rubrik briefing caught my eye as it had some big news in there. First of all, they …

vExpert 2016 VSAN Announcement


Thank you to everyone who applied for vExpert VSAN. Myself and VMware Storage Business Unit are pleased to announce the list of 2016 vExperts who received the VSAN award. This elite group includes bloggers, book authors, VMUG leaders, speakers, tool …

VSAN Healthcheck: Read Cache Reservations test failed

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I’ve seen this popping up a bunch of times now, and it seems that the problem and solution is not easy to find for people so I thought I would give it a try as well. …

Playing around with Tintri Global Center and Tintri storage systems

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Last week the folks from Tintri reached out and asked me if I was interested to play around with a lab they have running. They gave me a couple of hours of access to their Partner …

Another major milestone, 5000 customers reached for VSAN!

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Yes, new quarterly results are out, and this is crazy, Yanbing (SVP/GM for Storage & Availability BU) dropped the news on twitter last night:

Essential Virtual SAN second edition paper copy available now!

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As of today Essential Virtual SAN second edition paper copy is available now! If you are interested, pick it up today, note that there is also a Kindle version out there if you prefer that!…

Goodbye SAN Huggers!

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This week I presented at the German VMUG and a day after the event someone commented on my session. Well not really on my session, but more on my title. My title was “Goodbye SAN

Disk format version 4.0 update to 2.0 suggested

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I’ve seen some people reporting a strange message in the Virtual SAN UI. The UI states the following: Disk format version 4.0 (update to 2.0 suggested). This is what that looks like (stole the pic from …

Playing around with EMC CloudArray on VSAN

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Today I figured I would play around with EMC CloudArray a bit on top of VSAN. It comes with a VxRail appliance by default so I figured I would check what it has to offer. For …

Can I select VSAN as my placeholder datastore with SRM?

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I received a question today about SRM, vSphere Replication and VSAN. The current documentation for SRM says the following:

Do not select as placeholder datastores any datastores that you use as the replication target datastore for

Explore Azure Stack—and much more—at Microsoft Ignite

What do you want to learn at Microsoft Ignite 2016?

  • Do you want to deepen your knowledge of Azure Stack?
  • Strengthen your defenses against hackers?
  • Make better use of PaaS?
  • Discuss real-world questions with product experts, in person?
  • Challenge your

Can all VSAN Witness VMs for ROBO be in the same VLAN?

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Yesterday I received the question if all VSAN Witness VMs for ROBO can be in the same VLAN? The excellent VSAN 2 node and Stretched Cluster guide for VSAN describes an example of how things can …

Looking for the VROps VSAN Content Pack?

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I just noticed the link for the VROps VSAN Content Pack had changed and it isn’t easy to find through google either. Figured I would post it quickly so at least it is indexed and easier …

Kindle version of Essential Virtual SAN (6.2) available now!

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Just noticed the Kindle version of Essential Virtual SAN (6.2), second edition, is available now! We decided to go for an “e-book” first model to get it to market as quick as possible. I hope …

600GB write buffer limit for VSAN?

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Write Buffer Limit for VSANI get this question on a regular basis and it has been explained many many times, I figured I would dedicate a blog to it. Now, Cormac has written a very lengthy blog on the topic …

VMware at #EMCworld 2016


“Software-Define Your Future” with VMware at EMC World 2016
If you will be attending the conference in Las Vegas, join us for a value-packed agenda of VMware keynotes, sessions, demos and labs for SDDC, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud and Cloud-Native …